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Luanshya honours surviving 94 year old war veteran during Armistice Sunday


Luanshya district yesterday joined the rest of the world in Luanshya District Commissioner Joel Chibuye has called for unity and peace if Zambia is to attain sustainable economic development.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Chibuye said this during the commemoration of Armistice Sunday in tribute of fallen heroes who fought during the first and second world wars with.

He said there is need for all well-meaning Zambians to maintain the peace and unity that the fallen heroes selflessly fought to attain.

Mr. Chibuye paid tribute to the only surviving war veteran in Luanshya district, Benson Nkonde, 94 who took part in the Second World War adding that he shall forever remain in the annals of world history.

He noted that the aged were a depository of history and wisdom and that government will do everything possible to lighten the burden of the plight of the war veterans.

The District Commissioner was responding to an appeal made by Mr. Nkonde to look into the plight of former serviceman who participated in World War II.

Speaking earlier Mr. Nkonde an ex- Zambia Army Lance Corporal who took part in world war two, appealed to government to consider offering financial aid to the war veterans who contributed immensely to national unity and freedom.

Mr. Nkonde said the world war heroes fought for a noble cause and that it was prudent for government to honour them by providing a comfortable life in their old age.

He gave a brief account of his experiences in Burma and Mogadishu during World War II and said that the encounters still remain vividly clear and traumatic to him.

Mr. Nkonde who is the only survivor of the 16 second world war veterans in Luanshya district stated that to date, trenches and other evidence of the invasion still remain in Mbala and Kasama the only two towns in the country that were attacked during the war .

He further thanked government and the local business community for recognizing him as Luanshya District Commissioner presented him with a bed and a mattress, while the Rotary Club of Luanshya and other well-wishers in the district donated assorted food items and money.

The Armistice Sunday was commemorated at the cenotaph and was characterized by solemn music and laying of wreaths.

Police Chaplin, Reverend Richard Lombe led the service in prayer followed by the laying of wreaths by war veterans, government officials, heads of defence wings and the business community.


  1. It is a shame that we even had a world war. This had nothing to do with Africa and Africans. We should be advocating for world peace and not thanking murderers who went to kill for reasons they did not even understand. I am sorry, my own grandfather was a WWII veteran but what was he fighting for? He didn’t even know why he was there. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure world peace and that such shameful acts are condemned and never allowed to resurface on earth. Syria is happening and Africa stays quiet!!!!

  2. (clearing throat)… Is it not the British who should be honouring him with a handsome pension? With all due respect, he fought for the British government. There was no Zambia at the time. Who knows, perhaps we could have been better off under German colonialism than British? eh, I am just thinking out loud. Whether British or German colonised, it would not have made a difference to us.

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