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Pathfinder Number 1: Blessed are the peace makers – but who will be the peace maker for zambia?

Columns Pathfinder Number 1: Blessed are the peace makers – but who will...

Bregedier General Godfrey Miyanda
Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda



[By Brig Gen Godfrey Miyanda – 5th July 2017]


The current wrangle regarding the search for unity and peace in our nation, Zambia, deserves further attention. I express my opinion as to how to extricate ourselves from the self-created quagmire! Creating unity and peace in the nation today is turning out to be like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. There are so many interest groups and so many places to search but we are failing to agree as to where to start the search from. Everyone who is searching believes they are on the right path and that the others are going the wrong way. For starters I have elected to address the group identified as “Believers” or more accurately “Followers of Jesus Christ”. I have targeted Christians because of the Declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation. This group covers churches of various denominations spread across the country and hence is strategically placed in the superstructure comprising this young nation.

I have thus uncharacteristically called on the bible to my aid to assist me to reach out to all Believers to speak out against misleading statements in the public domain. Uncharacteristic because I try to avoid ‘using the Lord’s name in vain’ while avoiding ‘quarrelling’ with non-Christians. This is because in this statement I do not wish my message to be distracted by disagreements and/or arguments about whether God exists or not; I am addressing those who already accept things of God as I have sensed that many Christians have put aside, perhaps without realising it, the principles that they espouse as followers of Jesus Christ. I am not preaching because I am NOT a preacher; but as a concerned Christian I just want to borrow and paraphrase some teachings from the Holy Bible, and use them as tools to aid us in the search for reconciliation, unity and the resultant peace that will surely flow if we apply the needed biblical principles.


At this stage Christians are quarrelling yet they should NOT, especially on petty and even personal grounds, when the nation’s well-being is at stake. Quarrelling leads the issues at hand to become denominational disagreements and tend to blur the issues while threatening the very existence of our nation. So at a time such as this it is imperative for Christians to be reminded of their prophetic role and mandate. I am aware that the value standards set by our Christian leaders are not easy to keep or follow. But at least we must try hard, using the Bible as the guide, which I believe has answers to all our earthly problems and all that we aspire for in life, including leadership and other governance issues. No matter how well we know the scriptures let us always remember to APPLY the principles, and NOT JUST RECITE THEM parrot wise and yet using them as slogans for attracting votes!


Jesus said ‘if you love me obey my commands’. Since we declared Zambia a Christian Nation, surely this is and must be the starting point in our efforts to reconcile and unify the disparate groupings in our nation. The three Church Mother Bodies that made a statement on their view of the State of the Nation have been condemned by some for not consulting. Biblically since when did a prophet consult, as we heard from Catholic Bishops Banda and Phiri, as well as Evangelical Bishop Peter Ndhlovu, Reverend Pukuta Mwanza and ICOZ Bishop Masupa? I am afraid that these shepherds have missed the point. Prophets of yore never went to consult Nebuchadnezzar; they just delivered their message and left him to his designs to be personally answerable for whatever!

The President of Zambia, Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, himself a professed Christian, castigated the Church Mother Bodies for allegedly spreading confusing or what he called mixed messages; whether this is true or not is not the issue; he has spoken and his speech has had its own impact as he has been supported by some sections of our community and criticised by others. Who then will be the Peacemaker since the Church has been disqualified by the President?

For me the starting point is for all Christians or Believers to start seeking for answers from the Word of God, the Bible. Let all Believers revert to it and see how easy it will be to remove the spirit of confusion distracting our attention from key national issues but directing us to be making attention-seeking and vote-catching pronouncements.


I say that this is a time for dialogue instead of dodging serious national issues! We are being distracted by a carefully designed strategy: the powers that be have thrown in the pot two twin Red Herrings, namely RECOGNITION and AGENDA which have caused division, confusion and distraction among Believers. Some naïve Christians have accepted the misleading presentations that RECOGNITION and AGENDA are the cure all for the problems confronting the President. A lot of time has been spent debating, NOT dialogue, but RECOGNITION and AGENDA; this may be alright for politicians but certainly unproductive and retrogressive for Christians.

I have found no provision in the Republican Constitution that supports President Lungu’s insistence that he must be “recognised” by all Zambians. I challenge him, as a lawyer, to indicate which part of the Constitution or any other laws that he is relying on as a pre-condition for him to hold dialogue with fellow Zambians

The closest I can get to define a “Red Herring” is to paraphrase the warning in the Bible that “the Devil is not just a liar but is the Father of Lies”. He, she or it is the master of the Divide and Rule tactic. Dividing your perceived opponents makes sense so politicians and warriors use it a lot. When the Church says what does not sit well with those in power they are perceived as enemies of the regime and hence are treated as such. When a regime labels anyone or anything as an enemy they strive to crush such an enemy by unleashing their sycophants upon that enemy. Zambians may have forgotten that once the life of Catholic Bishop Lungu of Chipata Archdiocese was once threatened by the then Republican President for his homily! Today when the Republican President publicly labels the Church in a negative way he unwittingly or by design evokes vitriolic sentiments harboured by those close to him and they come out blazing in his defence. There is evidence of such statements over time since President Lungu started calling for reconciliation and unity. What he has said and how he has acted have almost always contradicted each other.

I have found no provision in the Republican Constitution that supports President Lungu’s insistence that he must be “recognised” by all Zambians. I challenge him, as a lawyer, to indicate which part of the Constitution or any other laws that he is relying on as a pre-condition for him to hold dialogue with fellow Zambians. The nearest guide to me on recognition in our government system is our electoral process: it allows citizens under the One Person One Vote system, to vote for the one they ‘recognise’ and hence vote against the one they do not ‘recognise’. In any event the President does not need to be recognised for him to govern. This stance is petty and a fallacy that discloses an inferiority complex which is also a distraction from real issues. Christians must pray against this spirit of deception and confusion.

Another fallacy is the President’s declaration that he cannot attend a meeting without an agenda. For goodness sake we all are as a family; one does not insist on an agenda when facing his parents, brothers, sisters and other family members. My conclusion is that the President may have a secret agenda which he does not want disturbed, and hence is looking for an excuse to avoid meeting fellow politicians who may raise issues he is afraid of hearing about. Remember Job (‘what I was afraid of overcame me’)!


President Lungu has in the past called for reconciliation and unity while at the same time declaring that there will be no dialogue UNLESS AND UNTIL he is recognised by UPND President Hakainde Hichilema as Republican President and/or an agenda is made known to him. These two pre-conditions mean that there will be neither reconciliation, unity nor peace in our country. That is to say he has said, without saying so, that as a Christian he does not want dialogue; so the nation must get ready for NO RECONCILIATION, UNITY OR PEACE – here is why from a biblical perspective!

‘To dialogue’ means to talk, to have a conversation with another human being because humans are the only specie that naturally uses words to communicate with each other. We are blessed with the ability to make sense from words and engage in dialogue to try to persuade others to see our point of view while at the same time being ready to listen to the other view. On this score our President has set a bad example by refusing to talk to other political leaders unless they recognise him and provide an agenda. The President is double wrong for refusing to dialogue. This makes his whole message of reconciliation, unity and peace hollow.

