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Six People injured in Bus Accident

Headlines Six People injured in Bus Accident

The Accident Scene
The Accident Scene

Six people have been injured while dozens escaped unhurt in a road accident involving a Lusaka bound Bus known as peace Soldier. The bus overturned at Kalashili Village in Samfya District, Luapula Province.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo said that the bus which was driven by 37-year-old John Kalumbi of Kawambwa District was over speeding when the driver lost control and careered off the road along the Musaila – Samfya road. Mrs. Katongo says the accident happened around 09:00hrs on Saturday.

However, Samfya District Commissioner Nason Bwalya says the accident happened when the bus had a tyre burst and overturned. Mr. Bwalya says 15 people have since been admitted to Samfya District Hospital.

And Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa has wished injured victims of the Peace Soldier Bus accident a quick recovery.

Yesterday, a Kawambwa – based bus owned by Peace Soldier buses company got involved in a road traffic accident on the Musaila – Serenje road.

Samfya District Commissioner Nason Bwalya confirmed the accident which happened at around 09:00 hours.

Mr. Bwalya confirmed the Lusaka – bound bus developed a tyre burst and overturned injuring some passengers while others survived unhurt.

Mr. Bwalya said there were no deaths recorded but that about 15 passengers had sustained injuries and were rushed to Samfya district Hospital.

And Mr. Chilangwa who wished the victims God’s healing, regretted the accident.

“Peace Soldier Buses Company has no record of killing people, we have been very impressed with Peace Soldier’s clean record on the road as government. So to me this accident is very regrettable and I can only wish the people who sustained injuries a quick recovery and God’s healing. We are with them in prayer, ” Mr. Chilangwa said.

Mr. Chilangwa who personally called proprietor of Peace Soldier Buses Gilbert Chishimba thanked God for sparing people’s lives.bus1

The Accident Scene
The Accident Scene

The Accident Scene
The Accident Scene

The Accident Scene
The Accident Scene

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    • A tyre burst when any vehicle is moving at a high speed is dangerous and can cause the vehicle to overturn.

      A culture of reporting overspeeding buses by passengers must be put in place.

      Inspection at the bus stations are needed and not enroute by these hopeless traffic officers.

      Speed traps yes might also help.

      Bottom line the traffic road blocks are just a waste of resources we need to find other means of protecting passengers on the road!

    • HH should blame either the voter or himself in the 2016 elections.

      ECZ is just a facilitator, not a voter. When you lose, the voter is responsible for that determination, and not ECZ, and not the winner.

      Blaming ECZ and the winner is disorganised thinking.

      It is like hating your classmate for passing ‘number one’ when you fail the exam. This is also uncoordinated thinking.

      After a loss of one month salary the UPND now confess that at the time the boycotted the opening of parley in 2016, they did not have the interest of the nation.

      Suddenly, the UPND MPs have the interest of the nation through the power of suspension.

    • Thanks to the wisdom of the able speaker. He was right, they did not do things in national interest but their own, which they have now admitted by saying they attended the opening in the interest of the nation and not that of HH.

    • I’ve tried on many occasions to convince fellow passengers to disembark from speeding or unroadworthy buses but to no avail. All you get are responses such as ” we’re late, use your own car, mwila yumfwa” etc.

  1. @ Kamuzu You Are A Fool. Speed Humps After Every 1km?
    How Many Day Can You Take To Reach Nakonde From Sesheke If Govt Was To Do That?

    • Kenya has introduced these limiters….but due to greed by Politicians who are funded by Bus owners and dull regulators at RATSA its highly unlikely.

    • Ba mambala iwe its careless driving that causes accidents not over speeding. all the goddamn accidents in africa are attributed to speed and think if drivers could only drive at 20KM/H then we will be safe. Education and improved road designs never seem to cross your minds. Benz can go over 200KM/H and had it be you deviless africans designing the benz you would have limited it to an extremely low speed.

      Training training training, better roads and just care from the drivers. Its the mental atitudes that we need to change. No amount of technology will replace that. Goddammit

  2. I have said this time and time again …remove this ban on night driving for PSV buses and introduce speed delimiters for all buses capped at 120KPH …this should be an insurance requirement. Also mandatory retesting for all drivers and instructors. Remove all those directors at RTSA and re hire from within the country and across the continent.

  3. The ban on night driving is causing drivers to overspending so that by the time is 21hrs they arrive to their destination even when they started off late like buses leaving Chirundu coming to Kitwe.

  4. Advice to Ratsa: you should set a toll free line specifically for passengers on public transport to report overspeeding whilst they are on board- be it minibuses or coaches- not the 983 line currently in use as the 983 line is often too busy. When a passenger lodges a complaint let the complaint be fowarded to the nearest RATSA office to intercept the same bus or coach. Only when we start having such cases reach the courts will these drivers change their ways.

  5. Removing the ban on night driving will not cause bus drivers to reduce speed. This is because before the ban on night driving they were over speeding. More speed traps will help reduce the occurrence of accidents. Also government should equip the Police equally as they have equiped RATSA.

  6. Hon Minister Dickens Chilangwa insteady of wishing tiempo speed recovery you have to helado them access to good medical facilites as governantes to avoid deaths. The other help them through counselling and those Who have lost parcels and money While on accident help them too

  7. Keep the ban on night travelling! It protects passengers, these drivers are reckless! It is just the driver’s fault here also! Over speeding! He should be arrested, charged and sentenced to jail. Preferably where the other “guy” was locked up.

  8. Hehe the only cause of accidents in Zambia is over speeding but when you ask even RTSA to scientifically prove the speed the bus was travelling at, it’s rocket science. Passengers will always claim over speeding even when they don’t know the speed limit.

  9. What causes accidents is it day or night? Ba RTSA used to claim at ma Tyres, next pantu bushiku but on this one it was 9.00hours a day time when God has even lit his Heavenly light (Akasuba). Some of these accidents we are facing are caused by demons which require prayers. Drivers should Pray before starting their journeys unless they are not believers in God. An accident also can be caused depending on the discipline the driver has in his life while on duty. If the driver does not value his life this is what happens.

  10. Speed limiters are the only solution here!
    Install these on every bus such that no matter how crazy a driver maybe, no matter how much he steps on that peddle, the bus should only be able to go to 100km/h. I remember an excise like this when it was mandatory for all PSV buses to have such installed on registration. 80km/h for small buses and 100km/h for big buses, what has happened to that wonderful set up? RTSA please implement that one and while you are at it, kindly ensure the road markings/signs are in place. Its these small things that cause accidents not your crazy night time ban!!

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