Roberto launches “SuperStar” in style


Roberto launched is album at a star studded event held at Sky Bar (foxdale court). “SuperStar” is his 5th album ,which boost of hits such as “Into you” and “Contolola” .Guest artists include Jay Rox , Patoranking ,Vanessa Mdee ,among others.

Pictures from the event

Roberto album launch
Njoya T(left) Roberto (centre) Mumba yachi (right)
Roberto (left) Macky 2(right)
Roberto album launch
Roberto album launch
Macky2(far left) Njoya T(left) Roberto (centre) Mumba yachi (right)
Roberto (left) Muzaya Shandavu (right)
Stephanie Whitaker(left) Roberto (right)
Team Roberto
Brizzo (left) Roberto (right)
Roberto (center) General Ozzy (right)
salma sky(left) Tivo Shikapwasha (center) Mumba yachi (right)


All pictures courtesy of Finch media





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    Why so many slave names among our superstar showbiz aspirants? Can’t you be a superstar with an African name?

  2. vote

    Nice suit Shakapwasha
    Wanna-be Beyoncé Salma can’t really sing.
    Mumbi Yachi is refreshingly original, boy is good
    General Ozzy is disqualified to play in my car
    Roberto has got some decent vocals. Met him once @ Arcades, nice fellow.
    First picture, chick in red on the left. Used to look really screwable before she lost some weight.
    And then of course we have Macky II. Him and his brother can rock a mic

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    Iwe Kandolo you spoil a good analysis with foul language. Why do we all wanna imitate Americans? Those guys have a reason for using words such as Nigga, screw motherf whatever. We dont

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    Why does marky 2 always wear that blue shirt of his all the time, he came here in Australia with it and he is still wearing it at gigs there. Nigga you need to change your wardrobe.

    • vote

      Why not? Wearing the same clothes is never a problem as long as you keep them clean. Artistes have the same life as all of us so it is absolutely normal for them to use the same clothes twice. Haven’t you noticed that most Hollywood celebrities and even some worldwide renown politicians have their favorite outfits?

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