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Partisan teachers warned

Rural News Partisan teachers warned

Mwinilunga District Commissioner Daniel Bukali has urged teachers in the area to desist from engaging themselves into partisan politics.

Mr. Bukali warned that those that will engage in partisan politics risk being flushed out of the teaching fraternity.

He said it was not correct for teachers, who are civil servants to antagonize government by directing their energies into partisan politics at the expense of service delivery.

He said those interested in politics must resign from their positions.

The District Commissioner sounded the warning in Mwinilunga today during an interactive meeting with over 80 head teachers from government schools across the district.

Mr. Bukali said he will not sit idle and watch people employed to serve the public continue politicking instead of professionally executing the work they were employed for.

He also advised all civil servants in the district to change their attitude towards work and public functions by stopping shunning, reporting for work late and knocking off early before the stipulated time respectively.

And speaking on behalf of the teachers, Lunga day school head teacher Lwiza Samakesa pledged to support the government of the day and be professional in their execution of duty.

Mrs. Samakesa thanked government for the much needed support rendered to many schools such as procurement of teaching and learning material saying this will help them implement the new revised school curriculum and improve learner performance in the district.


  1. By partisan teachers you for sure mean those teachers from southern,western,North western and central province.By the way its known that you lied your way to the position of DC mwinilunga. The tears & blood of the innocent whose retirements you and other crooks instigated in North western to preserve or and earn your promotions will haunt you until the end of your lives.

    • As long as one has a right to vote, you can’t deny them political inclination, it’s scientifically, morally, spiritually, socially and physically impossible make them pretend.

  2. When Sata lost in 2006, different groups that supported him rose up and wanted to cause havoc in the country. He stopped and castigated them, went back to the drawing board and the rest is history.Today supporters of losing candidate hh and upnd are losing jobs, getting transferred to remote areas because of their hate for ECL/PF who they insult and ridicule openly; FORGETTING THEY ARE CIVIL SERVANTS AND THEY SWORE TO SERVE ANY PRESIDENT REGARDLESS OF WHICH PARTY. What is transpiring today is sad, people are losing jobs and getting demoted as if hh is their relative; And it is all happening to particular tribal groupings, obviously tongas, lozis, kaondes etc. This tribal tendency is now threatening to destroy the democracy we chose. It will destroy friendships, business and work…

    • …relationships, families, communities. When us supporters of PF and Sata lost in 2006 and 2008, we never insulted Levy and RB. We never created social media and media hate groups to insult and spread falsehoods against Levy and RB. Civil servants that supported PF never set aside their professional ethics and started insulting and ridiculing Levy and RB. They stuck to their sworn commitments and worked under whoever was president. What is happening today is frightening!! In the 70’s losing candidates picked up arms and headed to the bush, today what is happening is the modern day “guerilla warfare” being waged by upnd. Fight the government from within, using tribal affiliates, media and civil disobedience. Our democracy is under threat, not from autocratic leaders in power, FROM A…


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