The Bible declares that “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Of course Jesus is also the Word. I borrow the concept to show that without words little action can take place. There is power in dialogue because those who have grievances present them through dialogue (even the Deaf and Dumb use words to communicate, relying on symbols that create words); those who have authority to resolve issues resolve them via dialogue. In fact the most important mandate of Christians, the Great Commission, cannot be fulfilled without dialogue! One cannot evangelise without talking. Even to refuse to meet someone you have to pronounce some words. So why are some Christians afraid of dialogue? The Book of Amos says “How can two walk together unless they are agreed?” I take this as a command and not a question. So I add my own ‘enhancement’ of this powerful guidance to assist President Lungu, and I say “How can two agree unless they dialogue – surely they must talk in order to agree!”

Discerning Believers must not fall prey to political tactics of ‘Divide and Rule’. While I support calls for unity, peace and reconciliation in Zambia I do not agree that such a meeting must be based on pre-conditions set by any of the participants. I disagree with our President that a family meeting is always premised on a pre-set agenda. He met the Catholic Pro Nuncio after refusing to meet Zambians. I suggest that first there be an informal meeting with political party leaders in private and organised and funded by the Government, NOT ZCID or any other non-government institutions. It could be limited to party leaders with, say, two or three other persons for each party but lasting for about half a day (say three to four hours, including a social interaction after the meeting). When the President makes his frequent visits to chiefs I know that there is no formal agenda; they camouflage it as a “courtesy call”. Agenda or no agenda the dialogue should take place.

In conclusion I say that the statement by the Three Church Mother Bodies was timely and I support it with a minor reservation. It should be treated as an early Warning Message. I say to all Christians who have access to President Lungu to pray with him and persuade him to agree to meet his fellow Zambian leaders of political parties as a matter of urgency, without pre-conditions.

[5TH JULY 2017]


  1. Lungus demise and hhs release will bring peace. Till then it is rip to Zambia

    • Well, we shall see now if you will be able to say that “no I cannot allow my house to be searched. This has to be done in the presence of my lawyers”. Or, that “no the police has no bench warrant”. You have rejoiced too much in destroying public property. It is time to now face the music and bring sanity to our country.Let us see if you have the balls to face the cops and state intelligence head on!!!

    • What Zambia needs is to get rid of PF completely and the nation will be at peace. Since 2011 when PF came into power, we have seen unprecedented levels of violence. Close PF, let them join all other political parties with visions for a better Zambia for all. PF is a failed project which was designed to loot government coffers and make Bembas rich (Get billions of loans and give tribesmen). Yes it did and Lungu grabbed it and is masking easterners and some bembas rich too. That is not the Zambia we need. We need a united Zambia for all.

    • Respect and recognition is earned not forced on people, in whatever leadership we hold be it a CEO in a company, there will always be a % of people who will not like the leader, that does not mean fire or punish them. Leadership is about building the bridges not breaking them. What Lungu is doing is breaking the Bridges and using more Emotion than Facts. He has wrong advisors like Mumbi Phiri, Mutati, Dora, Lucky Mulusa and the whole MMD gung??? who are not even leaders but plunders putting their interests first. General Miyanda has spoken wise words and truly if we are a Christian nation let us lead by example, let HH be released, because our constitution does not say recognize the president. It’s a shame that Zambia has leadership crisis under PF.

    • We don’t even want a government that will make Tongas or Lozis or Kaondes etc rich at the expense of others. We want a government that will make the talented and hard working rich (everybody depending on your output). Tribe should not be the criteria for dishing out riches through contracts. This is the basis of the disunity we see today. it is a struggle for resources between those who want to get rich based on tribe and those who want an equal society. But ironically, those eating are pointing fingers at the ones not eating saying they are tribalists.

    • Lungu and a few call boys hold now Zambia to ransom and why should Zambians accept this because he’s a ‘humble man’. Sowing seeds of polarization to haunt Zambia for a long time. He’s been around for just three years and is behaving like KK who took, understandably, uneducated Zambians for rags having ‘sacrificed and liberated’ Zambia. Lungu, a cheap thieving lawyer surrounded by henchmen now dominate the majority, can do what he likes and gets away with it. He has arrested the biggest opposition party leader on tramped charges, declared Some kind State of emergency through the back door, tells off the religious leaders, diluted parliament which was elected by 50% of the Zambians and abuses the judicial system at will. The guy if unchecked will bring back the one party state. His…

    • His filthy party/cabinet is dominated by people who do not think, at least for now. This cannot be happening in this day and age. There has to be a way of stopping the abuses before the degenerates into a country that belongs to an individual. SATA who formed the party that Edgar is using for the abuses did not intend it this way. SATA was not a man that compromised but he would have not abused the systems the way Edgar is an in any case he would have not let the rejected MMD anywhere near the corridors of power. Lungu is cheap and needs to be dislodged as soon as possible for the stolen Presidency that he is abusing, period!

    • General Miyanda needs to preach more to people like NEZ. His self-righteousness makes me abandon his article and watch the goals scored in the Zambia Vs Tanzania Cosafa semi-final.

    • I have watched the goals scored in the Zambia Vs Tanzania Cosafa semi-final. I thought I should still ask General Miyanda one thing. The PVT conducted by Church Mother Bodies showed their projections of who won the 2016 elections were not at variance with the ECZ results on the Presidential outcome. Was it, therefore, in order for my Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu to claim in that address he made to the press at Kapingila House that the petition against Edgar Lungu was still in the courts of law and had not been concluded ? If my shepherd Archbishop Mpundu can say that, what should we the flock make of his statement. Is this not taking sides with the opposition and confusing the flock for the Archbishop to also live in denial contrary to the PVT by the Church?

    • Gen, the 1st weakness in your plea is that you are just addressing the President when the President’s conduct is more reconcilliatory & focused on Zambia & not an individual or party. 2ndly, don’t mistake Peace in the Bible to be same as canal peace. The Peace that My Lord gives is above anything on earth including politics, religion, economy, etc. It transforms the heart & it’s got Devine objective. Making a political player happy cannot be that Peace. The Peace that My Lord gives places me in control over everything & I’m not slave to anything including politics. The problem is that some Zambians have become intoxicated & slaves of politics & they think politics is salvation. The real Peace comes from finding JESUS. God Bless Zambia!

