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HH and his MPs have abandoned their Manifesto on the Health Insurance Bill

General News HH and his MPs have abandoned their Manifesto on the Health Insurance...

UPND Women event organised for HH
UPND Women event organised for HH

MMD youths have accused opposition UPND leadership of abandoning their own manifesto after they walked out of the house during debate on the Health Insurance Bill in parliament on Friday.

MMD National Youth Treasurer Geoffrey Mulenga described the move by UPND parliamentrians who were acting on instructions from their leader Hakainde Hichilema as an act of cowardice.

He said it has become common knowledge that the UPND leadership will oppose everything even progressive ideas meant for the well being and development of the nation.

Mulenga noted that the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his MPs have chosen to go against their own Manifesto where they proposed to introduce a sustainable health insurance framework for all Zambians because it suits them.

He adds that just like their opposition to printing ballots within the country the UPND have failed to convincingly explain to a common Zambian why they are opposed to the Health Insurance Bill which seeks to improve the well being citizens in the country.

“Yet again HH and his UPND have taken a misleading role in this debate without providing a strong direction to solve the illusions and misconceptions they have about elections. UPND is stuck and fast losing relevance so they are desperately making attempts at not taking a firm position on anything.

“Today HH and his UPND with their numbers in parliament have failed to promote or propose any progressive laws in the interest of Zambians. UPND ironically have opposed the Health Insurance Bill because it best suits them for convenience. They have gone against their own Manifesto where they proposed to introduce a sustainable health insurance framework for all Zambians,” he said.

He called on the UPND leadership to stop changing goal posts on issues because as things stand they seem to have no loyalty to their followers who vote for them based on their manifesto.

He said it was high time that the UPND contributed to the passing of progressive laws in the country saying the same energy they are using to oppose everything should be channelled to more sober and real issues.

“The same way his MPs have walked out on Parliament, that energy should be channelled to more sober and real issues. Issues such as reforms in our electoral system which is time and again a source of conflict whenever we have elections. Instead of contributing to the debate they yet again chose the cowardly way out. They cant debate. They are cowards.

“UPND has the best chance of getting something passed in parliament. But because they have absolutely no loyalty to any fixed position or anyone not even to their followers.

“Which direction is HH and UPND heading? Easy answer: both directions, to further divide Zambians, and above all, to distract us from the real issues surrounding their illegal stay in leadership,” he said.

Further Mulenga urged citizens not to take the UPND seriously because they don’t mean anything they say.

“No one currently should take these guys seriously because they don’t mean anything they say. At any challenging time they can quickly U-turn. They lack the honesty to defend anything they promote. They cant be trusted, its not safe to depend on them because they can dump anything or anyone at any given time.

“What Hakainde and his party should know is that have a fan base and not supporters because they have misunderstood their role in the political discourse of the country.

“Munshebwa aile namashinsha kubuko, HH doesn’t listen to anyone except himself. HH is jumping at every opportunity, If HH had an opportunity he could have even reacted to Zodwa to coming to Zambia.”

He advised Mr Hichilema to realise that Zambia is bigger than him adding that the youths in UPND should also stop following their leaders blindly because leaders will not be there forever.

“HH should quickly realise that this country is bigger than him. Everything should not always be about him, rigging is a process but not an illusion.

“Our advise to the youths in UPND is that they should realize that the future of this country is in their hands, and so they should not follow anything that their leaders says and does because he will not be there forever.

“Our focus as politicians should be on electoral reform and focusing on new electoral laws that guarantee dispute free elections collectively. As opposed to this cry baby mentality they are exhibiting. Because as things stands he is bound to lose again and cry foul,” said Mulenga.


    • Upnd are headless goats. Their purpose in politics is to be opposite to anything. They are not helping us to develop our country. Look at the eff of malema and how positively he is contributing to the country. Why wouldn’t the sa people consider him for running the country with his contribution. That’s what it means to have a party with mps from one province.

