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PF Youth Warn Harry Kalaba for his Facebook Post on Corruption in Government

Headlines PF Youth Warn Harry Kalaba for his Facebook Post on Corruption...

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba
Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba

PF LUAPULA Province youth Chairperson Jacob Chilufya has described Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba as a Judas Ischariot following his attacks against government on Facebook.

In a press statement made available to the media, the Youth Chairperson Jacob Chilufya, popularly known as Kapondo, asked Mr Kalaba to resign and face them in Bahati for by election campaigns where he is Member of Parliament.

“Honorable Kalaba should just resign, that’s a simple thing do. If indeed he is a genuine Minister why is washing dirt linen in public. If he is a genuine Minister why is he not raising issues in Cabinet or reporting to the anti – corruption commission,” wondered Mr. Chilufya.

He said Mr Kalaba had ceased to be one of the ‘genuine ministers’ from Luapula adding that youths from the province would not support him.

He wondered why Mr. Kalaba who was a Minister had taken to social media to talk about corruption in government instead of raising issues in Cabinet or reporting to the law enforcement agencies if indeed there was corruption as he claimed.

Mr. Chilufya stated that it was clear that Mr. Kalaba did not believe in the PF government hence the need for him to resign.

“In the year 2018 we are only going to support genuine ministers who are doing good to the people of Luapula Province and the country as a whole and not pretenders,” He Said

Mr. Chilufya said PF youths were itching for a by – election in Bahati constituency.

He has since called on party members to rally behind President Lungu and demonstrate unquestionable loyalty to the Head of State.

Below is the Full Post the Foreign Minister Posted on his Facebook Page

Happy New year Zambia

“Tayesapapatiza chaka chalelo”. These were the words of the late Fr. Tembo of Mzuzu Diocese of Malawi way back in 1995. Unfortunately, two weeks into the year 1995, Fr. Tembo hit into a stationery truck and died instantly to the horror of on-lookers. In his mind, the year 1994 had been a difficult year and he was relieved to cross into 1995. Many of us might share in the feeling of Fr. Tembo. The year 2017 could have been less than what we hoped it to be and we might have silently prayed for it to pass fast on account of it being a difficult year and we might be hoping that 2018 will be much better. While it might be true that 2017 brought about its own challenges, it is also true that the year brought before us the opportunities to make ourselves proud if only we made better choices.

The year gone by will most likely be famous and remembered for the rising tide of corruption and the seemingly falling standards of public accountability – a phenomenon which all well meaning Zambians should shun and endeavour to confine to the yester- year. The year 2018 is yet another opportunity for all of us to Rally behind all the honourable men and women in Government and outside Government who have been championing the crusade against corruption and add our voices to those that have resolved to come in public office with clean hands. It is possible to make Zambia great if we all choose the country above self because we have seen the horror at play when self-interests are propagated and the collective will of the people is hashed. We can no longer fold our arms in silence and watch the impunity of those that make the essence of governing a mockery.

Those of us in public office who have let our people down must self-correct and yield to the will of the Zambian people. It is an honourable thing to do and when we have embraced this new standard of service to the people, we will be proud to stand and sing of Zambia and the era of consistent excellence will dawn upon us. 2018 brings forth this opportunity and promise or we can simply look away and accept to be men less of our mandate and beneath our calling.

I refuse to accept a Zambia that is defined more by its failings rather than its strengths. I refuse to accept a Zambia that is known for its wickedness rather than its chastity. We are a chosen Nation whose God is the Lord. We can make 2018 the year we returned to our lost sanity. Systems and people might have failed us in the past but that doesn’t make Zambia a failed Nation. Zambia is endowed and blessed but to harness those endowments, our hearts and minds must be congruent in admitting that self-interest must be crucified at the altar of pure service.

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  1. These misguided Youths should come to terms with reality. Every sane Minister, MP or PF member is over the corruption that the country has experienced in 2017. Almost all of them would like to resign from a failed state.