    • “the Devil is not just a liar but is the Father of Lies”

      Like a venomous snake full of treacherous innuendos and blasphemous AGENDA to discredit a dully elected Government of the people, by the people and for the people, Miyanda’s sinister behavior rolls on like a woman overflowing with the heat of eminent revenge on an adulterous handsome husband yet pretending to be loving and caring in an I don’t care kind a attitude. Like a step Dad’s behavior of shielding his ever erring biological son while bulldozing his unreasonable fury and hate on an innocent step child, Miyanda, tries to lure us in his Religious talk so we can buy in his from day 1 HH lost election disbelief and blow. Miyanda’s story has not changed. As an HH surrogate the Gen…

    • Cont’d…
      squeezes his way through,against all odds, to pay a blind eye to UPND’s hooligan acts and blame it ECL. Miyanda okays arson, anarchy, mayhem, Armageddon, non recognition of HH’s defeat in the pretext of supporting the DIALOGUE quest. There is no where in the constitution where its written that when you’re beaten in a 50% +1 fashion, you should dialogue when you fail to admit that you have been walloped in an election. Miyanda has sick advise and comparison. Some school of thought will disparage his effort to Mix Religion and State politics. The two don’t mix. That is why Nevers Mumba is lost today. Politics of the land and Religion of the Kingdom of the living God do not speak the same language. Read Kings I and II, then read the New Testament Kings with the view to…

    • Cont’d
      ….understanding the their behavior towards Jesus Christ son of the living God. We use the Constitution to govern ourselves not the Bible. If the the Constitution is inspired by the bible, so be it, wadya chibelo cha nkuku Miyanda. Remember also that Church Politics aka Religion led to Jesus’ assassination in a narrower sense, but you and I have come to learn that it was actually God’s will in a broader sense.

    • What was Jesus qualifying when he spoke like:
      “My kingdom is not of this world. If My kingdom were of this world, My servants would fight, so that I should not be delivered to the Jews; but now My kingdom is not from here.”
      John 18:36 New King James Version (NKJV)
      Finally, the living God has given us more to learn from so that we find better ways of governing ourselves. We decided to come up with the constitution for that same reason. ECL shall not rule over us forever. Time is of the essence, we shall choose another leadership at an appointed time. Why can’t you the Gen., Mmembe, GBM and HH get this into your thick cortex? Let ECL dance to his tune undestructed! Preserve Zambia Please! You are setting dangerous precedence please!


  2. Zambia is on a slippery slope down the road to autocracy.Sadly ,tyrants only need such an excuse to unleash their harsh instincts and Lungu is glad to do that.
    It falls on good men like Miyapi ,Nevers Mumba and Brig Gen Miyanda to speak out loudly against this slow slide to abuse of power.

    • Gen Miyanda, time for peace making is long gone. It is time for fighting for survival. Evil people are holding guns and asking the peaceful Zambians to “cooperate”. This is no joke. HOW DID WE END UP IN THIS PF MESS?!

  3. Too deep for majority of Zambians including their representatives (secular & religious). Many still looking just to survive ie mealie meal ,sugar,bread,water ,housing,school fees. These form the basis of their everyday lives.
    Morality, ethics,principles,duty,justice will come in 50 years.

  4. The ruling class is using law & force to govern. Not legitimacy & credibility.

  5. Would have loved to have Gen. Miyanda as our president. Lawlessness would have been a thing of the past. No Kaizer Zulu behaviour.

    • He has been rejected several times because he has no leadership qualities – that is the person you want for your leader?

    • You say the General has no leadership qualities when he is a General and was VP of this republic. Don’t you think its brains like yours that are so empty that they are easily swayed by deceipt and a few coins of silver?

  6. Comment:Gen. Miyanda is a loner and therefore out of touch with society. This explains why he got less than 1% of the presidential vote at his 4th time of asking in the 2011 general elections. He is a good man though he lacks the human touch. I pity him

    • Not true that’s why you follow and accept every stupid thing thrown to you. with your attitude, Zambia will never improve.

    • Gen Miyanda is honest but Zambians are mostly stoopid and ignorant. Zambians are deceived by slogans and appearances. That’s why we are now slaves to a “humble” dictator.

    • And lest we forget, he tried to stage a coup, take power by the gun. Now he is talking about dialogue.

    • This general from DRC wants people like Edith Nawakwi and him to continue on the path stealing via Party Donations and dialogues? Come on dialogue is serious matter not for CON MEN & CON WOMAN

  7. Agree with Imprezza .At some point in the future this country should have a General Miyanda , Kagame, Iam Khama. For orderly and principled society.

  8. They say it stakes two to tangle. Let us not run away from the fact that there is some tangling going on in the nation. I read the whole article with a view that you would also advise the other party involved in the tangling. I think you started very well but looks like your perception of what is happening is also skewed. Really who are the Peace Makers if seasoned and senior National leaders like you appear to be joining the fight? The Country is at the cross roads because we clearly have Lawyers, Clergy, Politicians etc who are for or against the two “warring” Parties. You lost presidential elections severely times and I surely do not remember you doing ukufilila munsenga as the bembas would say.

    • [email protected] 08.45: very correct about the Tango and u have endorsed my article! That is why I have suggested that President Tangos with other political leaders through DIALOGUE, MEETING AND TALKING. So where is my skewed perception if you understand what you have stated? First step to President’s call for reconciliation is to DIALOGUE: NO DIALOGUE NO RECONCILIATION; NO RECONCILIATION NO UNITY; NO UNITY NO PEACE – hence the call for reconciliation without dialogue is hollow. President called and met the Pro Nuncio but refused to meet Church Mother Bodies which is contradictory; he must meet fellow Zambians. Why is this difficult for you to understand?

    • I agree with you he started so well and i almost concluded this is nation peace building but he started personal attacks and he lost it. i respect BG but i think he did not go thru the article with an impartial eye; he should have looked at both sides impartially. BG write another article to build zambian , kindly

    • Ok General, Let me simplify it. We acknowledge that you are a VERY Senior Statesman and have seen the worst and best of Zambia especially politically. Are ALL the problems we are facing after the August 2016 elections attributed to one ECL? Do you have any advice for the other Political players who participated in the elections? The country is now searching for a Peace Maker, someone like you who at one point held the second most important office in our country and has every reason to avoid any mayhem befalling our country, more so with your military background. Talking about the clergy, I know you understand that some of them like playing to the gallery, One such person you encountered was late Father Davoli Umberto when you were VP. Is this difficult for you to understand?

    • [email protected] at 8.47 am: which part is biased? Is it biased to encourage President Lungu to meet all political leaders? He called and met the Catholic Pro Nuncio (The Vatican Representative in Zambia) for dialogue. Why is it difficult for him to call fellow Zambians and dialogue with them? By reporting Archbishop Mpundu to the Pro Nuncio he is practising Divide and Rule tactics. Also read [email protected] Miyanda above.

    • Bias is when you always engage the media to comment on the president but NEVER engage the media to advise the opposition, in particular hh and his vice gbm. Archbishop Mpundu when he held a press conference he did so without the approval of even the board of the church body, how can the president dialogue with someone with a personal view not the view of the collective?? He further held the press conference in a highly upnd dominated audience, how can that represent neutrality??? General, you are aware that catholics only account for 20% of the church going population in Zambia whereas the protestant churches account for 75%??? HOW CAN A MINORITY CHURCH GROUP BE THE REPRESENTATIVE OF THE CHURCH IN ZAMBIA, ELDER????

