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Point at corrupt Government officials, I will not resign –Zulu


astern Province Minister Makebi Zulu confers with World Bank Group Coordinator, Climate Smart Agriculture Africa Region Ademola Braimoh during the Carbon payment recognition ceremony at (COMACO) Community Markets for Conservation officers in Chipata

Eastern Province Minister Makebi Zulu has challenged those accusing Government officials of being corrupt to bring evidence and mention people that are involved in the same corruption allegations.

Mr Zulu says this is the only way that the corruption allegations by former Ministers who failed to perform can be proved.

He charged that Ministers who resigned from government failed to perform according to the people’s expectations.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS today, Mr Zulu said ministers that resigned failed to perform and should not mislead the people by saying that there is corruption in government.

He said it is surprising that some former ministers are accusing government officials of being corrupt but are clinging on to the Patriotic Front (PF) party which is currently running the affairs of government.

Mr Zulu said serving Ministers have the mandate to deliver to see to it that what they promised the people during campaigns through the party manifesto is fulfilled.

“The moment one feels they are incapable of delivering to the expectations of the Zambian people who gave them a mandate based on the manifesto, they can go ahead and resign. But for us who are willing and are carrying the vision of the party, we will run with the vision and see to it that we implement what we promised the people through the manifesto” he said.

He said he has no intentions of resigning as Provincial Minister based on mere allegations of corruption.

Mr Zulu said government will not be frustrated with mere corruption allegations but will make sure it delivers to the people’s expectations.


    • The Bottom line remains that even the Humbly Dumbly ECL had stated that his ministers had become corrupt and he was aware of large bank money transfers. So why treat what is spoken by humbly dumbly as sacred. Makebi it means you are as well Questioning your Presido … anyway he is also a non performer as the Ministers you are accusing. By the way Sir u are such a coward, only one Minister resigned voluntarily and you don’t even have the guts to mention his name …. HK …. instead you are “pluralizing”as ministers who resigned

  1. This is the foolishness Kambwili is talking about and there he is looking like a Saint, He has brought out a number of issues and pointed Kanpyongo, Jean Kapata etc as Corrupt, including the President himself and you are here saying point out the corrupt officials???SMH

  2. Not the best way to lobby for top ministerial job. Emulating chiteme? you are the same class as lusambo, the reason you are all provincial ministers. PF mulembwe wacipuba, mmd aletilafye tumfwe.

  3. The coach needs to be fired , how can we loose to UGANDA two times in a row , at home and in morrocco, can he get some coaching tips from HR?

  4. Its a case of citizens being asked to investigate and put evidence foward to the so called crime investigative wings whos job is get fat allowances and recieve orders from pf carders on who to follow.
    A,Zulu kaya kuganiza kwao they think zambians a stupid.

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