    • Thats what happens when a boat is sinking… all minces and rats even small one have to cling to whatever is left to survive….

      The boat is sinking and everyone with 2 senses can see it…. Kalaba is wise enough. KB has seen it. Ngulube on the way to abandon it… it a matter of time. Its hard to feel sorry for Lungu many have warned him but the man is too dull to see it…

      Has it stands Kambwili’s NDC just handed the presidency to UNPD on a golden platter

      First round election results

      PF 36%
      UPND 47%
      NDC 15%
      others 2%

      Second round results

      PF 29%
      UPND 52.4%
      NDC 18.1%
      others 0.5%

      You first head it from me…………………….

    • @ Lombe

      Thats what a bring dog is kept for…. if you have one at home even when your neighbour walks past it starts barking…. the dog has no idea that the owner is broke and about to sale him. These boys can’t even sense the changing time….

    • As an officer at the Ministry of Lands in the years past, Harry Kalaba was the whistle blower on the corruption of one lands minister then, Gladys Nyirongo. Gladys lost her job and was eventually convicted of a felony.

      I remember the time when Gladys was led into Chimbokaila and the uncontrollable wailing of her relatives. HK appears ready to do it all over again this time on other people …

    • With all fairness what is wrong with Kalaba`s post? Did this Jacob Chilufya even read the post and understood it or was he just sniffing to find out just that one magic word “corruption”? There is nothing wrong in Kalaba post and no need for him to consider resigning. It’s evident what this Jacob Chilufya wants, PF please watch out for such i.d.iots, they are just tarnishing your party.
      Any way I can not blame him if ECL is able to fire a minister for his wheelbarrow comment, I am not surprised these other dunderheads have taken that as the guideline, they feel empowered to call upon somebody to resign just because he acknowledges the level of corruption. The truth is 2017, was not really good for PF.

    • These are youths who say things for the sake of it. Because that is politically “correct” to say, in the hope that they will get noticed by the powers that be.

      It could be true that Kalaba is not as liked of late in Mansa, compared to Chitalu Chilufya, because Kalaba does very little in the community, while Chilufya has been helping here and there.

      But on the whole, when it comes to the trending national issues like corruption, Kalaba maybe right, while Chilufya “Ambulance” Chitalu is dirty. We shall hear more…

    • But abena Kalaba were the ones shouting at Guy Scott for trying to sideline Edgar Lungu. Harry “Scarface” Kalaba was the spokesperson for the Lungu team comprising fibena Jean the Baptist and others. I bet at that time you didn’t know one another very well.

      Tumfweko reports that Kalaba is also under investigation by PF… looks like he has ambitions to challenge Edgar…

  2. Kalaba is a goodman in a wrong company!! He needs to be applauded. But let him call a spade a spade and pin point the Fire Trucks, mukula, ambulances etc debacles. Mulusa did it anyway

    • Kalaba is the new Mulusa. Koswe is in hot water. Koswe is a symbol of corruption. He’s also stealing Mukula timber with Jean Kapata. They will go to jail.

    • Let this foolish guy learn from what happened to Grace Mugabe’s youth chaiman when the Croc took over, he’s still in rotitng jail.

    • its because you’re not guilty of anything. But the guilty always think that everyone is talking about them and they react to everything as they think that they are being attacked…

    • I agree with you Kabanshi, there is nothing with HK’s posting.It is a general observation.These cadres don’t really know what they are talking about.These are the ones who instigate the expulsion of true PF members in preference of the imported apf who are easily manipulated and in turn become facilitators of corruption.Viva HK!!I nearly lost confidence in you because I never heard your sentiments on wrong things being promoted by the likes of kampyongo and his imported cohorts, mainly from lupiya led mmd.Indeed there are no insults against the government or individuals as alleged by those cadres.I remember Mr.Sata last address to parliament, he urged the PF backbenchers to speak like opposition party MPs as they used to do in the one-party UNIP era and CK has shown the way. Why rush to…

    • Look where ever there is a team, things are resolved as a team. One does not go out to resolve team problems alone outside the team. What it means is that one is saying he is not sinner like the others. Remember the bible story. Let them tell us the efforts they have put up to get around these problems.

