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Boyz II Men pledge an exciting Stanbic Music Festival

Headlines Boyz II Men pledge an exciting Stanbic Music Festival

Boyz II Men face the media in Lusaka. From left, Shawn Stockman, Wanya Morris and Nathan Morris.

Iconic R&B musicians Boyz II Men have arrived in Zambia for the 2017 Stanbic Music Festival and have promised an exhilarating and memorable concert.
The trio, comprising Sean Stockman, Wanya Morris and Nathan Morris, landed in Lusaka on Thursday afternoon ahead of their double bill performance on Friday and Saturday.

Boyz II men pose with their portraits, drawn by talented artist Silvester Mali (right)

“We are happy to be here. It’s so nice to get so much love from a place we’ve never been before. Being our 26th year it’s nice to know that people from around the world, specifically here (in Zambia) still appreciate what we do,” said Sean at a press briefing,
“We promise to offer 100 per cent like we always do. We promise you a great show. … We’ve performed in many places around the world and there are places like Zambia that wanted to see us. We are also happy and excited to see new people.”
He said concert goers could expect a mix of old classics that made the band popular in the 1990s as well as songs from some latest albums, which he said had evolved in of lyrics and style.
“The old classics is what people know us for, the songs that made us famous, the songs that all of you fell in love with. That element of our DNA is still part of us and will never go away. But as human beings and as artistes we are affected by times and generations changing and the world changing,” he said.
Sean added: “Anyone that doesn’t evolve is not a human being. We all change, we all evolve. That’s the meaning behind Boyz II Men; it’s growth, to be able to go from here to there and to progress naturally. Music changes, whether it’s style or lyrics and we hope people are receptive to the change and go on along the journey with us.”
And Wanya said the group would perform some of the songs that made the group popular.

Boyz II Men face the media with Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) President Njoya (Tee) Tembo and Stanbic Bank Public Relations Manager Chanda Katongo.

“We just want to make sure the feel-good element is in the mix. We’ll make sure we give you the songs that you fell in love with. We know what got us where we are and the songs that people can rock to,” he said.
And tracing the group’s 26-year history, Nathan said the love for music had kept the group together for that long.
“Before we became friends we enjoyed signing together…So, I’s say our love for music has kept us together for all these years,” he said.
Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) president Njoya Tembo said the association was delighted to have the legendary music group in Zambia and praised Stanbic Bank and other partners for sponsoring the country’s largest
“Being the fourth year of the Stanbic Music festival, ZAM is excited that we are consolidating our music industry and in collaboration with Stanbic Bank to support our local music,” he said. “We’d like to share our experiences with international artistes. Our interest is to see how we can network and share experiences.”
Tembo also invited Boyz II Men to consider investing in a record label in Zambia.
In attendance at the press briefing were some of the local musicians who make part of the line-up for the music festival. The entire list comprises Afro soul singer Wezi, traditional folk singer Mumba Yachi, Hip-hop sensation Chef 187 and Gospel sensation Abel Chungu Musuka, Zambian R&B singer K’millian, singer and guitarist James Sakala, as well as electric violinist Caitlin DeVille.
Gates for the show open on Friday at 16:00 hours.

Nathan Morris of Boyz II Men

Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men

Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men

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    • Why bring finished artists?
      The other time it was UB40 never mind who they actually are given the split !
      Lets move on come on this bank can do better.
      Bring current hot bands!

    • Those of you who are saying they are finished must have been born yesterday. People don’t listen to music because this and this is the hottest band or song at the moment, no. People listen to music they like and to music they have sentimental attachments to or memories and not merely the latest. The old musicians are still very popular and in the western world people travel long distances to listen to them. The old bands like Kool and the Gang, Earth and Wire, Rolling Stones and still very popular and you cant compare them to musicians of nowadays. In case you didn’t know, the old musicians are only on tour may be 5 or 6 times in a year and are semi-retired. So, if you were born yesterday go and listen to Adele but we will listen to UB40, Boyz to Men, Kool and the Gang, Aretha Franklin…

    • @TimbaLife these people are used to music that ‘finishes’. Remember they listen to music from fake musicians in Zed who release a song today and tomorrow noone wants to listen to it. its not trending they say. Its not trending because its copycat music. But the likes of Boyz 2 Men, Salif Keita, Youssour Ndour produce serious original music for you to listen to forever.

  1. I remember’ end of the road’, the Boomerang movie soundtrack, man those were the good old days. Young and carefree. Song played on the radios dusk to dawn. We’d pause and play the cassette and try and write the lyrics.

    • I remember waiting for the song on radio so I could record it….praying that the DJ does not talk over the song whilst recording.
      Todays kids dont know our hustle they simply download.

  2. Ah, these guys, it’s time to hang up the mic, you have come to perform “end of road” honestly? Who’s idea was it that these guys should come to zambia when they are finished? Like they have said music changes and their music is way gone. Where were they when their music were hits? Zambians you need to smarten up, those guys are there for a quick buck, whoever brought them should have brought someone else.