  9. There is a belief among Christians in zambia and the world over that all leaders chosen by God. But if we go to the Bible king Saul was chosen by the people not God.

    King David was the chosen king by God.

    There are two ways you can point out the wrongs the leadership is doing based on two biblical principles.
    The John baptist way, when he condemned the king and he was imprisoned and later beheaded.
    Or the prophet Nathan method to king David on his taking away uriah’s wife who later became Solomon ‘s mother.
    Choose the two

    • [email protected] at 8.55 am: Your reference to King Saul confirms that God did not vote for Saul; God advised them NOT to sideline Him as their only King; he also warned them that they would be answerable for their decision; they chose (voted) for Saul and regretted forever afterwards! God has given you the right to choose and bear the consequences of your decisions. The phrase “you will have the government that you deserve” comes from the Saul incident. If you are a Christian I advise you to choose righteousness above idol worship and not to replace God for a human being; after you decide don’t blame God!!!

  10. Here he comes again. The misleader of masses. Gen. Miyanda, you have been in the governance system for over 30 years as well as ascending to the post of Republican Vice President at your peak. To me you qualify to be labelled an ELDER STATESMAN. Your experience speaks for itself!!!

    My worry is your focus on the discredited message from the disgruntled catholic bishops who purported to represent the church in Zambia. Vice president Wina showed leadership when she invited not just the catholics but the full spectrum of the Zambian Church which included the majority Protestants. You would be wise to take a lesson from her. Then you totally miss the point by indicating that ECL yearns for recognition. I think we all know by now that the NUCLEUS of these problems are not the main opposition…

    • …leader not recognising the president but his REFUSAL TO ACCEPT THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE!! hakainde has continuously mislead his supporters that he didn’t lose the 2016 election and that a court hearing is in process to prove the contrary; A situation he has failed to prove to the nation.

      Now, when you elderly statesmen suspend your reasoning and point fingers, who will the nation look up to?? When children fight, the wise parent will not side with one child but listen to both sided: I DO NOT RECALL YOU, GEN. MIYANDA, SEEKING TO ADVISE THE OPPOSITION but instead you issue statements in the media slamming the head of state!! Be mindful of the positions you take, elder Zambian; Your contribution may fuel peace and alternatively fuel chaos.

    • [email protected] Citizen at 9.09 am: You have said nothing that deserves my response. But just to correct you: don’t dispute what the President has himself made clear as his condition for dialogue; he has loudly stated that unless he is recognised as president of Zambia and an agenda is indicated he will not have dialogue and his party supporters have been repeating this in print and electronic media. There is footage of him speaking. It seems you are now embarrassed about his stance rejecting dialogue. Just advise him to participate in a meeting with all political parties as he did with the Pro Nuncio after rejecting to meet the Church Mother Bodies///

    • It’s really sad that the supposed peacemaker, the elder statesman has taken a hardline stance of amplifying the RECOGNITION doctrine rather than rise above us all and pin point the root cause. I think ECL is a prudent president first of all to choose Inonge Wina as his vice thus acknowledging her advisory role and stateswomanship; This woman has proved a crucial element in his team as she always thinks above board. No wonder he called her his mother, elder sister and friend who always guides him sensibly in difficult times.

      You have cunningly avoided the highlighted fact that the root cause of the problem stems from the fact that hakainde has refused to ACCEPT the election results. From the numbers in parliament (which is the most genuine depiction of a cross section of Zambians) it…

    • ..it is evident what Zambians chose. IT IS THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE, A SITUATION THE OPPOSITION MUST RESPECT!!!

  11. Very very sad development. May God give strength and faith to all those that have lost their livelihoods through the loss of merchandise in the inferno. It’s very painful am not happy about all this. I pray that the government should find it within their hearts to come to the aid of all these bereaved families. Very sad.

    • [email protected] at 9.07 am: I agree entirely with you and I say Amen, and Amen and Amen; this must be done as a matter of urgency. I also say that let us have an independent professional investigation to establish the truth of how this happened. The eye witness who spoke on camera said that the fire started after the Police went in to open the market; they carried out their their security checks and then left. According to him the fire started after they left around 05 hours///

  12. I can’t finish reading this waste of piece from Miyanda. My dear brother, just know that any opinion including this piece is the cheapest commodity on earth, therefore, continue dreaming your nightmare. You failed your Heritage Part and I believe you are a spent force.

  13. Gen. Miyanda seems to just have a problem with the Presidency of Edgar Lungu. The General states, “I have found no provision in the Republican Constitution that supports President Lungu’s insistence that he must be “recognised” by all Zambians”. But fails to also guide that he has found no provision in the Republican Constitution that supports the agitation for anarchy when one chooses not to recognize a sitting President. People are refusing to sit in Parliament and disrespecting the Presidency – is this supported in the Constitution, General?

    • Which MPs are refusing to sit in Parliament? Why are the 48 UPND MPs going to Court if they are refusing to be in Parliament from which they have been excluded?

    • [email protected] at 9.11 am: 1. I have challenged the President to show which part says he has to be recognised before he can govern or have dialogue with fellow Zambians yet freely dialogue with the Pro Nuncio without conditions. 2. I have NOT failed to provide other provisions bcoz I am NOT discussing ‘anarchy’. But FYI the Penal Code of Zambia and the CPC deal with all crimes, including your “anarchy” which is not in the Penal Code; fires are described as ARSON; no need for your State of Emergency as current laws are sufficient. Advise your people to read the Laws of Zambia. 3. Am not aware of any MPs who have refused to sit in Parliament; this one you have fabricated///

    • It is sad that Zambians including ECL supporters have failed to recognise the person in charge of the affairs of this country. ECL is the president of Zambia and must show leadership both to his supporters and those who oppose him. Pointing at the opposition as the cause of what we are experiencing is actually demeaning his leadership. LET our President show every Zambian that he is in charge and above board by extending an olive branch to those perceived to be His enemies, this is the only way he will be a peace maker. As things stands…KAYA

    • People you are just wasting your intelligence advising this retard. I for one don’t see any sense in whatever he says. He has read stupid comments front nez and he can’t rebuke him because they are at the same retarded level.

    • Gen. Miyanda – In the same vein and you as an elder statesman, why haven’t you challenged HH that whereas he is free not to recognize the President, he is not free to be inciting his supporters to disrespect the President and interfere with operations of our governance institutions, e.g., Parliament? Why are you failing to admit that we have not heard you making impartial statements on the state of the nation but clearly show an opposition-leaning attitude? Why don’t you want to discuss anarchy when you very well know that some people have advocated “Armageddon”? Do you want to dismiss this as semantics?

