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Crocodile kills eight year old girl

General News Crocodile kills eight year old girl

An eight year old girl has been killed and dragged into Lake Kariba by a Crocodile in Siavonga District in Southern province.

Siavonga District Commissioner (DC) Lovemore Kanyama confirmed the development to ZANIS today that Roniver Hamilenge was killed on Tuesday as she was drawing water in Lake Kariba in the evening around 18 hours.

Mr Kanyama said Hamilenge was in grade one at Namumu Primary School in Chief Simamba area.

He said both Siavonga Marine Police and National Parks and Wild Life management officers started searching for the body from Tuesday night up until Wednesday but still failed to recover it.

The DC said the officers would continue searching for the body until it was found.

He also appealed to the Matinangala parents to avoid allowing their children near the Lake if the cases of people being killed and injured by the reptile were to reduce.

Mr Kanyama said he is saddened at the continued cases of crocodiles attacking and killing people in Lake Kariba in Siavonga district.

Six months ago a 12 year old boy at Namumu Primary School drowned in Lake Kariba while he was swimming.


  1. Why cant you drill a borehole for these people so that they can stop risking their lives like that? Isn’t that the job of the government? Does the government want us the citizens to be thinking for them?

    • Someone said if they want a simple bole hole, their MP should go and knock at state house doors, such is the mediocrity we are in right now, a simple bole hole paka nichekeleko.

    • Former PF supporter, put your brain to good use. People dig wells without government support. Also it’s not bole holes that will prevent crocodile attacks.

  2. I agree with Former PF Supporter and Divide & Rule..a simple borehole can make a difference..these people in rural areas walk long distances to draw water and others share drinking water with animals..its sad losing a life like that,and we have a government purchasing useless fire tenders at a high cost we have a government purchasing ambulances at inflated figures..we have a mobile president globe trotting and building mansions..this govt lacks priorities we deserve better in how our tax is utilised..

  3. GRZ has a responsibility to provide safe drinking water to all Zambians. This would have been enshrined in the Bill of Rights had it not been for U5 and his people rejecting a progressive bill. However, it beats me to see how and why an 8 year old girl would be allowed to draw water in the crocodile-infested lake at 18 hours!

  4. what exactly are u searching for? the girl has been killed most likely eaten by the beast and u are busy searching for her! please spare us that drama en prevent more lives from been taken in this way! 18 hrs is jst too much for an 8 yr girl to be fetching water, parents?

  5. Can you surely search for a ground nut in a room full of Rats? You need your head to be examined. Simple solution, kill all the reptiles in the vicinity and rip their bellies open!

    • A crocodile doesn’t eat everything especially bones. Parents would want to have any part of their beloved. Who feels it knows how it pains.

  6. The circumstance in which this incident happened appears not to be clear. My problem is, an 8 year old, in a village setup is a Grade 2 pupil and how can such a small child be drawing water from either a River or Lake, especially during 18:00 hours? Anyway, what is a distance from the House to the place where they draw water from.
    Finally, we should avoid politicking each time there is an issue like this one. Instead of engaging an MP, we are always quick to point a finger at the GRZ when you know that there is a representation at Constituency level. It would make sense to say that the MP had taken that initiative and was denied by GRZ.

  7. The area in question has boreholes. Even at Namumu School itself there are two boreholes.
    People just like going to the lake. They at times swim there yet they know it is infested with crocodiles.
    Some go there to catch fish. The solution should be education. Crocs mainly feed at night. Going there at 18 hrs is surely too risky.
    Do not politicise everything. Sorry to the family.
    May her Soul Rest in Peace.

  8. The death of the girl has really touched my heart. Parents where were you for the litttle girl to be at the lake at that hour? Somethings can be avoided come to think of it, it was already get dark for that child to go to fetch water at the lake but what can we say coz the soul of the young child has bin lost already, its now a lesson to the pipo wu live in that same area to avoid going to dat lake especially durling late hours. May her soul rest in perfect peace and my deepest condolences to the family.

    • And when the $1million on overpriced Fire trucks arrive to put out the fire THERE IS NO WATER TO FILL THE EXPENSIVE TANKS BECAUSE THERE ARE NO BOREHOLES !!!!!!

      Drunkard thinking!

  9. Politics is gud not on this one don’t brain government on this sure sirious parents how can u send a little boy to the river like Kariba full of crocodiles past 18 no if we think of blaming government on every thing even avoidable. Things and then we a long let’s change and start calling a spaid

  10. I am a Ghanaian in Kumasi capital city of Ashanti region, Asokwa near the sports stadium. In fact I am saddened by the news and my condolescenses to the bereaved family and may her soul rest in peace.

  11. To the first two commentators,
    Are you Zambians? The reason i ask this question is because of the way you have phrased part of your comments. If you understood the connotation of “these people”, i don’t think you would have used the words in your sentences to refer to your fellow Zambians(assuming that you are Zambians). Why not say “the people affected” or “our people”. I get offended every time i hear a person use terms/words like that to address others, especially if you are a Zambian addressing another Zambian. This idea of grouping people has really mushroomed in our Zambian society. One wonders why. Anyway its always sad to hear the death of any person especially when they are that young and life has not even blossomed yet.

  12. Both the area MP and some govt officers have failed this poor girl. May she find peace and may God grant her the best place in heaven. This poor child will be provided a place in heaven which I can tell you will be denied to the selfish area MP and govt officers who failed to take care of their people. Roniver may God grant you a better place in heaven than what this cruel world provided you. MHSRIP.

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