  3. Good gracious, is it just me or am I just too naive. I don’t see anything wrong with a message posted by Honorable Harry Kalaba. His post is indeed an Honorable one and for somebody to take issue with it is jaw dropping.

    No doubt, as has become of corrupt elements in PF, this youth has just been sponsored by some BIG corrupt element to issue this statement and I must say that it will certainly backfire. Some big shot is certainly scared of his or her own shadow and misinterpreting statements issued by honorable men.

    Surely, how can somebody see Kalaba’s message as an attack on Government corruption? This is a call to do better this year and everyone should support Kalaba’s call including the President himself.

    • Just like we all didn’t see anything wrong with comparing over priced fire engines to wheel barrows until mulusa was fired!

    • Correctly observed, nothing wrong with what the Minister has posted…That PF cadre like some UPND Zealots on this blog are misguided by interpreting wrongly what the Minister has advised…

  4. I absolutely see nothing wrong with those words in their natural meaning. Or is it that any one who mentions the word, “corruption” steps on the toes of the Mighty cadres?

  5. Kalaba, I advise that you do not quit. Stay on. tell Edgar about his wrongs while you are in government. However, be ready to be fired and Edgar is allergic to Anti Corruption crusade.

    • Yes, stay put like Mulusa, CK did!It will be honourable to be fired for being candid, HK.I know you HK, you always work according to the Bible.Your posting is honourable and meant to encourage people to be honest about what they do.This also clears shows that the debates in the cabinet are not free, the cabinet is used as a rubber stamp.This clearly reminds of what the president said at one of state house events that he was going to run the government with his advisors at state house.In this sense, where did he put his pf central committee and cabinet?

  6. why must he resign ? Dont be silly you low life kid. We need our party to be clean and looked up to.

    • This is foolish Brian Chulufya is a hunch man of Chitalu Chulufya Lungus confidant on corruption. Chilufya has been giving false negative reports about Kalaba to Lungu as he delivers to him corruption money. Chlufya is Lungus delivery agent with chinese on corruption money from drugs and ambulance. He has created a rift between Lungu and Kalaba and has been using youths to create hate messages against Kalaba in Luapula. Chitalu Chulufya is just as dirty as Lusambo and can never be touched by Lungu.

  7. You must really be at another level of corrupt and maybe stupid to see something wrong with this post!!

    • Villagers are very intelligent, These are just dull and hired by a rejected pf candidate in one of the constituencies in Luapula.This is the person who resigned when HK was appointed full cabinet minister.Have villagers.

  8. Jacob Chilufya

    Youth keaders must be under 30yrs old. You have no right to demand the resignation of a minister/mp .. gvt matters are far outside of your youth leadership. Youths should not be used as a tool for your political ambition ..

  9. Jacob Chilufya

    Youth leaders must be under 30yrs old. You have no right to demand the resignation of a minister/mp .. gvt matters are far outside of your youth leadership. Youths should not be used as a tool for your political ambition ..

  10. I do not read anything wrong in the statements that Kalaba has expressed.He is just talking about a self introspection,as a party,PF and cleanse itself of corruption.The youth,I think,has not understood what the honourable was putting forward.
    No one is going to remove corruption in our nation,if it is swept under the carpet.There are a lot of flies in the government’s ointment that is bringing regress in the national development.The nation needs to sweep its house clean,if developmental agenda is to be achieved.
    Youth should read between the lines before they expose their ignorance in public.Reading and understanding what is put forward should be part of our culture.

  11. PF has really lost it. Clueless cadres have been granted a licence by the leadership to tell-off its senior leadership left-right-and centre. Malabishi!