  14. This General should learn to study the bible properly…. does he not know that there is no christian nation on the earth? dummy

    • [email protected] at 9.12 am: Read the beginning of my article about the argument you want to introduce. I do not wish to have an argument with you on this at this stage. However, would you agree with me that civilised people in a democratic system, Christian or non-Christian, should dialogue to resolve contentious issues? Do you support the President’s refusal to dialogue with fellow Zambians but calls the Pro Nuncio and dialogues with him while refusing to meet the Three Church Mother Bodies? This is my message, whether you agree or not with the Christian Nation Declaration///

    • @ Peter, surely you dint read the article. Just like what most Zambians do, you quickly jumped to conclusion using emotions than facts. Reality on the ground is that our people are suffering maybe you are benefiting from stolen money hence your stance to support every rubbish thrown at you. Dialog can only prevail if the president humbles himself?? That’s what leaders do than trying to break the country apart. I hate to see how PF have made Zambia so tribal. It’s a shame and stop criticizing something sensible that the General has shared with us.

  15. Well spoken General Miyanda. Your wisdom is God given. Let those who have ears to listen.
    The real peace will come from God through His son Jesus Christ and people doing their part.
    For along time people have looked for a political messiah to deliver Zambia and Iam afraid that is not possible in this age. We need to work together as one people, politicians and all stakeholders.

    God bless Zambia and lets all do our part in reserving the peace. Its good now that the president of Zambia has realised that there is a problem in Zambia after a long time of denying that all was well.

    • [email protected] Nkole Simon – UK at 9.41: I agree with you; I have addressed Believers as I feel some of my shepherds have compromised their prophetic role and may be afraid to speak out. Some of them have taken literary the words “supporting the government of the day”. Believers are charged to distinguish between right and wrong, not ‘government of the day’. This way they retain the independence to point out wrong doing or injustice and even to say so to the King. There is a lot of suffering in the nation today, in spite of denials by those in authority. I say AMEN AND AMEN to all of us taking a part in search of Reconciliation, Unity and Peace///

  16. Jesus loves us all. Whether you support PF, UPND ,Narep, FDD,or any party, you are a child a GOD. Love GOD and love your neighbor as you love yourself. ECL must talk to everyone. Leadership is from GOD who loves and whoever is a leader must loves as GOD loves us. JESUS died for all. Arrogance does not pay at all. Politics is vanity but life in JESUS is beyond present politics.

  17. Welcome to the haystack for the proverbial search, General!

    For once I thought your arrival to the table would herald the coming of the missing peace maker. A voice of reason.

    But how premature and misplaced my hope!

    Your sheepskin came falling off right after your preamble, only to reveal the colours of a wolf (one of us), as you went:


    So it takes more courage to be a peace maker? More courage than can even be found in a General.

    I give up. My hero has failed me. The search of the needle becomes even more confusing now.

    • [email protected] Nkhanza at 10.41 am: You definitely have not understood my article
      1. You are mistaken to read into my article that I am aspiring to be the Peacemaker. For goodness sake I am an interested party and would be naive to ask to be made one. A Peacemaker is an arbitrator who apart from being righteous must be neutral. 2. “Lungu this Lungu that”: Sir, on the refusal to have dialogue unless he is recognised, it is Lungu who spoke those words. Clearly you are uncomfortable with mentioning the truth of what he has been saying. 3. Being a Peacemaker does not depend on courage. It is surprising that you have disowned your alleged hero on unjustified grounds. That is your voluntary decision.

    • …….. You are mistaken to read into my article that I am aspiring to be the Peacemaker. For goodness sake I am an interested party and would be naive to ask to be made one.

  18. @robmwale, Exodus 7:3-4 says, “But I will harden Pharaoh’s heart, and though I multiply my miraculous signs and wonders in Egypt he will not listen to you. Then I will lay my hand on Egypt and with mighty acts of judgment I will bring out my people the Israelites.” Why is the heart of Presido hard?,i believe God is judging Zambia!!

  19. Presidents (good and bad) have come and gone but Zambia remains. This is a passing phase. These are the usual kicks we know of a dying horse! This is self destruction mode for PF because they can’t begin to comprehend what would happen to them for the many wrongs they have committed. In order to remain safe, they have to resort to draconian measures of state capture. That is what this fiasco is all about! Moreover the wise saw this coming! The only hope for peace is getting Chagwa and his rogue PF out of the picture. The question is how? These guys have refused to reason with anybody. We were hoping he would listen to respectable Bishops but we were mistaken. This is similar to giving your baby to a Gorilla. How do you get it back when the Gorilla is holding on tight? Why have Zambians…

  20. Brigadier General Miyanda has a Strong message for our President. Though i need a dictionary besides me to get the full meaning of what General Miyanda is saying, the message is spot on. For some reason, the people in power tend to take people for granted until its too late. Please , lets practice real democracy and PEACE will follow. Kudos to General Miyanda for standing up and challenging the POWERFUL ! Speak for the downtrodden, for those who have no VOICE because Zambia is BIGGER than any one irrespective of …….

    • [email protected] Nzimba at 10.55 am: sori about my language. But to to reduce the article to a sentence or two: 1. I am saying the President must accept that there is tension or some crisis in the country, which acknowledgement will drive him towards looking for the solution. 2. That he should agree to meet with other politicians in search of reconciliation which cannot be attained without talking to each other. 4. Just read the article again, slowly, with meditation and an open mind. Enjoy the rest of the day///

  21. General here is my view on your article.
    We have no one at present to reconcile and build this nation.
    1. The church is a house divided, so fragmented,so polarized,comprised of the good men and bad men,enlightened & unenlightened , good & evil, magicians, traditional & non traditional ,educated & illiterate,etc. Many have risen form of deep and dark poverty.
    2. The politicians and the current leadership have risen out of similar background with the church. Many in leadership are struggling to find meaning at a national level because to all intents & purposes they are local ,tribal and township leaders. Their decisions are informed mainly by party politics, their deep rooted township backgrounds with little benefit of higher level education and government experience. Many have risen…

  22. Romans 13New International Version (NIV)

    Submission to Governing Authorities
    13 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3 For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. 4 For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring…

    • bring punishment on the wrongdoer. 5 Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.

    • [email protected] Nagasaki at 11.27 am:Romans 13 is correct but you have not understood it. The scripture is referring to a just and Godly Government. Read again Verse 4 which states “For the one in authority IS GOD’S SERVANT..” Paul guides that when the Government abandons its proper function or is corrupt it is no longer from God and neither is it operating according to God’s purpose. When government does things that are contrary to God’s purposes Christians must obey God rather than humans and speak out. Remember Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego who defied King Nebuchadnezzar and praised and obeyed God in the midst of a blazing fire! Read scripture in context!

    • So Ba Miyanda, you have ruled ECL is not a follower of Christ, therefore unjust and presiding over an illegitimate government not fashioned by God?

  23. As for me and my family , we shall not stop showing love to all Zambians. We shall not insult MR ECL or HH or MIYANDA or anyone on this blog. GOD is love. We have heaven to win and hell to lose.
    What shall we gain from insult? Did our JESUS insult?
    Shall I quit on this blog ? no never , I shall write with great kindness as a record that GOD love us all irrespective of tribe and gender.

