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PF warns Party Cadres involved in illegal land grabbing

General News PF warns Party Cadres involved in illegal land grabbing

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila
PF Secretary General Davies Mwila
The Patriotic Front Secretary General would like to warn party cadres engaging in illegal land grabbing that it will not shield anyone from criminality as the party does not and will not support criminal behaviour or anyone using the party name to engage in criminality.

“The party as received reports alleging that people calling themselves PF party cadres are involving themselves in illegal land grabbing in in Lusaka. The Party will not promote such criminality by individuals identifying themselves as members of the Patriotic Front,” Mr Davies Mwila said.

Mr Mwila has further called for action from law enforcers to immediately act on the perpetrators of this criminality and bring the lawless behaviour to an end.

“Political belonging does not immunize criminal offenders from prosecution. President Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front party is very clear that we are a party order. We do not support barbaric acts such as illegal land grabbing or illegal land allocation. The party recognises that they are civil leaders and government officials tasked with these duties and as such their offices should be left to carry out these duties without any political interference,” he said.

The Secretary General advised anyone affiliated to the party to follow laid down procedures relating to land allocation or acquisition.

He has henceforth called on district and provincial leaders investigate into the matter and submit findings and names of perpetrators to him by Tuesday 18th, 2017 not later than 17:00hrs.

“Let me emphasis that we shall not entertain criminals using the party name to engage in criminality, we are a party committed to serving the Zambian people and we shall serve them with honour and dignity,” Mr Mwila said.

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  1. Useless chaps. When it comes to pf cadres it is hot air warning without repercussions because the same top pf officials are illegally obtaining land. The illegal pf are getting as much as they can get because they don’t know how long this illegal government will last. Chances of lungu dying also increase anxiety among cadres. It is confirmed that lungu is very sick.


  2. Ama ploti ngayali 500, mwafumya po 200 mwayipela. ayashala 300 eyo mwatwala kucintu bwingi. if there are 500 plots, first remove 200 as carders and you share among yourselves and then take the remaining 300 to the general public. We are in power and in control, teku church tuli eyo. CAN U REMEMBER PART TWO. In RE, it would be, who said these words?

  3. The criminals are just wolves in sheep skin to tarnish the party. Every one is accountable to the country’s laws. Find them and fix them.

  4. Really laughable the alpha velvet monkey telling fellow monkeys not to make too much noise when raiding the maize field at night. This fooool is in the forefront in instructing Councillors to steal now he is saying otherwise …what integrity has he have to dish out warnings to his foot soldiers..really sad state of affairs.

  5. Yes when it comes to fellow PF crooks it is all about warning. So far no word about the PF cadres caught in Ndola for trying to still Zesco cables. They blame the opposition while they steal and burn markets.

  6. Land and property grabs are not just by PF!

    It’s good to hear these announcements by PF, it gives citizen hope. But what is really important is successful prosecutions. Reminds me I still have a nasty little PF Madame in my family’s bottle store; still not paying rentals or moving out! It’s a Dogs life in Zambia. People do and get away with murder if the are political cadres.

    • Is this not the same man who instructed PF thugs to steal plots and take over public places ???

      Just wondering.

  7. Well if he repented from his sins, just forgive him and let warn the unruled cadres. 2021 is far away. He doesnt need them now.

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