    When you examine what you do, say, think or feel and how it affects your life and the lives of others, that’s introspection. That what exactly what Kalaba is doing. What is wrong with that? PF ni kaya, mwandi!!!!!!!!

  12. There is nothing wrong with what the Minister has posted…That PF cadre like some UPND Zealots on this blog are misguided by interpreting wrongly what the Minister has advised…

    • Zakeyo stick to your lane and rather remind your goon to leave matters that are beyond him to men and women with the grooming for them.
      Every problem created by the PF zakeyos and company look to the left ati obviously ni ba UPND, you are providing yourselves a rope and all that remains is climb up a tree and put it around your neck and jump.
      PF ubwato bwalibunda and you are holding on to a strew(akalitete).

    • @ Bozo actually I meant exactly what you have responded to because you have misguided yourself just like the PF cadre who is condemning the Minister because you’re at the same level of the thinking capacity…

    • Zakeyo, you are dead right, but the solution is not upAndOWN.These will worsen things on tribe lines!!!!

  13. PF LUAPULA Province youth Chairperson Jacob Chilufya has described Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba as a Judas Ischariot following his attacks against government on Facebook.
    In a press statement made available to the media, the Youth Chairperson Jacob Chilufya, popularly known as Kapondo. Chizungu chamuvuta uyu Kapondo.

    • HK didn’t attack your president or any of special assistants.It was a polite advice to everyone, so chilufya kapondo has missed the point.Tell your sponsor at”mwaloba ilyauma”

      Do you really see anything wrong in Kalaba`s post? You must be a Jacob Chilufya fan.
      It’s Jacob Chilufya who should resign for unnecessarily attacking Minister Kalaba. Period.

    • The difference between Judas and Kalaba is that Kalaba has gotten no money out of this. He has spoken out of good conscious. Then Kalaba has not kissed anyone. To kiss is to pretend you love someone yet you dont. He didnt kiss those in power but he has told them the bare truth which is what Judas should have done. He should have said I need money. Kalaba made a decision and he has stated why he no longer wants to eat money in government so he is okey.

  14. This is an early campaign 2021 is a distant 2/3 years away but hey why not as CK would say ‘bakashala fye mulimwamoneni”

  15. I have read the whole thing word by word, I have not seen anything wrong with what honorable has said, do we need an expatriate to come and interpret what this Minister was saying. The answer is a big NO. I will urge Chilufya to retract all he has said about this Minister or resign the post himself because the dullness he has exhibited is too much for most of us in the ruling PF party to digest. Its either he is very wicked himself or must go back to school, am PF but not in support of the rubbish this chap has shown…..please resign before you are made to be fired. We don’t need such foo1s in our midst. The language used in Kalbas speech is very simple and straight forward. Even my grade 3 boy can understand….or should i say chilufya is just a villager and has so much village…

  16. Will this be the order of the day, a Minister speaks out, then PF youths attack him. Isn’t this indiscipline? Mwila needs to say something about this.

    • MyZambia
      Wasting your time baba the cost of the president surrounding himself with wrong people has finally shown.Sad why Edgar why?How many times have you been warned that characters you surround yourself with are destroying yoy?You still waiting to cleanse yourself?

  17. Ya youths r right ask kalaba what has happem to the father of this nice children rose mumba the man did not do any thing wrong just because he did not give them money the son stole 42 thosamd kwacha which was ment for police station to b built in garden and the father fired him the son is a big time drug dealer and a big thief and the mothere reported him to kalaba and kalaba got him deported with no reson there is a lot even the doble car for bishop musamba was stolen by the son and driven to mansa over night and taken in to zair for sale only number plates were found from the farm there is a lot so now v want to bring the father back so this boy can b charged and kalaba also

  18. “In the year 2018 we are only going to support genuine ministers who are doing good to the people of Luapula Province and the country as a whole and not pretenders,” He Said

    His definition of genuine is some who keeps quiet…

  19. Open conflict within PF will eventually bring sanity in the party. It is a sign of weakness to resign.

  20. When South African’s cried out loud about Nkandla, the institution that is the Public Protecor swung into action, investigated and forwarded a comprehensive report that proved that indeed Zuma had abused public funds to build a provate dwelling and was ordered to pay back. While Kalaba’s message is in goog faith, as an mp, a cabinet minister he needs to have facts in hand that prove this corruption. Harry is fully aware of the shortcomings of our criminal justice system and how it lacks the independent institutions that can help root out corruption.

