DEC arrests a prominent businessman for trafficking in cannabis

Drug Enforcement Commission
Drug Enforcement Commission

The Drug Enforcement Commission in Lusaka has arrested a prominent businessman for trafficking in seventeen (17) blocks of compressed cannabis weighing a total of 35.7 Kilogrammes.

Joshua Mwenya Mumpansha, 42, a prominent businessman of Lusaka’s Roma Township has been charged with trafficking in psychotropic substances and unlawful use of a motor vehicle contrary to the laws of Zambia.

The suspect was intercepted in Lusaka’s Emmasdale Area after a transaction involving the contraband which is believed to be coming from Malawi in transit to South Africa.

Meanwhile, the Commission in Muchinga Province has arrested two businesswomen for trafficking in Mirra, a plant abused for its stimulant effect.

Mercy Namukoko, 26, a business woman of Nabuluma Area in Chinsali has been jointly charged with Charity Mumba, 30, a business woman of Fimbila Compound in Kapiri Mposhi District for trafficking in 126 bundles of Mirra weighing 41.98 kilogrammes.

The duo was intercepted at a Police checkpoint in Mpika aboard a Ndola-bound bus.

The Commission wishes to warn members of the public to desist from illegal vices and avoid being used as couriers in the trafficking of psychotropic substances prohibited under the Narcotic and Pyschotropic Substances Act, Cap 96 of the Laws of Zambia as the Commission will not relent in its effort to rid the society of illicit drugs.

The suspect is in Police custody and will appear in court soon.


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  2. @Shooterz,you are spot on.People love luxurious living while killing & ruining other peoples lives.The DEC must repossess even the house he stays in as a lesson to these criminals posing as successful businessmen/women.

  3. Terrible another nonsensical comment, you are tiresome. Can you just one dat apply your brain to a comment that it is relevant to the topic. Use your own brain not keep posting for the sake of your stomach and the needs of your handlers. Just wake up my friend zambia needs direction . It is in economic crisis, there is undoubted corruption,
    A government is for all pipo not just those areas that voted for the ruling party. We are not seeing national development, the so called investors are in reality contractors that we borrow from and then pay them for thevwork then rpay the loan. Let zambia develop, politics of personal attacks is not productive.

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