  24. Had you included the above in your “thesis”Ba Miyanda yours would have been a balanced narrative.

  25. Ba Miyanda why are you so silent on the UPND leader & his vice, who for me I see as the main source of strife in the nation. What advise have you given them or can you give them? If you were in Mr Lungu’s shoes how would you respond to these provocations? The 3 church bodies you’ve sided with also had biased observations and none of them had any advice for the opposition, when in fact it is the very opposition (UPND) that is discrediting and opposing anything that the PF government is doing. Why don’t you give the President and the PF government to deliver on the promises they made to the people of Zambia! All the election observers and most political parties that participated accepted the election results, except for UPND and they are ones that are on record that they Zambia…

  26. Conti: Why don’t you give the President and the PF government to deliver on the promises they made to the people of Zambia! All the election observers and most political parties that participated accepted the election results, except for UPND and they are ones that are on record that they Zambia ungovernable – God forbid. Psalm 20:7-8

  27. General Miyanda speaks for most of us silent majority. Genuine leaders set aside emotions and think with the frontal lobe not using threats and intimidation. Peace has been misunderstood to be absence of war. I can go further and state that Zambia is currently in the state of psychological war. Just look at all those cops brandishing their AK47s and cris-crossing the streets of Lusaka in their Nissan and Toyota pick-up trucks. They are literally saying to you all without using words, “shut up or be screwed because we are in power” They forget however that power like everything man-made is ephemeral and their days are numbered. Zambia will never be the same after the PF malignancy.

    • “…Genuine leaders set aside emotions and think with the frontal lobe not using threats and intimidation…”

      Warlord, sir, you are spot on!!!!
      1. ” I will not accept the results of these elections if we lose….”
      2. ” These Judges are criminals, thugs….”
      3. ” The speaker is a PF cadre, a thug…”

  28. BA MIYANDA – GOD bless you indeed. Mathew 5:9 Great blessings belong to those who work to being peace. God will call them HIS Children. This is also my best Verse I carry in my heart where ever I am. Jesus also says Love your enemy and leave a way for GOD’s Judgment. Positions on earth are not qualifications of entering the (President, MP, Councilor, IG, Commander of Armed Forces, Prisons commander, CEO, General manager) Kingdom of God, No. Ba Miyanda you have hit the nail on the head. Zambians Judgment is soon coming. Let us all stand on God’s Word of being peace makers.

    • [email protected] IS KING at 11.55 am: Amen and Amen and Amen. I add that if you choose to obey and love your enemy you will have to DIALOGUE in order to express God’s Love. What a Wonderful God!!!

    • [email protected] at 12.26 pm: many thanks; if possible pse pass on message to those not able to access internet. We must all play our part to create conditions for genuine reconciliation. Remember: NO DIALOGUE NO RECONCILIATION; NO RECONCILIATION NO UNITY; NO UNITY NO PEACE///

  29. Ba Emmanuel, Don’t be mad, don’t bring in the Almighty in foolish matters, HH or No HH God is sovereign & Omnipotent. He is the Great I am, he doesn’t exist because of HH or Zambia, He exists because is the one who claim to be. Stop the Rubbish before you see his wrath.

  30. General thanx for coming out. The fact is currently Zambia being led by wrong people. Just look at the pronouncements from Boma Inonge, Kapyong’o and the Dranken Master himself at the recent fire scene at City Market. Instead of waiting for investigation conclusions were already drawn. To me that fire at City Market points at PF. After staging it we are now in mess of State of Emergercy. They failed to get it after the arrest of HH hoping people will riot and nothing of that sort happened. Kapyong’o is a wrong chap to head the Ministry of Home Affairs.

    • [email protected] at 12.34 pm: Noted. I endorse the implied point that we need a credible investigation with no pre-determined answers and/or culprits. It is a crime to plant or tamper with or doctor evidence for an official inquiry. We need an official independent professional inquiry. Those who are trying to pre-empt the outcome of the investigation must be summoned to give evidence on oath///

  31. i would gladly accept to be a student of the general. deep thinking and reflection on issues. kudos general. i always look forward to you articles cause you are always adding objectivity and very impartial

  32. Ba Miyanda why are you so silent on the UPND leader & his vice, who for me I see as the main source of strife in the nation. What advise have you given them or can you give them? If you were in Mr Lungu’s shoes how would you respond to these provocations? The 3 church bodies you’ve sided with also had biased observations and none of them had any advice for the opposition, when in fact it is the very opposition (UPND) that is discrediting and opposing anything that the PF government is doing.

  33. Conti: Why don’t you give them time (the President and the PF government) to deliver on the promises they made to the people of Zambia! All the election observers and most political parties that participated accepted the election results, except for UPND and they are ones that are on record that they will make Zambia ungovernable – God forbid. Psalm 20:7-8

  34. The General, by saying that it’s not Constitutional to recognise a President does that also him and his govt ,is that not a declaration of war,your talk of political leaders is not just one ,please back on platform to explain the difference between refusing to recognise authority and criticising an authority, I wish I had your phone # so that probably you and me can talk, meanwhile General listen to CNN and see how your fellow Generals discuss issues.

    • [email protected] Partisan at 12.47: Context, context: pse understand I have previously discussed the UPND petition extensively. Here I am trying to persuade our people to find a way to persuade our politicians to dialogue without looking for excuses to dodge discussions. The word RECOGNITION arises from President Lungu’s condition of “No Recognition, No Dialogue” from his own mouth, not alleged but heard and reported by the Government media. To me no difference between “recognising authority” or “criticising authority” – both imply that you are ‘questioning’ the authority which is NOT a crime.

    • [email protected] Nation: politically there is no crime or offence called “Disrespecting authority”. You find such in military institutions where even not shaving can be a crime. That is OK for the purposes of a military environment. But for politics there is no one above the other but there is protocol and etiquette; and then all are applicants for a job which they get and later are fired!

  35. Uushumfwa pafingi napa finono takomfwe! Some people no matter how one will advise them or who is the adviser or advisers you will not help them. This happened to Balaam when he tried defy God’s messengers…his own donkey spoke to him. Read Number 22: 4 – 39

  36. To God be the glory, i certainly agree with Gen Miyanda and i think lets all be proactive and do things as those who will be judged. this country is being killed by Zambians and the remedy for it is for us to individually seek the truth in the bible. I Urge all political parties in Zambia to listen to praise and critism then adopt things that will benefit the country from all angles.

    • [email protected] at 1.15: I agree. If we say we are Followers of Jesus Christ let us keep seeking His Good Ways and Walk in them instead of behaving like political sycophants who praise in order to seek favours and to please those in authority. For me there is no substitute for Jesus and, as a soldier, the Bible is my AK 47. Enjoy a blessed day///

  37. The General must have now gone shopping. It reminds me of the last time he contested the elections. When other contestants were busy campaigning he was shown on TV pushing a trolley at a shopping mall. When he was asked by a journalist about whether he was campaigning or not, his response was: ” We shall get there where others are. They can use helicopters, but we will certainly get there.” I just do not know if PATHFINDER NUMBER 1 was able to get there.

