Police in Zambezi have revoked the permit for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) consultative meeting for fear of the spread of cholera.

According to the permit, the consultative meeting was scheduled to take place on Sunday in Zambezi.

North Western commissioner of police Auxensio Daka confirmed the development in a statement made available to the Daily Nation.

Mr Daka said as per regulation to avoid the spread of the pandemic, a permit has been revoked because the meeting will include people from other provinces affected.

“Yes, we have revoked the permit because the meeting would include people from outside the province. So, we cannot allow. Besides, it won’t be a small meeting of maybe five people but a big gathering, so we cannot take chances,” Mr Daka said.

He stated that the meeting will only to take off when the situation is under control.

Meanwhile, Patriotic Front provincial information and publicity secretary Dr Tom Mushinge has called for concerted efforts in the prevention of the occurrence of the pandemic.

Dr Mushinge said local authorities, health personnel and all stakeholders should take a leading role preventing the spread of the disease by cleaning market places, bus stations and other public places.

“We should not wait until we have an outbreak of the disease to act as the consequences might be severe and fatal to all of us,” he said.

He urge health authorities to put up measures of screening people entering the province as a way of preventing the spread of the Vibrio Cholera Virus from other towns.

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    • Has Nixon ‘Hichilema’ Chilangwa vaccinated and immune of cholera, together with all those PF women we saw. Though its good to prevent the spread of cholera in this manner we should not play politics with this deadly desease; by the way how many PF members have died out of the 50 reported, this statistic is very important for possible votes in 2021


  1. PF are immune to cholera, were protesting against Harry Kalaba, by the way did they have permission for street protests?


  2. Good move ZP!!the two known upnd cadres above should learn to respect Mighty PF-a party in power!!PF is running the country,so dont expect it to seek permission from ZP always.its like you the father asking permission from your children in your house everyday,is that possible?BIG NO!!
    Anywhere this is not a time for politics.we all need to fight cholera.those PF lovers who matched to the minister’s office in mansa yesterday had the blessings from Dr.Chitalu Chilufya.Kambwili and Kainde must suspend their useless meetings until further notice.


    • You are the same PF koswe sewer rats spreading cholera……after burning markets now you are protesting spreading cholera…..


    • Zp has done the rite thing in the interest of the province,the pipo and the country at large. But your tone sir let’s build unity,love,togetherness then Zambia will develop.



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