      The devil’s big deal amounts to nothing but killing and destroying. They have lost their relevance in the National Assembly at the expense of their wind voters in the region and regions. The nature of politics perpetrated by double H is malicious and set dangerous precedence. I think the framework of MPs’ behaviour in the house needs revisiting. More and more civil refresher courses need to instituted especially to these civil disobedient UPNDead folks. Allegiance must be to the people not one selfish individual. Electorates in the region and…

    • Zambia will never progress as long as he remains upnd leader. This guy is full of negative energy such that I sometimes almost start to that he is really a devils agent. I also wonder how some educated/ leaned Zambians from other regions other than dunduzi province follow him. The only reason he would not want this policy to go through is because he doesn’t want to see Zambians receiving good health care like he does in South Africa. Ubomba mwibala Alta mwibala meaning you can only receive proper Medicare if you contribute a little.

    • Mr ndanje what is contained in this health bill and what percentage of contribution will you be making towards this as a worker?

      Answer me then i will tell you why they walked out.

    • @Divide and rule, walking out is not the solution. Argue and offer alternatives. That way your constituents will know that you’re working. Don’t ask what’s contained in the bill since you seem to know more about it. Maybe you don’t even know that the life insurance in force right now is working very well for civil servants. Your mission is to frustrate government so that it looks like it’s failed. Your holly grail is state house at any cost even if it means depriving the ordinary person of his rights.

    • Total lies, there is in the UPND Manifesto that calls for a compulsory Healthcare insurance for the citizens. This is another failed project by PF with support from MMD

  1. Sorry ba UPND, constructive walk-outs are a preserve of traditional leaders. And before they walk out, they first say something. Yours is to stand your ground and debate. Politics is war guys! Dr. Matibini should remove allowances again. If this Mulenga MMD cadre is right, then you guys should give us a break.

    • @ loud and “smart” (LOL)

      Big loud and brainless arse l!cking !mbecile, why should anybody with functional brain get associated with half-baked useless Bill?

  2. Geoffrey Mulenga, very well said. The upnd has no ideas. They have nothing to offer. They never bring progressive matters to parliament. This bill required intelligent and constructive debate, if lawmakers can’t contribute to the bill, who will do it on our behalf??? These tribalistic retards are forgetting that the represent all Zambians not the bantustans only. Wasted years when we should be progressing.

  3. Thanks Mulenga for these facts, now we know who they are – a party of disorder and confusion bent on selfish interests. They are paid monthly but abandon the work they are paid for daily not willing to support any progressive ideas.

  4. Just like the way upnd and it’s partners decampaiged the Bill of Rights, they don’t have the interest of this country at heart.

  5. ONLY A TONGA CAN LEAD UPND says sejani. HH is not a national leader in whatsoever he does, he is a businessman by theft. He is only good at tribalism, corruption, bitterness and tribal hatred. HH has held UPND MPs to ransom. These MPs cant stand to challenge the decisions HH makes unilaterally without consulting them. He is bulldozing UPND to the extent where he is being worshipped by everyone in UPND. HH is now a dictator in waiting/making such that if by grave mistake (GOD FORBID) he goes to the state house he is going to show his true dictatorial tendencies. It is a pity that very few in UPND can see these dictatorial tendencies in HH. When he loses again in 2021 this man will refuse to accept defeat and will bring chaos in the nation. HH A TICKING TIME BOMB TO ZAMBIA’S PEACE AND…

    • HH does not have any conviction. Have guess who is “anointed” one with conviction for embezzlement?
      Once a crook, always a crook.

  6. All the bulls in upnd have no balls. No mp has the guts to go against the small god apart from Keith Mukata. No wonder he found himself in such a predicament. Once you go against his word he simply pray to his almighty Satan and before long it’s either you die or calamity falls before you.