    • For what it’s worth, Harry knows this statement is careless considering his high ranking status.Felix Mutati is quietly working hard for the Financial Act, is he issuing spontaneous statements in the media?? No. Harry knows those corruption allegations have not been proved so how can he issue such a statement??Does this prove the rumours that Harry has been sidelined from the inner circle after he was caught red handed having clandestine meetings with members of the cartel who promised to make him the next president in 2021???

    • On one hand, you are asking Kalaba to have facts in hand that prove this corruption on the other you are using rumors to strengthen your argument, that is not the best way. Stop those kaponya politics full of conspiracy theories. Why is PF obsessed with the word corruption, is it sign of guiltiness? You don’t fight corruption by silencing anyone who talks about corruption, that is irresponsible politics. Kalaba said 2017 was not good for PF as it was smeared with corruption allegations, which is true. So instead of you guys working on improving on PF perception, you go further to silence your own people. The impression we get as outsiders is that something is happening in PF, and PF will be in disarray if the court rules for ECL not being Eligible for 2021.

    • My point, kanyenye is that you don’t fight corruption by hurling allegations at those in power which can’t even stand in court. Harry knows that our ZP is inadequate, why can’t he start bringing ideas to a fora with other leaders, opposition included, on how we can speed up reform of ZP. Mutati is pushing for the implementation of the Financial Act, is he posting anything??? Zed is more democratic than RSA as we have changed power to different parties but RSA implemented a better constitution than us which created strong institutions. That’s what we need to do!!

    • Compare: RSA Public Protector is given a task to prove the RSA state is under the influence of external actors-2yrs later she concludes the State Capture report with tangible evidence that will incriminate Zuma. Zambian head of task force on corruption is given the task to prove former president FTJ abused state funds-7yrs later FTJ is acquitted for lack of conclusive evidence.THE POWER OF INSTITUTIONS NOT INDIVIDUALS.

    • it’s all bull.sh.it. The point is you are suppressing individualism, shut them up so that they support your corrupt government.
      you are giving me an example of Mutati, just 3 months ago there were waves of PF cadres calling for Mutati dismissal, I am sure you can deduce why he is silent now right. I defended Mutati and raised my voice in his favor. But unfortunately, if you have a president who fires anyone for telling the truth, and there such PF Vuvuzelas supporting the suppression of truth-telling, then this country is heading for doom. I hope you are happy, that you lost a good minister. Don’t defend the undefendable, otherwise, your next Party will be NDC. We know you.

    • You just don’t get it, your hate and emotions cloud your judgement. You believe in the old system of messiahs saving Africa, that’s why you belive in hh and his undemocratic and tribal party. How unfortunate, it seems i can’t debate matters with you, it seems only what you believe in is the gospel truth-no other way, like the extremists of islam!!

    • He should either provide evidence which he should have prepared prio to making the statement or be sued. lol but who would he report to?

  21. If Kalaba were to confront Lungu would he be jailed? Please Kalaba come out in the open and spill the much awaited beans before the country goes into flames like Syria in the Middle East.

  22. HK is spot on! We need people to come out in the open and call a spade a spade! What cabinet can he raise this issue to? And will they do when they are the worst corrupt. Thank God we know what is going on! We have evidence from everywhere. We can see it for ourselves!