    • [email protected] at 1.45: I have enjoyed my shopping on LT; what a breath of fresh from many of the contributors who have understood my article. You went shopping and suddenly you are here without knowing where you are or whether you are coming or going; I pray you wake up and read the article again with meditation and understanding; it will refresh you. What a joy I am just signing off now after a pleasant dialogue – Good morning///

  38. I am Catholic but I don’t like quoting the Bible to justify a point. It’s better to explain a point with logic. There’s a big difference between 1991 and today ….then we didn’t understand the “meaning of money ” like we do today. We were all united with one aim ..to change the system. Today it’s a way of making easy money …to support or to oppose. Then we didn’t care about tribe …only Zambia mattered. Today someone will complain that “it’s time their tribe took charge of plot 1

    • True, they are all in it for money. It is different from the Politics ba Grey Zulu and KK and his team were playing. There were very few black sheep then like VJ and Uncle Daniel Munkombwe who profess that “We are all here to eat”!

    • Logic does not always flow with biblical teaching. EG. It illogical to love your enemies but that is what the bible commands. Brother Panda, if you are Christian, it is safer to base your actions on what the bible says rather than on logical alone.

    • @ Bululu even the Bible uses logic …just read James 2:14 and it tells you that being Christian is not about rhetoric.

    • [email protected] khakis at 3.34: I have taken note that you are a Catholic who is uncomfortable with the Bible which is the ‘Constitution’ for Christians; what a pity that! The last time you and I engaged was during your Lent period, remember that interesting chat we had? A long time ago it was punishable for a parishioner to read the Bible, times have changed. I interact with many Catholics who use the Bible when it is necessary to do so and even preach using it. It was necessary for me to appeal to devout Christians using the language they would easily understand to help us find a way out of the current quagmire. I end here since you have said nothing about my topic.

  39. Looks like am late to this debate and I hope Ba General will find time to look at my comment too. I just want to say that; please stop playing a disappearing act on us the way you have been doing it for elections i.e show up during elections time and then disappear until the next election time.

    Every time you write, you bring so much fresh insight into the issues going on in our country and you tend to leave us yearning for more and looking forward to your next installment, but alas you disappear leaving us wondering : where is the General..can he please say something…, while confusing issues continue clogging the blog-sphere

    You might be the best President that Zambia never had, but you can be the best inspiration that sharped and natured the thinking of the next best…

    • [email protected] Chief Bootlicker at 2.05: just to acknowledge your post and say it is never too late; I had penned off during the day and have come back to respond to some postings; so I am also late. I am actively engaged in the Constitutional Court; research is demanding as I am facing Legal Fundis. I lost an important case concerning Traditional Land; I don’t believe I lost but I shall bring it the people’s court here later after analysing the judgement. Welkam///

    • Thanks General for taking time to read my comment. I look forward , like the thousand silent readers, to reading your next installment.

      Good bless

  40. When I read the first few sentences of the General’s article I started salivating for an article full of biblical wisdom and unbiased discourse, to my utter disappointment I only released that actually the Big man never intended to take that root. He instead laboured so much to show how unchristian Lungu’ behaviour has been by asking for RECOGNITION and AGENDA from the some members of the opposition before an inter-party meeting could be convened. And by the way the, it is worthy noting that UPND has been categorical in stating that there should never be any dialogue until THE PETION IS HEARD. So this group of opposition calling for dialogue does not include UPND, whose petition has not been heard! . Further, to the General when some Church Bishops the like of Achibishop Mpundu and…

    • 47 and 50 @Pondaiti at 2.24 and 2.45: 1. It is a fact that President Lungu has refused to have dialogue and has demanded to be RECOGNISED and be given an AGENDA as a pre-condition for dialogue. It is him, not me , who used those words. 2. He is the one who kicked off the call for reconciliation long before now; he must show leadership and magnanimity. 3. I have called for a meeting of all political parties not just PF and UPND. I believe such a meeting would be a first step towards a full fledged meeting later.

  41. I know the General doesn’t like me commenting on his articles but as a concerned citizen I would like him to inform us if he’s bothered to find out under what conditions the “other ” party would want to dialogue with the PRESIDENT. If so has analyzed them. If so what are his feelings about these conditions. Mind you Edgar is the PRESIDENT and he cannot just be giving in to every Jack and Jim otherwise he’ll be rendered a weak leader.

    • [email protected] khakis at 2.38: You keep claiming that I don’t like you to comment on my articles. You know the background; but during your Lent you this year you told me that as a Catholic you had apologised and desired that we start afresh; I accepted your apology. Later that same day you changed your position and I reminded you of your Lent apology about starting afresh as you indicated. I stated again that you were free to comment as long as you kept to the topic at hand. So why are you reopening that chapter? I do not accept that there should be pre-conditions for the initial meeting of political party leaders. Remember no such meeting since 2011 when I first suggested to late PF leader///

  42. Allow me to ask this question though it may not concern this article… Why are fires only occur during the night or zesco pylons being vandalized during the night? People are saying these fires are due to electrical faults, but why only at night?

    Can someone please answer me..

    • But the Lusaka fire was in the morning, after opening it around 05 Hours. Evil flourishes in the dark, doesn’t it?

  43. Further, to the General when some Church Bishops the like of Achibishop Mpundu and others speak then it is prophecy which should not be questioned by other Bishops and men of God who might have divergent views. My foot! I know the General is an intellectual and is well informed, but am sorry to say lately his approach and stand on national issues seem to be out of tangent with reality. I wonder why! In summary, the General’s article help very little in trying to find solution(s) to the current political issues affecting our nation today, this is due to the fact that the article is clearly lopsided and unbalanced. It is a reflection of his perception of lungu’s political hehaviour as a christian.

  44. John Chapter 18:37 Jesus says ..
    I came to testify to the Truth. Pilate..”What’s the Truth? “. Can the General give us what Jesus ‘s response to this was?

    • [email protected] khakis at 3.27: It seems you have undergone a transformation. You said you don’t like Bible Quotations. What has happened? Anyway there is no such question in verse 37; But in verse 38 Jesus did NOT answer. Instead Pilate answered “I find no basis for a charge against him”. So what is your point?

  45. I am at pains to understand people who are always biased. Firstly the church has people from all walks of life. Its folly for Archbishop Mpundu to think all congregants in the three church mother bodies are UPND. Nope. Mind you we have people who like Lungu and those who like HH. To make my story short, the church should give guidance to all citizens’GBM HH ECL NAWAKI in a neutral and transparent manner. A coin has to sides Ba General Miyanda.

    • [email protected] Zulu at 3.45: there is only one side to my suggestion: the first or initial meeting should be attended by all political party leaders WITHOUT PRE-CONDITIONS: “How can two walk together unless they are agreed? and How can agree unless they talk?”

  46. The Bible is a multi edged tool. A Pentecostal will pick parts which support his demands for money from his flock. The Jehovah’s Whiteness will pick chapters that say that Catholics are idol worshippers and Catholics will show you books that support their celebrating the Eucharist every time they have mass. And so on.

