Government to raise $13 million from the export of 100,000 metric tonnes of maize to East Africa

stack of over 14 000 x 50kg bags of maize bought by FRA at Chipoka Satellite depot in Mbala

stack of over 14 000 x 50kg bags of maize bought by FRA at Chipoka Satellite depot in MbalaGOVERNMENT will raise US$13 million from the export of 100,000 metric tonnes of maize to East Africa and the Great Lakes Region.

Food Reserve Agency (FRA) executive director Chola Kafwabulula said the agency was authorised to sell 100,000 metric tonnes of maize to any trader that has capacity to export.

Mr Kafwabulula said at a joint press briefing with the Ministry of Agriculture yesterday that FRA received 42 applications from traders which represented a tonnage of 1,052,210.

“We were authorised to sell 100,000 metric tonnes of maize. We received 42 applications from interested companies; 13 were rejected because they did not meet the criteria.

“We have allocated maize to 29 companies of which 26 are Zambian while three are foreign. The maize to be exported is from the old stock,” he said.

Mr Kafwabulula said FRA wants to open a market beyond the traditional export market to enable farmers to sell their excess maize after the agency buys the authorised 500,000 metric tonnes.

And Minister of Agriculture Dora Siliya commended FRA for prioritising Zambian companies in allocating the maize.

She said the ministry has given a policy direction to FRA to procure only 500,000 metric tonnes for strategic stocks.

Ms Siliya said the agency has also been allowed to carry out transactions on a commercial basis.

“Such initiatives are aimed at empowering Zambian exporters. I am impressed that majority of the selected companies are Zambian. The export season will continue for the next 12 months, especially to Kenya, to ensure that even excess maize is exported,” she said.

And speaking at the same briefing, Minister of Finance Felix Mutati said Government will work with FRA and the private sector to create more markets for exports.

He said Government will facilitate export of maize at exit points such as Nakonde and Kasumbalesa border posts to make the process favourable for the traders.

Mr Mutati said Zambia should take advantage of the removal of import duty on Zambian maize in Kenya and export more to enhance revenue for the country.


    • Use part of that monies to tar the road and feeder roads to all small scale famers as well main roads. Pull down the hills and build tunnels in mountainous areas.

  1. I see you cadres are slow to comment on economic news. Just want useless political news and arguments, what a tragedy!!!!

  2. now that the strength of the kwacha strong, the maize price has dropped and the trades has grown the UPND and down are mute always wishing Armageddon in the very country they live in in order to promote Thier fellow tribes man,we are here, we shall vote very very soon then you will believe how big zambia really is….I approve this message

  3. FRA wull buy 500000 tonnes yet HON Dora says that bumper harvest is 350000tonnes where does the other 150000tonnes come from.

  4. Jo breaker, the kwacha hasnt strengthend the $has weakened across the world.. two ways of looking at currency variations. Can you explain where the additionzl tonnage comes from my erudite political sycophant

  5. Zambia produced 3,6 million tons

    FRA intends to procure 0,5 million tons

    The export above is for 0,1 million tons

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