President Lungu to fly to Botswana on Saturday

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu with President of Botswana, Lt. Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama, at KK international airport in Lusaka arrival ceremony , T??he Botswana leader is in Lusaka for 53Zambia Independence anniversary Celebrations Pictures by Eddie Mwanaleza /State house24-102-17
File:President Edgar Chagwa Lungu with President of Botswana, Lt. Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama, at KK international airport in Lusaka arrival ceremony , T??he Botswana leader is in Lusaka for 53Zambia Independence anniversary Celebrations Pictures by Eddie Mwanaleza /State house24-102-17
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu with President of Botswana, Lt. Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama, at KK international airport in Lusaka arrival ceremony , T??he Botswana leader is in Lusaka for 53Zambia Independence anniversary Celebrations Pictures by Eddie Mwanaleza /State house24-102-17
File:President Edgar Chagwa Lungu with President of Botswana, Lt. Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama, at KK international airport in Lusaka

President Edgar Lungu will this Saturday fly to Kasane, Bostwana where he is expected to join Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Botswana leader Seretse Khama Ian Khama to assess progress on the construction of the Kazungula Bridge that will connect eight SADC countries.

The Kazungula Bridge will connect Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Tanzania, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

In a statement yesterday, the Botswana government said the three presidents would assess progress on the project.

“His Excellency Lt- Gen Dr Seretse Khama Ian Khama, His Excellency Edgar Lungu and His Excellency Emmerson Mnangagwa will visit Kasane on Saturday 10th March at 0900hrs to appreciate progress on the Kazungula Bridge project and conduct a Kazungula Bridge tour,” said the Botswana government.

The Botswana government said the Kazungula Bridge project was a multi-national project which would improve trade relations among Sadc countries.

“The project will facilitate trade through reduced transit time for freight and passengers and reduced time-based trade and transport costs,” it said. “There will also be improved border management operations arising from the new one-stop border facilities.

“The project will contribute to boosting of the regional economy through increased traffic throughout the North-South Corridor; increased global competitiveness of goods as a function of reduced time-based trade and transport costs; and reduction of transit time from three days to less than half a day.”

The project involves the construction of a 923 metres long rail and road bridge on the Zambezi River.


  1. Really laughable …as I stated today’s ago, he declares pointless holidays yet himself is on Flight 9J-ONE running up unnecessary allowances…what is he going to assess this Lazy Lungu is he a Project Manager. I hope Khama schools this empty tin of a president we have been cursed with.

    • Associating himself with the Botswana president is a great start.

      The only noble young President with a good brain between his shoulders.

      I don’t understand how and why Botswana are economically more superior to Zambia



    • Ati the bridge will connect eight countries, that bridge must be long and complex upto DRC then to Malawi then to Tanzania. Anyway it’s a public holiday, people are drunk, I understand

    • This is good news at least this thrip sounds more progressive. Let African countries work together in helping the livelihood of its citizens.I dont like you Mr President but on this one i can say its a good move. Build bridges not walls. This is very good for business in Livingstone

    • Just let him go. Why does he even come back any way? He could just go once and for all. It could save him from starting the journey each time he wants to go!

    • Yes Eddie could walk to Botswana is he keeps away from Jemason. He was seen doing exercises on some roads at some point with some PF cadres. He must be fit but I doubt the security men’s fitness. Eddie might end up arriving alone in Gaborone with a small bag on the shoulder. He is a humble President, he can do it.

    • He declares a holiday and the zooms of to work! That is how a leader should behave!

      No matter how much you hate him, there are millions of Zambians who love him.. Call for elections today with hh as a candidate, ECL will win hands down while you guys
      Will win in insults.

    • There is something terribly wrong with him. How can he declare an unnecessary holiday, for what in this poor Country where he is supposed to encourage hard work. He wants to surpass the already developed countries. He is encouraging laziness parting travels and accdents

    • Mushota please avoid exposing your ignorance or stupidity. There is accountability in Botswana and use their resources for their citizenship’s benefit. It is that simple.

      The only legacy that Lungu has is thieving. We have a known thief for a head of state! It must be a curse!

    • Very good President Lungu you will be in that area this weakened. I want to plead with you to take about 2(two) hours off from your busy schedule to drive along the road from Kazungula turn off to Sesheke and see the state of that road for yourself. If you mean what you always say, you will come to the aid of Zambians who use that road. Please i encourage you to do it Mr President like you did it on one of the roads in Northern Province.

    • Anyone can fly to the border in a helicopter and then go Game viewing after…the problem is you don t know what hard work is. Enjoy your holiday drinking and dancing for 4 days!!

    • