Katete District Health Office in Eastern Province has disclosed that the District recorded 2,500 cases of HIV/AIDS between 2016 and 2017.

District Health Director (DHD) Adamson Ndhlovu says the district in 2016 recorded about 7,000 people on Anti Retrial Treatment (ART), which however has risen to 9, 500 as of October 2017.

“The prevalence rate has not been that much but there has been an increase, as a district in 2016 we were at 4 percent but as of October this year we were at 5 percent in the prevalence rate. The district’s total population according to the 2010 Central Statistics Office (CSO), is about 208, 636, so of this population about 9, 500 are on ART,” he said.

Speaking in an interview in Katete yesterday, Dr Ndhlovu said to ensure that the number does not increase, the institution as of December 1 to 11, put up programmes to sensitize, counsel, test and treat the public.

He said the department and other cooperating partners will undertake programmes like door to door test and treat programmes.

Dr Ndhlovu said among the places the institution will carry out such programmes is Chibolya and Ibex Townships of the district.

He said the institution will also work with Community Based Organizations (CBO) to distribute condoms to the risk population of the district, like truck driver.

Dr Ndhlovu said the district has also stalked about 80 boxes of condoms to distribute within the 11 days period of activities tailored towards the World Aids Day.

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  1. Door to door HIV testing? This is ridiculous! Mind you, Zambia has no capacity to deal with issues surrounding HIV. Testing is one thing and dealing with it on a personal level, community level and family level is another thing too. Its not a good move to conduct door to door testing.

    This is the problem of receiving donations money because conditions attached to their money is always bad. White people have no respect for poor black people.


  2. That percentage of infected seems low. I’m sure they based it on whole population instead of basing it only on the sexually active bracket. It is all about sex.


  3. And we are proud to announce that 80 boxes will be consumed in one day,, thats a lot of sex
    Zambia the real africa , tell the world and every sex offender will come ..a new wave of tourism.
    What a stupid headline for a christian nation



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