  24. Zambians look we are a christian nation and all wrong doers in Government or a bad Government shall just go on its on that we pray for all. Also that time has come

  25. PF LUAPULA Province youth Chairperson Jacob Chilufya should be disciplined for promoting corruption.Who is he?

  26. Bakoswe naba kolwe tabatemwa ukumfwa uulebapandako amano. Congratulations Honourable Kalaba. U have spoken a lot of sense in your message. I hated u, but this message a lone puts more life in me and the future generation. Thank you very much and God will bless u far above those who cannot turn away or indeed repent from committing sin repeatedly in the country so called a christian Nation. God bless Mr Kalaba, God bless Mother Zambia. Amen.

  27. UPND must cease the opportunity and get the service f keith to defend PF youth who have been arrested. lets not wait for 2021 this the time to expose ba koswe aba

  28. The Minister is right to say as it is and should never be intimidated by hired PF thugs who cannot appreciate the fact that Zambia is the way it is now because of corruption and a serious lack of accountability .The AG’s office has said in its report that Stealing is a big problem in the civil service and a number of high profile individuals have been mentioned. With all the information in his Arsenal Koswe is still sitting on the report instead of taking the much needed action.

  29. That Villager Jacob Chilufya should get lost!!Hon.Harry Kalaba has not said anything bad in his post.president Edgar Lungu needs such kind of honest ministers unlike the dull Bowman Lusambo!!
    2017 was a bad year for almost all Zambians except those close to ECL like the Kaizar Zulu,Amos Chanda,Ronald Chitotela,Dora Siliya,etc.these dull PF youths must be real in life.we love PF yes,but ECL must correct a lot things which have gone wrong under him,corruption is one of them.money was had to find in 2017.we wont eat political speeches.we need money in circulation like things were during Levy Mwanawasa and RB.let ECL ask RB how he managed to have a lot of money in circulation.if it means appointing Hon.Magande or Dr.S.Musokotwane as Finance minister,so be it.WAKE UP BA ECL AND ONLY LISTEN TO…

    • This is the most sensible contribution i have seen thus far from you and welcome to the club of calling a spade,a spade. That’s how it should be, political vibes do not put food on our plates.
      Totally agree with you
      I fail to understand this politics of suppressing people with the different opinion and allowing bootlickers like Lusambo and chilufya to harass others. Such politics is not healthy for PF if they are to succeed in 2021. Corruption is here, and the party can not just pretend, sit back passively and asking people to provide proof, that is awkward.

    • Njimbu
      Too little too late the horse has already bolted.The constructive criticism you looked down on from things like the unnecessary travels,corruption in government and general incompetence is why there is no money in the economy.Forget there are no miracles Mwanawasa and his colleagues worked for the economy to thrive they espoused values that make the present persons look like ba koswe according to Pilato.The economy cant be fixed anytime soon not even 2021 so what will you now sell to see you retain in government in 2021.

  30. Continue…
    WAKE UP BA ECL AND ONLY LISTEN TO WISE MINISTERS SUCH AS HARRY KALABA IN 2018 AND BEYOND!!!the likes of Kaizar Zulu only cheats you Sir!!
    I call a spade,a spade.but by saying all these,am not showing that i hate PF-no because HH’s upnd is never an option in my life because he killed my relatives on copperbelt together with FTJ Chiluba due to their evil PRIVATIZATION SO I CAN NEVER VOTE FOR KAINDE!!but Kambwili’s NDC could be an option if ECL wont improve our economy before 2021!!

    • It’s a pity Zambians have short memories. Kambwili was a bootlicker when he was minister to the extent that some of us stopped watching ZNBC. What hope is there if s leader cherishes Micheal Sata’s policies that has resulted in this messed up economy? As if thats not enough the man Kambwili i

    • Is immature, look at the way he talked about Mumbi Phiri who is supposed to be a family friend. Wake up Zambians!