    • These guys are rich my friend. Wanya should be about $60m or more. And they are not finished. For you to say they never came to Zambia during their heavy days, did you invite them as a country? You invite them, they come, it is that simple. Kirk Franklin came to Zambia at his peak, Don Moen came at his peak, so I don’t know what your complaint is all about.

  3. My friend me am in the midst of where these international artists come from so I know what am talking about, these guys don’t hit the charts anymore. As for yourself you are in zed, anything will go.

    • They are not on the charts because most of the music is dominated by Illuminati sponsored not so good hip-hop music. Nowadays music is not sweet, full of naked women, arrogance and prideness by artists themselves. Boy2men are so humble, their music melodious and perfect harmony. We love them. On the other hand if you like people like Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, etc go ahead, but I can tell you that what we call music nowadays is rubbish, only incantation to praise their pay master the devil.

    • Ngati muli broke just go to your usual Uncle T and drink your usual chi cup. Let those of us who appreciate music enjoy Boyz II Men

  4. The problem with these guys is that they decide to come when they are knackered and too tired…you should have brought the whole East Coast Family.

  5. Ngati you don’t have cash to pay just shut up and let us with mahafu enjoy.A musician can only hang the mic if he/she has lost his/her voice.
    Only broke a$$ people will start talking about charts and age.B2M we coming and welcome to Zambia!

  6. Let’s appreciate there are worse off Artist that is finished out there.I still rate Boys 2 Men very highly even after so many years.Their music makes sense.You wanted them to bring shabba ranks.

  7. Welcome to Zed Boy II men. Only babies can continue to cry, we still love you and we will come in numbers. condolence’s to the forth member of the group, MHSRIP.

    • Dude who told you that Michael ‘Mik’ McCary is dead? Jeez man… that is misinformation ‘fake news’ you are spreading right. Mike left the band due to chronic back pains and these days he does movies and TV stuff.

  8. I bumped into Wanya Morris way back in 2007 in a store on 8th Street in West Village New York and i was the only one that recognized him..he was with his wife….and Wanya if you are reading this do you remember when i told you am from Zambia and you said oooh i thought you are from the Caribbean (my accent i guess)
    Anyway welcome to Zambia my brother i still have the pictures i took with you and your wife looked so down to earth

    2021 vote PF ( Edgar)

    I thank you

  9. All I can say is that the country is very luck and honoured to have these music legends as guests. Boyz II Men are the definition of music for those who don’t know what music is. Their music is timeless and will outlive many generations to come. To this day my playlist is dominated by Boyz2Men and other 90’s RnB musicians like Keith Sweat, Kci&Jojo and Jodeci, Joe Thomas, Sisqo and his Dru Hill, rKelly (of old), Brian McKnight, Aaliyah, Brandy, to name a few. You don’t need to have grown up in the 90s to appreciate the good music.

    If you think the likes of Nick Minaj and Little Jon are making music then I reckon you don’t know what music is. That is noice and shouting ‘money and b00ty’.

    And I went to a BoyzIIMen concert not long ago, I can tell you the guys can still perform…

    • Continue reading…

      And I went to a BoyzIIMen concert not long ago, I can tell you the guys can still perform… again better than drug intoxicated ‘kids’ of today. What an honor you should not miss! You are luck to live to see arguably the best male music band ever… and I reckon that is fact!

  10. I was a baby when Jimmy Cliff came to Zambia. My dad who took me to Scrivener stadium remembers the excuses from his friends who couldnt afford the price.
    ” Who is Jimmy Cliff? Us we grew up listening to Grand Funk and great rock bands like Rolling stones. We wont come to watch”
    Dad who was also a rock fan ignored them and enjoyed himself. Whenever people envy others’ enjoyment they always come up with the excuse of sour grapes

  11. Welcome lads and just give your best. I have got the K1,500 ticket.

    Oh ask Gladys Knight to come down for a gig too. Yours is what I call music for the soul.

  12. I still listen to these guys’ music. I can drive from Nakonde to Kazungula playing it over and over again. We even make love with that music playing, unlike the currento noise pulted CDs which would disturb a nicely worked out orgasm.
    Welcome guys.

  13. For those who had negative thoughts. The shows were great!! On point. Legends dont finish guys…they just appeal to a different age group. But the world is full of options Why not fly out to go and see Lil Wayne or whatever you prefer. Stanbic knows all too well the fun base for performers like B2M is now most likely settled well enough not to cry about K1500 ticket. For those of you who want whatever is trending now, while you are still in college struggling to pay boarding fees let alone your tuition…give it another 20 years for Drake to show up. #StanbocDoesMusic #LetsDoItAgain #KnowYourPlace #BigByzIIMenFan #NextUpRKellyBabyFaceToniBraxton

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