Friday, March 1, 2024

Consumer Protection seizes below standard goods from Pick N Pay Supermarket


Pick n Pay  Supermarket
Pick n Pay Supermarket

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) has seized various goods from Pick N Pay Supermarket in Solwezi, North-Western province, for allegedly failing to meet minimum standards.

The goods, which include cosmetics, Mayonnaise and assorted snacks, are worth more than 2,200 Kwacha.

CCPC Public Relations Officer, Namukolo Kasumpa has confirmed the seizure of the goods, which took place during an on-the-spot check, conducted in collaboration with Solwezi Municipal Council.

Ms Kasumpa has explained that the respective goods failed to meet minimum standards required for retail.

She has further explained in a statement that the CCPC in North-Western province is concerned with continued supply of expired and unsafe food products to consumers.


  1. And what are the so called minimum standards required for retail. These guys were just hungry and wanted to munch snacks from PicknPay.
    What a disaster!

    • I agree

      What are these “minimum” standards you talk of?

      Why can you not tell us why they were taken of the shelves? So that other businesses if infringing know what not to do..?

      Hungry much? Me thinks.

    • CCPC KUWAYAWAYAFWE As usual! We have Chinese pirated goods all over Zambia and you want to make head lines with No Brand Name mayonnaise? Intensify and expand your investigations. Try tujilijili manufactures, they have very below minimum standards. I drank that cheap stuff over the weekend and I still have hang over, and its Tuesday!

  2. Ms Kasumpa has explained that the respective goods failed to meet minimum standards required for retail.
    they should tell us what those minimum standards are so we can look out and report if necessary.

    • Its up to the reporter to research on the minimum standards and then tell his readers. Obviously the standards are broad and cant be read out all the time. This is why we have journalists.

  3. The most useless commission ever! You want to be seen to be working Solwezi P’ick who do not know how to oil your hands when the Chinese who import useless replicas ranging from spare parts to toothpicks bribe their way with their fake wares into the country without any inspections? Pull up your socks, Zed is becoming a dumping ground for even toxic materials.

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