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Current Education systems glorifies white-collar jobs which are scarce-Mwamba

Headlines Current Education systems glorifies white-collar jobs which are scarce-Mwamba

Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba speaks on a panel discussion with Massmart Chairman, Mr. Kuseni Dlamini at the launch of the Zambia-South Africa Business Council in Johannesburg
FILE: Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba speaks on a panel discussion with Massmart Chairman, Mr. Kuseni Dlamini at the launch of the Zambia-South Africa Business Council in Johannesburg

Zambia has called on African countries to decolonise their current education system for Africa to achieve economic prosperity.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba says the current education systems that African countries have embraced glorifies white-collar jobs which are scarce to create.

He said Africa’s biggest economy and potential was in its vast natural resources which demands for skills and trades education.

Mr. Mwamba said the despising of trades and skills education in Africa has worked against the continent as it has missed the right education to bring about economic independence.

He was speaking as Guest of Honour at the Global Summit held at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa which had over 11 countries and governments participating including South Africa represented by that Countries Minister of Small Business Development Lindiwe Zulu and Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng.

He said Africa was the richest continent on earth owing to its natural resource endowment and demographic dividends which countries should efficiently make use off to economically empower their citizens.

Mr. Mwamba mentioned that Africa’s worst enemy was the current education system which prevented Africa’s potential to generate wealth through entrepreneurship.

He further urged African countries to unite and increase volumes trade among its people to ensure that the wealth that Africa was generating remained on the continent

By Press time, Managing Director of Barclays Bank Zambia Mizinga Melu was scheduled to deliver her speech.

Meanwhile, Summit Convenor President Zienzi Dillon said Africa was poised to become an economic giant of the world as she has woken up from slumber.

She observed that African countries were accelerating their speed to catch up and over take developing countries as leaders have now become aware of what needs to be done to become economically independent .

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    • essential and vital Skills training is needed. Start training students from high school in plumbing, carpentry, Nurse’s Assistants etc.

    • 1). Wrong advocate.
      2). Employee telling his employers.
      3). He doesn’t even know how to create a single opportunity himself.
      4). Leave that narrative to us driving value and opportunities independent of Government jobs for years.
      Far from advising him to understand the Malthusian theory, it is a fallacy of falsification to believe everyone in our economy should be bound for business and unemployment.

    • This Mwamba thing is very wrong, Why is unemployment 4% in the US and 60% in Zambia. The difference can not be attributed to white collar jobs. There is something Mwamba and his PF guys are failing to to do. Surely was $42 million dollars worth spending on Fire Engines or would it have been better spent on Education?

  1. Mr. Mwamba mentioned that Africa’s worst enemy was the current education system which prevented Africa’s potential to generate wealth through entrepreneurship.

    Mwamba, you conveniently did not mention corruption because lungu and you friends have just been exposed as having stolen $20 million.
    The sold Zambia 42 trucks at $1 million each when the actual cost is $380,000 each….

    Mr. Mwamba mentioned that Africa’s worst enemy was the current education system which prevented Africa’s potential to generate wealth through entrepreneurship.

    Check the trucks they sold here…..


  2. I agree your point Mr. MwaMBA we have to revisit our education system more especially in Zambia. We demand for credits in English and it’s colonia mentality. Same results we are refusing in Zambia, south Africa, Australia are accepting them.

    • Why is it that its Africans who always complain? Why does the same education work for the rest of the world? Asia etc You are just lazy monkeys who want to blame all your failures on someone

  3. Good speech Mwamba. very true, I 100% agree with you. Also Zambia need a paradigm shift in the educations system too many universities offloading graduates with no where to work. If these were trades men and women, they can easily become entrepreneurs if supported and consequently employers.

  4. We need to change our thinking as Zambians. Here in the USA and Canada, people with trades earn six figure salaries after having some experience while those with white collar bachelor and masters degrees are lucky to earn $80K. We are so obsessed with titles and that is why useless politicians want to be called Drs, Dr. Kambwili, Dr. Lusambo, Dr. Nevers Mumba, Dr. Geoffrey Mwamba, Dr. Chifentelo etc. Imagine even engineers in Zambia now call themselves Engineer Simusokwe, Engineer Beenzu etc. when you have never even designed anything.

  5. Education has nothing to do with the misery the whole world is experience.His Excellency being educated with the same education is against should live by example.I always wonder when the leadership of Africa continously talk about how rich the continent is when the majority of it’s inhabitats live in extreme poverty.
    The Solution lies in the will of the leaders to change the game to benefit the poor people .For three decades,no one has come up with a solution to eradicate poverty,but what we see is convention after convention,seminar after seminar,conference after conference without real change.
    The first thing Goverment should do is to stop segregating it’s youth by using educational qualification as a yard stick to employment or empowerment programmes.
    Embrace every citizen whether…

  6. He is right. Zimbabwe has tried to change its education system hence they have people who could create jobs. In Zambia we still believe speaking English is education hence you don’t get a certificate if you don’t pass it. Pathetic. ….English is just a language and should rated at the same level as Bemba,Tumbuka,Tonga etc.

  7. Really laughable…look at this middle man crook Mwamba…he is in no position to give out advice…only a fooool would listen to him. I remember when the crook wanted to stand as MP for Matero only to back off when he realised that he would have to give up his middleman position in RSA.

  8. Africa’s biggest disease is corruption.In an environment where corruption is rife,entrepreneurship is difficult to achieve.Resources are wasted on few individuals who do not add value to the economy.We are nations that glorifies the corrupt and make them heroes.Education, whether obtain,a white collar job or not,as long as we do not eradicate corruption nothing will come forth.We need to inculcate a value of responsibility in the resources we have.Africa,despite being rich in resources,has a burden of corruption,diseases,ignorance and poverty.This is out of our own making.Our mindset is marred with corruption.We are born out of corruption and corruption is eating our existence as nations. The moral fibre of our nations is decayed and rotten.

  9. Where are civil servants salaries! so it is true that Lungu got all the monies from the coffers and took an entourage of cadres to the USA. What a country of gullible docile people.

    • This is a real disaster. he should have gone alone not with all those chola boys and girls and irrelevant entourage. Now look no salariess for civil servants. Enjoy while u still have the freedom.

  10. The 42million US Dollars would have been used to open Brigade centres in every District in our country so that our Youths begin to learn skills which will enable them be their own bosses thru self employment. Zambian leaders are good only at talking while infact they are the cause of the problems citizens face in our country. PF does not have set up priorities apart from that of amassing wealth to themselves.

  11. Wake up Zambians. Now is the time to stop these politicians from taking citizens for granted. Demand for resignation of crooks!

  12. Thix is coming from a man whose party is building universities throughout zambia,, mr mwamba maybe if you attended university you would realise that white collar jobs are what graduates aspire to. You reasoning is flawed.
    You are actually denouncing your party’s policy..

  13. very true. we need to change our mind set as a country. ba shaka na batimbalife ( and the rest with the same narrative), I couldn’t agree with you more.
    it reminds me of a heated debate I once had with in kasama about a year ago about the same…my argument was that it’s not helping Zambia to have all these so called universities popping up all over the place when we’ve graduates from unza whom we can’t employ. I was advocating for programs/institutions that will help their graduates to be self employed, this has a multiplier effect in the long run.
    I sure hope this isn’t just pushed aside. there’s need to re-examine our education system. too many accountants and not enough plumbers, for instance

  14. Hehehe! What a disaster. Just last week Minister of Education said our education system is the best. Now this Mwamba thing is saying something else and says without shame that the minister was lying. What a disaster!

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