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Teachers’s sex party with pupils in Mkushi district disappoints NUPPEZ


 NUPPEZ national secretary Nelson Mwale
NUPPEZ national secretary Nelson Mwale

The National Union of Public and Private Educators of Zambia (NUPPEZ) is disappointed that teachers were caught having a sex party with pupils in Mkushi district.

The teachers four from Mkushi Boarding secondary school and one from Chalata boarding secondary school, have since been issued with suspension letters.

It is however, reported that in mitigation, the four teachers will instead be transferred to other schools as they are first offenders.

But NUPPEZ national secretary Nelson Mwale has told Q-News that the incident is an embarrassment to the teaching fraternity because teachers are supposed to be beacons of morality.

Mr Mwale said that it is regrettable that teachers who are supposed to provide counsel and guidance to the learners can be involved in sex parties.

Mr Mwale stated that teachers who feel they are fully grown up should find partners to marry instead of engaging in immoral activities with learners.


  1. These teachers should be sacked.

    They will simply carry on doing young school girls, especially now that they have tasted the salt and tightness of small girls.

    • Totally agree with you. Why would you transfer such kind of teachers? I don’t understand the thinking behind that decision. They have shown to be irresponsible and playful. Who wants their taught by such men!

  2. but zoona,banyenga abana baba nabo,then they are transferred to another school.You cannot have sex with others people’s daughters for free

  3. Transferred to other schools where they may offend again ? A teacher is in a responsible position and when he/ she engages in such acts with minors, surely that’s a sexual offence and they should not be allowed anywhere near children !!! Place them on sex offenders register and terminate their contract!! Parents should protest.

  4. Dissapoints Dissappoints Disappoints Everyday it is disappoints. This is a sick society and action, real action is needed. Someone even has the audacity to have the teachers “instead be transferred to other schools as they are first offenders.”
    There is no first offender in having sex with pupils! And in public! Yayi mwe. Teachers training colleges emphasise this to graduates.
    Why have sex parties become the norm in this country when Zambia’s laws and cultures are so STRICT about sex? On top of this You even call yourselves a Christian nation! Stop forcing pretence on the nation.

  5. Why call them first offenders?Does law say so?There is no such in the law.That union saying that is full of sex offenders.Parents of those girls should take it further than that.

  6. To be transferred to another school? No way!! ! Is this joke? To be transferred to another place to go and deflower another set of students? No, the bastards should be fired, prosecuted and registered as child offenders

  7. Let us not be hypocrites. Some of us on this blog have gone out with school girls even though we were not teachers. Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.

  8. Do we have teachers anymore in this country? They don’t even teach, some just know corporal punishment. I have sent my kids to the UK. Malabishi

  9. Only the promotion of the gospel of Jesus Christ in schools will help reduce the moral decay that is ravaging our siciety today. When the government put ristrictions and conditions toward the spreading of the gospel these are the end results.

  10. What of their statuses are not OK,what are they going to do to the pupils involved in the scene.These teachers should be examples to others if they are to be dealt with accordingly.Such kind of behavior is not supported to educated people,this is in excepteable.

  11. It is his time we started doing background checks on people are aspiring to take such a huge responsibility. We cannot have teachers behaving in such a manner. I would never want to even imagine a teacher doing his pupils or simply having canal knowledge. Please relieve those teachers of their duties period. This probably is not even the first time.

  12. Transferring those teachers to other schools means transferring terrible problems of that nature, ,, just look for lasting solutions right where they are than affecting innocent schools. I think it’s time you started reasoning when such incidents happen. It’s like you want to remove weeds from the maize field and plant them in maize field again somewhere. What have you done! Discipline them right there and don’t transfer problems.

  13. This was a sexy party. Not that they were having sex. Moreover, we’re not told the pupils were under age. I think it’s time to go back and re-write the old norms and principles/rules where simply being a teacher condemns you from having a beautiful legally age girl as your girlfriend or wife simply because she’s a student. Where as a vet officer, clearing agent or anyone who isn’t a teacher and probably even a old can have the same girl without an issue.

  14. The UNION is disappointed because their members were caught and if not it was gonna be life as usual. It should have come from each teacher’s own conviction that doing such was WRONG. One does not need to hide. FIRE THEM and they must go to jail and do community works at SCHOOLS in the area.

  15. Those chaps are not fit to be teachers because they lack morrows. A teacher is a parent who at no time should he/she undress to do evil with a pupil (learner). Fire those teachers because next time they will impregnate a dozen of leaners! What did they learn at the college or university in terms of conduct? May be they did their teacher training at one of the private colleges that did not emphasise on conduct of a teacher in relation to a learner.

  16. Those teachers must be taken for DC and be dismissed or at least suspend then for even two years without pay. Children at the next station are vulnerable to them. And if we can only transfer them, then we are not serious. And where are the other teachers? What are they doing about it? Minister please act!!

  17. Hmmmmmm the kids were of age probably 19 years and above, so the teachers did not commit any crime like defilement and no rape as there was consent between all the parties concerned that’s why the authority has just decided to transfer them to other schools. Sex between a teacher and an adult pupil is ok.

  18. The Problem is That Teachers of Nowadays are Young Men & Women who go into the Profession to get a salary. They are not passionate of being true Teachers. no wonder they Condone such Activities & Where in the fore Front doing Biology Practicals at the so called Party. Teaching has Become one of the sort after Professions not because one becomes a Teacher because They Want to become Teachers but Rather to get Paid,get a loan and Buy a Car…and Sex Party…Our children are no longer safe even in Teachers Hands..thats Sad. The Teachers shud be sacked as this will send a strong warning and Lesson to would be Offenders.

  19. I thought they now professionally register teachers. Are there no ethics to be adhered to in this teaching council? I thought the council was to improve professionsalism among teachers. There should surely be lines that should not be crossed by profesionally registered teachers and this sounds like one of them. Consensual or not, of legal age or not its like fraternizing at a place of work being justified by such flimsy cluases as consensual or mature partners etc etc. Teachers have authoritative influence on their students that should make them accountable for the behaviour of their students in this case.

  20. Transferring them to other schools is like giving them opportunity to taste girls from another province and/or spread HIV there. Because they won’t stop. Why not sack them?

  21. Ba fyatile mwalepula abana sure..soswe has no job the only job it has is being tombad so be happy bafi colour that soswe has grown..

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