  31. It is interesting that critics of Mr. Kalaba hail from his home roots – the Luapula Province. However, the current crop of Zambian Ministers are all men and women endowed with good intellectual brains. In this regard the good brains these Ministers possess can be harnessed well in a diversity of Ministerial posts. The World over, Ministerial reshuffles are part of Government management to harvest the best from the available intellectual resources.

  32. We have reached a very interesting period in the politics of our country where serving ministers are condemning corruption in their own government.Harry Kalaba is another Mulusa.Waiting to see what happens next

  33. HK soldier on. What you have posted is a breath of fresh air. Don’t be intimidated by failed and misguided adults masquerading as youths.

  34. The thing is, Kalaba is a Foreigner Affairs Minister and knows very well about how to present grievances especially in collective leadership.
    Cabinet meetings provides a perfect platform for him to address matters that he strongly feels do not represent governance issues.
    For me, people with hidden agenda play to the gallery for public support but when not well calculated, they lead to disaster. Examples are there to see.

  35. Handsome, collected, upright, diligent , reliable, versatile, magnanimous, intelkigent, wise, resetved, patieblnt,l, immaculate, purposeful, focussed above all God fearing. Those are the adjectives befitting Harry.

  36. Jacob Chilufya,what a dunderhead, booty-licking, illiterate and no-common-sense cadre. If the PF have such youths in their ranks with half brains that the leadership listens to,little wonder that whole country is messed up!

  37. Hon.Harry Kalaba has since resigned from PF Govnt about 1hour ago!!
    This is a very bad day for president Edgar Lungu.People like Harry Kalaba were real PF members who made ECL whoever he is today.so losing such loyal PF members is a terrible thing for ECL who is slowly handing over power to the opposition!!CORRUPTION IS RAMPANT IN HIS GOVERMENT BUT HE HAS KEPT ON BURRYING HIS HEAD IN THE SAND-TOO BAD!!
    Anyway,well done Hon.HK because you have done what Levy Mwanawasa did and up to today,all Zambians respect Mwanawasa too much!!ba Kambwili waited until he got fired then started talking about corruption,hence not respected by many Zambians!!YOU HAVE SHAKEN PF,THATS WHY ECL WILL HAVE A PRESS CONFERENCE TOMORROW AROUND 09:30HRS!!!GO WELL HON.KALABA!!WE LOVE YOU A LOT BUT REMAIN BAHATI MP…

  38. Continue….
    REMAIN A BAHATI MP.plus am sure you wont say anything bad about PF like what GBM,Guy Scott,Kambwili,Mwenya Musenge,etc did.ECL has lost a true God fearing minister in HK and its really bad for him!!

  39. You kept you word my brother. It’s better to leave the den of thieves and fight for your country.

    Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba resigns from the kangaroo government with immediate effect. Citing the rampant corruption that is robbing the ordinary Zambian citizen of their wealth. This is the beginning of something huge as some more big names will be following suit because revolution is coming.

  40. We welcome you resignation ba Kalaba. Zambians will not forget this galant gesture in honor our national resources and the future of our children.

  41. Lusaka Times hasn’t got journalists to scoup headlines of Henry Kalaba resigning from PF corrupt Lungu’s government.
    This speaks volumes of fake news peddled by Lusaka Times on behalf of corrupt PF regime. What a pity to be used by corrupt Lungu as was the case of Fred Membe under Sata PF regime. Journalists in Zambia are all untrustworthy.

  42. Pf is finished,kopala people have described pf the worst and even jarabos have told pf officials come 2021 one will be killed daylight,pf have made life in copperbelt difficult .if u want to believe go to Kitwe and shout Panama, if u will come live it’s luck.

  43. If you think that Chishimba Kambwili or hh is the alternative, then you need your head examined.
    1. Hh and gbm: how do you fight corruption when you are known for and have a history of corrupt practices yourself?
    2. Kambwili: you only talk about corruption when you are no longer able to share?
    3. So Harry Kalaba which corrupt team are you joining?



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