  7. You are serving your interests as MPs. Are you MPs for your homes for the constituencies that put you in those positions? That’s failure to obey the people that gave you the mandate. I think the Constitution should include a clause that should bar those that have served two terms as MP so that the same old junk with spoiled thinking must not spoil the new young generation in Parliament. The same old thinking keeps on circulating with no new ideas to do constructive things. At the expense of the constituents they are driving pajeros and big vx 200 v8series Toyotas. You just have to stick to you debate and that way you may, and may be voted/counted into office next time. WHAT A WAY TO DIG YOUR OWN GRAVE! A PITCH WALKOUT DOES NOT COUNT OTHERWISE YOU’RE PENALIZED. The best you could do is…

  8. This guys they don’t know wat thyd becoz MPs to be in Parliament thybe there for Zambians not for them self its not part for the nation upndead its for Tonga’s and GBM only they don’t have respect for others if they win GBM bakamutafya

  9. Amazing!!! The usual diasporans who always attack PF are super quiet today??? Spaka, Jay Jay, etc where are you??? Are you not commenting on what your useless mps are doing???….kwekwekwekwekwe…..

  10. Hichilema’s term expired in 2010, he’s scared of seeking a fresh mandate because he knows he will lose. Tiens Kahenya tried to challenge him to call for a convention but all Tongas in UPND rose against him. Only useful *****s have remained in UPND, I don’t know what Situmbeko Musokotwane is waiting for in that Party.

  11. Stand in a bucket and try to lift yourself from its handle, the result you get is exactly what you get if you support Hichilema and UPND; false hope. There’s nothing positive that you can get from UPND. I don’t know Situmbeko Musokotwane, Geoffrey Lungwangwa, Christopher Kalila, and a few others are still doing in that Party. What a waste!

  12. The same vigour that Geoffrey Mulenga has used to attack the UPND MPs would have been better served to question the cost of the fire tenders, the ambulances the blatant thefts as exposed by the Auditor General Report. That way there would be enough money in govt coffers to pay for healthcare instead of squeezing the few of us in formal employment further. What national interest have you got that focuses on a party that’s NOT RULING while being loudly silent by the persistent stupid decisions of the PF that impacts negatively on us. It is most likely that this Mulenga cadre won’t pay the extra tax because he’s never had his name on a pay slip!

    • @disgusted what you have written here os what UPND MPs should be doing. Stay in parliament and debate issues. We shall all be listening and we can tell who are real Zambian leaders. What do they gain by walking out? If they stayed, even if they lost the debate, the people would have heard them. Mulenga’ s energy is perfectly applied in this particular case. You could also expound on fire tender. Zambia has many issues to debate. What we need are brains to debate and point at issues in the presence of those who propose them. Not having press conferences attend by party cadres and friendly media.

    • @ Amagenge

      Your lot are good at debating and then F*CKING-UP.
      Stop debating and roll-up your dirty socks.
      You been debating new constitution when UPND MP’s walked out. DO YOU SEE THE RESULT?
      Useless law, enacted by hungry crooks, assented by convicted embezzler.
      Who wants to be associated with you lot?

  13. Whats beats me is that we have an opposition party upndeez whose agenda for 5 years is to destroy everything in the country including many things that are good forthe people of this country A destructive agenda for 5 years from 2016 to 2021. And assuming that all their evil schemes to retard Zambia succeeded, if they came into power in 2021 imagine how much money they would have to borrow to fix all the damage? And the same ev.il men and women should even be telling us how indedbted the country is currently, and of all people, the ev.il men in upndeez includes people who were our trusted ministers not too long ago but now fallen.prey to the ev.il cult!!

  14. Health Insurance is politics. The bill went to Parliament prematurely. 95 percent Zambians who will be contributing to this Fund are not aware and yet someone found it necessary to use numbers in Parliament to create it. All the three institutions to come out of this Bill will be managed by PF cadres, either as Board members or management. No wonder they are blindly supporting h an ill conceived idea that is cut and paste from countries that have struggled to run it. What do we pay taxes for by the way? This is new Tax introduced using the back door. PF, stick to your manifesto of lower taxes. You are cheating Zambians.

  15. Honestly, I just don’t understand the role of the opposition these days. In the critical moment’s the nation needs them to voice out,the are not saying any thing. Am disappointed with the opposition.

