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Mumbwa council clears all street vendors and demolishes illegal trading structures

Rural News Mumbwa council clears all street vendors and demolishes illegal trading...

Mumbwa District Council has demolished all illegal trading structure in town and street vendors have been told to vacate from the streets of Mumbwa.

Street Vendors today woke up to a rude shock to find their makeshift stores being demolished by the council as the police manned the street to deal with any resistance from vendors.

Council Chairman Gracious Hamatala also led a team of public service officers from the district administration in conducting the cleaning exercise in the streets of Mumbwa in order to avoid the cholera outbreak in the district.

The Zambia Air Force (ZAF) officers later joined the cleaning exercise as the affected vendors and marketeers watched helplessly as their structures were being demolished and later burnt.

Some affected traders were not happy with the move saying that it should have been done at a time when they were allocated an alternative trading area.

Other residents commended the authority for being proactive in dealing with cholera which has hit Lusaka.

One of the affected traders Bridget Chimbofwe, said that the move has crippled her only source of income but was quick to mention that the town looks much cleaner and healthy without makeshift stalls and vendors.

She said as much as the move is painful to all traders, it was necessary for the sake of saving lives.

And another trader Edna Mabika appealed to government to quickly find an alternative trading place for all the people who have been displaced from the streets.


  1. the district looks cleaner than before. quite disappointing that we had to wait for the waste in order to clean the town. it as no better than a chishalala. WUUKAAAA! BWANA COUNCIL SECRETARY.

  2. Comment:The streat looks much better but we are just shocked that there will no one who will go to church because that is the place that we need to pray to GOD and ask for protection and to tell Jesus about the diseases.but thank you for your clean up and the town looks nice now.

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