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Nkana allege FAZ interests in Walter Bwalya case

Sports Nkana allege FAZ interests in Walter Bwalya case

Nkana have alleged that some unnamed FAZ officials have an interest in Walter Bwalya and delaying the resolution of the strikers suspended player status.

Bwalya is alleged to have illegally moved from Lubumbashi Sports of the DR Congo to Forest Rangers in Zambia without an International Transfer Certificate (ITC) and is also not a bonafide Zambian as he claims.

The striker has been suspended by FAZ for the last three weeks as his status is still being resolved.

In an official letter to FAZ, acting Nkana chief executive officer Mutale Kapwepwe said they had been unfairly treated by FAZ over Bwalya’s case.

Bwalya moved to Nkana on loan from Forest Rangers in July, 2016 before making his stay permanent in the 2017 campaign.

“Nkana has compiled ,submitted required documents and availed the player to FAZ as requested despite not entirely agreeing with the letter from FAZ which you requested the club to stop using the player basing your decision on media reports which should not have been treated as totally correct and formal,” Kapwepwe said.

“Furthermore,we as a club would like to express our displeasure and disappointment in the strongest terms that we have been receiving disturbing reports from the DRC that some FAZ officials are trying to block the player’s final release of his ITC and are said to be working with some football agents who have been wanting to snatch the player from Nkana in order to sell him abroad at a reported fee to be in excess of US$ 400,000.”

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    • Facts: If you call this nonsense then you are also from DRC. Any normal thinking Zambian and soccer lover would sympathize with Samataa at the moment. I am sure he lost his job at Lusaka Dynamos because of this case and worse I am reliably informed that Katumbi is rolling LD from behind, hence the contingent of DRC players at LD. So when Simataa brought out an issue on another DRC player he just had to go. FAZ should also check the names of all foreign players in this country and determine their legal status and names as registered.

  1. Chaps using a player for 2 years illegally and he doesn’t play for three weeks ati FAZ is up to something!!!! Ba Kalampa what are you smoking!!!

  2. Nkana FC should not blame or implicate FAZ in Walter Bwalya’s case because its them and Forest Rangers who did a dirt job years back.Nkana and Forest Rangers knew that this boy is a Congole but since they are crooks,they turned a blind eye on that fact and organized an NRC for this guy who cant even speak Bemba or any English.oh my gosh,how it all got to that level,only devil knows and not God!!
    PLEASE BA NKANA SOLVE YOUR OWN PROBLEMS AND DONT IMPLICATE FAZ IN THIS.YOU STARTED IT SO FINISH IT TOO!!IF FAZ HAD TEETHS TO BITE,NKANA COULD HAVE FACED SEVERE PUNISHMENT(i.e.deducting points in all games Walter Bwalya played since 2013 and ban the nigga from playing in Zambian league again so that other team refrain from doing this in future)!!

    • Crude, cruel & greedyl! What will you have achieved if Walter went back or is barnished? Be introspective and advocate for goodness. For once be objective and celebrate good talent. If other countries can reward talent by offering citizenship, why can’t we? What is the difference between being born in Solwezi or Kolwezi or having one parent from either? Why do we have ‘nice’ Zambians but heavy with envy? Sad.

  3. Well said Njimbu. Take the foreigner away to Congo. Nowander he behaves the way he does. Atase iwe Ci Watermelon using Zambian name ati Bwalya. Atase Fi Nkana.

  4. This has been going on at Forest and the disbanded Railway Express. Talk of Nsuzu, Sakulanda, Kasanda, Mboma and many others who have disappeared themselves in Zambian communities.

  5. Even the late Jones Mwewa of by then Rail Express, and Forest Rangers has been doing this bs since the 90s, talk of Mboma, Joe Kabemba, Doris, Sakulanda but to mention a few they all came from Congo. Mosi United and Ndola United all benefited from these Congolese

  6. Imwe. This Walter guy should actually be arrested for Fraud. He lied on Oath that he was Zambian and hence obtained a Zambian NRC fraudulently. And here we are making a lot of noise on illegality. In fact including all those who stood with/for him as his Zambian relatives and helped him obtain the NRC should be arrested and charged for fraud. Why is it that in Zambia we are so comfortable with illegality? The guy is a fraud, with or without the so called ITC being issued. Secondly, with this confirmation of illegality, what happens to the points they gained with Walter playing as an illegal player? Can we be serious for once and stop supporting crazy stuff in this Country. Other teams have been robbed of victory due to an illegal player. What happens in those situations? What is wrong…

  7. And we have a learned Journalist in today’s Daily Mail with a screaming headline: Walter Boils. Come on guys lets be serious. How can a fraud boil and make such news. Who are we in this country?

  8. Nkana get a player from Forest Rangers, it becomes a problem. Same player playing for Forest is not an issue. What nonsense is this?

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