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President Lungu should heed the Ghanaian President Addo’s counsel on justice-Mulongoti

General News President Lungu should heed the Ghanaian President Addo’s counsel...

Mike Mulongoti addressing the media at the conference
Mike Mulongoti addressing the media at the conference

People’s Party (PP) President has urged President Edgar Lungu to heed to the Ghanaian President Akufo Addo’s counsel on justice for all in a Democratic Nation.

Mulongoti alleged that President Akufo Addo was very frank, truthful and forthright in counseling the head of state on the need for justice and fair play.

Mulongoti noted that since pre and post-colonial times, Ghana has been a shining example of what democracy and conflict resolution is and insisted that President Lungu should emulate the Ghanaian leadership style.

The People’s Party President said although Ghana Might have had their own turbulent periods, but their challenges have always offered the West African Nation new opportunities for a new chapter of a free, democratic and prosperous Nation.

Those who have been educated by Ghanaian scholars here in Zambia will attest to the fact that our brothers have no room for political patronage and empty sloganeering that is prevalent south of the equator.

“Being politically correct is not in the nature of Ghanaian leaders from the great Nkwame Nkrumah right through Gerry Rawlings and President Addo”

“Some of us who have had the opportunity to serve the Zambians in Government, know that once a visiting Head of State can openly say what President Addo said at a State Banquet, then we have a damn good idea what was said behind closed doors”

“Mr Addo advised Mr Lungu to respect those that didn’t vote for him. “The political tension that characterized the last election, where the margin of victory for the winner was some 100,000 votes, have left many worried because Zambia is one of Democracy’s success stories””

“It doesn’t take an Elbert Einstein to realize that Mr Addo is giving Lungu veiled advice that respect tolerance and fair play must be given to those that do not agree with him because he clearly didn’t win a landslide vote”

“The Ghanaian President puts it clear that at this hour our continent has no room for dictators and abusers of human rights.”Africa is breeding a new generation of leaders who are committed to governing their peoples according to the rule of law, respect for individual liberties and the principles of democratic accountability” This without any shadow of doubt is a far cry for Zambia at the behest of Edgar Chagwa Lungu, the new dictator on the African political landscape”

“If Mr Lungu was looking for ‘wamuyayaya’ praises of fellow dictators Museveni, Mugabe and Kagame, then he had it coming from President Addo. We salute out Ghanaian elder brother for standing in Defence of Democracy and human rights at a time when the entire SADC neighbourhood has chosen to take part in the conspiracy of silence, as Zambia sinks into the abyss of dictatorship” Mulongoti said.

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  1. He probably only listens to counsel by Museveni and Mugabe ….of course he wants to be long lasting like them.

    • Mulongoti, is right. In the article entitled “Create an education system that shapes a well-skilled workforce, Ghanaian President urges African states”, this is what I said “This Akufo-Addo is controlling the scene, from day one he is telling Lungu what to do. Interesting. No wonder for the first time I hear ECL saying he is more focused on development that helps ordinary Zambians. Is he getting some economic lessons? Will he stop being Mugabe/Museveni pupil?”.
      Indeed ECL must emulate people like Akufo-Addo and not Museveni. BTW, there was some people from PF who were saying this Akufo-Addo will never talk about the political situation, they must be dissappoited. And I agree with Mulongoti, behind the scene there must have been a deeper discussion. He can not just say this for the…

  2. Mulongoti is so erratic and not consistent. This is the guy who has condemned Lungu for inviting foreign leaders to our country and on the other hand appreciating the same foreign leaders for their counsel to the president. He can’t be trusted.

  3. Lungu brain is blocked by arvs. The chap can’t heed advice. Only solution is for him to kick the bucket

    • Nez, it is not you who created ECL, therefore, you can not wish him dead. Just because of politics you want them dead. Shame, upon you. You really need to mind what you wish for other people. You have already killed and you will be judged. These are just politics all these politicians are the same, MULONGOTI, ECL, HH, LPM, FTJ MCS, you name them. Therefore, it would be wrong to wish any of them dead because they are a God’s creation. Remember, a politician is a person who makes a living out of politics. Therefore, they’re in politics primarily for themselves and not for you and me. Unless they are your relatives.

  4. Mulongoti is one of the people advising hh and look what has happened to him!!! Surely, would it be in order for our republican president to get advice from such politicians?? His party is a briefcase party that doesn’t even have a councilor or known party structures, what can he advise a head of state?? He is making so much noise in the media so that he can be noticed but even the public doesn’t value him so much. This is a ka washed up politician who is looking for some bones ECL might throw at him-SADLY HE HAS NOTHING TO OFFER!!!!

  5. @zambian Citizen, I conquer with you Mulongoti wants recognition but but does that mean everything that comes out of his mouth is wrong? We do not just listen to people whom we share similar ideologies with, if that was the case scant learning can be rampant because they speak more praises, listen to your critics separate the relevant info from the irrelevant,

  6. Thats wat poverty can do ,to someone who has failed and only wish for help from others,mulongoti you are the pipo destroying hh, for the wrong advice you give to him,zambia has only 1 president lungu,instead of advising hh to prepare 4 next elections you are busy talking rubbish day in day out give zambian pipo time to work and think instead of you selfish politician creating impression outside that we are ungovernable while not

  7. Dictator,Sadist and deaf Lungu will not listen. Lungu and his illiterate criminal Advisers will keep digging Deeper until the Zambian Economy collapses. Lungu rigged the 2016 Election but he can’t rig the Economy. Lungu and his Advisers are naive if they think IMF Board will approve the Loan. Western Lenders,Aid Donors and Investors will withhold their Financial Assistance to Zambia until Lungu releases HH from Jail and settles the Disputed and Petitioned 2016 Election. Until HH is released from Jail unconditionally and Dialogue begins nothing will move forward in Zambia.

    • Mr. Zulu, do you really understand what you are saying? Let us wait and see. Certainly the status quo will not change in terms of government. If none of the opposition part start preparing now for August 2021, then I can only see PF winning in 2021. WHY? because they are the only ones preparing for 2021. WATCH THIS SPACE. Remember ECL has already said that the ballots will be printed by government printers this time around.

  8. I always wonder why supposedly respectable and intelligent people and media even bother to report anything Mulongoti says let alone listen to the trash from this brainless tweet.

  9. most people making comments and attacking Mr Mulongoti are PF beggers ..spare usplease with your ignorance and cruelity .You know nothing of democracy nor development …poor zambians.

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