  47. The General’s opinion is not balanced at all as he has not given a proper account of the Genesis of the current situation. It is too one sided against ECL (who I must confess is a WEAK leader). HH has without doubt also behaved very badly in the lead up to this crises (he who once said he was talking to Donald Trump to get rid of African Dictators). My reading of the current situation is that there is a general dearth in leadership in the country at all levels in all parties and church bodies. All have sold their souls for silver and are not selfless or have the interest of the Zambian people at heart. Since we are all invoking God, I will conclude with “My God, why hast thou forsaken us?”

  48. Dear Mr. Miyanda,
    You are a wrong messenger because you have an agenda. You are a leader of an opposition party so whatever you say has that biasness. Don’t sugar coat it with the word “ Christian”. If I have to be frank, you are one biased Christian.
    Your friend Mpundu who likes the sound of his voice got other people in the name of the three mother bodies to push for his own agenda. If you don’t know Mpundu he sees everything in bemba glasses. He is a latent tribalist. And his fellow catholics have seen through him. You ask when does a prophet consult? A prophet is that one sent by God and he speaks on behalf of God. The prophet says,”……thus says the Lord”. Mpundu and his friends were speaking on their own behalf, otherwise his fellow catholic priests could not have questioned him…

  49. Was the declaration of Zambia a Christian Nation ever put to a referendum? If not, then it’s a sham and must be removed from our constitution asap.

  50. General Miyanda, before I answer you, please eat the food that your wife has prepared for you…….kikikikikiki.
    Otherwise you are are just another Donkey somehow lucky enough to be married to an intelligent and lovely lady.

  51. Ba miyanda what are you trying to tell as,dont you know that when a looser does not accept in any game it brings about endless fights ,i find your article nonsense, so you mean the president should call for idaba with pipo who cant recgn him and what agenda can it be ,muleikalafye naimwe zambia is like this today because of pipo like you who saved before in grz also hh who evaluated the mine and got rich overnight and you want to blem the current grz cause you know that they are trying to correct your mess ,busy talking about unemployment while you know this was the result of privatization of near all zambian companies ,your hate for lungu you pipo is just to much

  52. You can’t mix water with oil the engine will knocK. Give Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser and to God want belongs to God. Analyzing earthly things whilst using Godly principles will yield nothing. Good you said you are not a preacher. If someone asks for an Agenda, give him. If I remember the emphasis is to acknowledge that the elections were won and the country has a president. If you do not acknowledge that the country has a president whom are you meeting? General you were once an Acting President. Can we please have a correct way of managing such issues rather than just blushing them aside. Can you seat in class being taught by someone whom you do not acknowledge as your teacher?

  53. To Brigadier General Miyanda,
    I was a good follower of some of your activities during MMD. Your Public conduct was very inspiring to young and Zambian who desired for civic leaders with prudence in public resources management.

    I’m this ERA, General you are among the elderly statesmen ( mulongoti, vj, mukombwe, Mukuku etc)who have led to the current state of affaird in mother Zambia. Your gross failure has been lack of timely advise on UPND as a party on how politics are run and what lead to eventual victory to Plot 1.
    You have quoted from the Holy book, bible to suit your ego and not help the nation to speed healing. This verses are so clear and no meat however porridge for a baby in Christ to comprehend.
    The correct way to look At our situation is to dig deeper to deduce…

  54. I have very much respect for Gen. Miyanda, he is a clean person, who is very frank, and tells the truth. “The truth pains” what is has said is 100% correct, he is not a puppet like these Bishops like Banda, Pukuta mwanza etc. I don’t know why he should not be a suprem court judge, coz he knows his stuff very well. He is better lawyer than chagwa. I doubt if chagwa is really a qualified lawyer. He seems not to understand issues at all. I have forgot, the people ruling are Kaizer Zulu, Amos Chanda, Nd South Africa ambassador mwamba. Mumbi phiri is a supervisors together with kapyongo. Kapyongo, don’t dire touch chief Mukuni, if you insist, don’t ask us, coz we have warned you.

  55. I have done my part and, as usual, I have responded to those who are discussing the topic at hand and NOT those who are personal or looking for an argument. Thank you all. Rest well till the next posting. Godfrey Miyanda, Brigadier General signing off at 03.40 on 07.07.2017///

    • Thank you General, I have not lived in Zambia since Chiluba and up to now but I find your logic, patience and being objective and level of critical thinking refreshing. Zambian is on a downward slope in terms of the politics of wisdom , nationhood and true patriotism, hey now charlatans of questionable intelligence flourish being applauded by a majority after the crumbs from the table. The Zambian of pride, wisdom, intelligence is a no longer in the majority. Just read the comments on some of these postings, emotions and off point remarks. Cry the beloved country. Please keep being the lone voice of wisdom.

  56. Brig Gen Sir, I’m in total agreement with your last sentence of your conclusion and I hope the powers that be will come to their senses. I am and will remain unashamedly a supporter of the President because despite certain failings as a result of his advisors and ministers I know the man has the best interests of all Zambians at heart. Was it King Saul that was possessed by a malevolent spirit that made him act against his better judgement? Let peace prevail and those in positions of authority that have access to OUR PRESIDENT should pray for the spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness to reign as Zambia is bigger than all of us and all of our egos-that applies not just to those in govt but to those in opposition as well.

    If you shy away from your responsibility of a peacemaker as an elder and experienced politician, why the hell did you write? Disappointing!
    Anyways,thanks to those who responded with the view to trying to understand the rationale behind the Gen’s article. I could see the discerning spirit of the living God in your comments. Damn! its weird that we have very few Solomon’s spirit as it relates to fair judgement to the happenings and the matter at hand. Damn again, the Gen’s tale pushes the needle deep down the hay! Damn, what disappointing reactions to comments from the main man, our former Veep. Hats off to Ndanje khakis, Zambian Citizen,Pondaiti…

  58. Comrade Brigadier General Miyanda, I must state that you are one of the few politicians who I still hold in high esteem. Unquestionable integrity, an Officer and a gentleman.

    I have read your statement and agree with you to a large extent but I have also taken note of some of the things you have chosen not to highlight in your treatise.

    I must also state here that the church(whose very existence and being in centered on Christ) ought to be judged a with a higher level of scrutiny than the president or opposition leaders. Because unlike politicians, they can not run away from the standard set by Christ in anyway without facing condemnation for any statement devoid of Christ-like characteristics of Fairness and Justice. Indeed Gandhi surmised it best when he stated that — ‘I like…

  59. Miyanda had a golden chance to influence the Zambians to change whatever law he thinks is not well done to his liking but as usual he was busy thinking how he could be the President. Cry until you shade bloody tears.

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Nkana legend Mordon Malitoli has declared that his old club will continue dominating the FAZ Super Division for many years to come. Kalampa...

In M’membe Zambia will have a patriot, honest, resolute and most educated President – Musumali

> By Socialist Party reporter THE Socialist Party says without overstating facts, its president and 2021 presidential candidate Fred M’membe is one of the few living...

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