  16. UPND is a cursed party and no normal Zambian can support it apart from die hard tribalists from 3.5 provinces!!all bantustan MPs have no say.HH tells them when to go to toilet and when not,when to kiss their wives or husbands and when not!!ITS HELL TO BE A UPND MP!!surely,what can you solve in life by walking out of the meetings?to be heard,one has to express himself.HH OPPOSES EVERYTHING;new roads,hospitals,schools,new constitution,bill of rights,new houses for civil servants,etc.IMAGINE HOW BEHIND ZAMBIA COULD HAVE BEEN BY NOW IF PF LEADERS WERE LISTENING TO KAINDE?HH has opposed a new face PF Govnt has given Zambia since 2011.Kainde finds a fault in everything done by others-WHAT A SELFISH CREATURE THIS HH IS!!

  17. Surely how can Prof.Lungwangwa,Dr.Situmbeko Musokotwane and many wise bantustans MPs in UPND allow HH ( with a ka BA in economics from UNZA with no political or work experience)to be treating them like chainama patients?its amazing.ONLY KEITH MUKATA-A LAWYER NEVER ALLOWED HH TO USE HIM LIKE A ROBOT!!please upnd mps stop following die hard tribalists such as Garry Nkombo and Jack Mwiimbu who dont see anything wrong in whatever HH says due to tribalism.for them HH is a tonga god who cant make a mistake!!
    PF Govnt has touched a lot of projects and many of them are good for Zambia.all Zambians should have access to…

    • Another “intellectual” contribution from arse l!cking and Rod 5ucking sufferer of genetically transited !mbecility?

  18. #16 Njimbu, agreed. Just look at the useless and contradictory comments by the so called “honourable” Gary Nkombo. If tge Health Insurance Bill us generally goid except you have spotted “a few areas that need improvement” do you walk about or you point out the areas of concern through mature debate? Gary Nkombo has just exposed his upndeez sole objective of deztroying everything in Zambia so that h.h can be considered in 2021. But considered for what when Zambians are getting dis.gusted by the day by your desire to see people suffer for 5 years from 2016 to 2021? Instead of doing good things to please people who vote, they are busy damaging whatever remained if their chances.

  19. ..meant “do you walk out of parliament” or continue debating and point out mistakes?

    Just look at the Constitution, they sat there ndwiii instead of correcting the amendment. And the lacunas worked against them, for where on earth does a President step aside merely because h.h has lodged a petition? Supposing, as it actually turned out, the petitioner h.h has no evidence to present or the case has no merit? And you get the whole adult h.h insisting it’s okay without regard for the security of the nation? Ati “the constitutional lacuna is not my fault, just get Lungu out”. I wonder what would have happened if President Lungu had stepped aside and the Court found that there was no evidence as we came to learn? Of course they wanted to activate their plans for chaos, what do you…

  20. …Of course they wanted to activate their plans for chaos, what do you think they meant by “armagedon”?

    • All above members of PF “Intelligentsia” will say that is HH fault. They F*CK-UP and then accuse others.
      It will be like enacting of the Constitution. They butchered the Draft of the “Peoples” Constitution, they went ahead with enactment of the useless legislation and now putting blame on opposition

  21. The reason why HH is opposed to Health Insurance Scheme is because one of his comoanies, Sanlam which also trades as African Life is in Health Insurance business with Zambian companies which trades unser Suncare health Insurance.
    Proposed national scheme will reduce HH comoanies business. As usual, capitalism at play by maximising profits at the exoense of poor Zambians do not have access to SUNCARE.

  22. It is said that leadership gravitates to the man who can get up and say what he thinks. Walking out is the opposite and how does one know whats in your mind if you cannot say it? Fulishe MPs who only represent themselves in parliament forgetting who sent them there.

  23. Thanks ba mulenga for stating the truth. HH and his cousin have nothing to offer. They don’t have have a conviction on what they stand for. Until Gary nkombo takes over upnd under HH will not inspire the majority Zambia. Atleat Gary is civilized and reasonable he is forced to support Dull HH because of fear of the tribal tag otherwise he would have taken over by now if he had the opposite surname. HYPOCRISY is now Hakainde’s middle name. Call him triple H if you want. HHH , Hakainde Hypocrisy Hichilema. The truth behind the walk out is simply a cover up for the stillborn impeachment motion. They have faced with the reality of numbers and now want to hide in walk outs to make as forget about it. I am speaking from inside and I know what am talking about. They should just go ahead and…

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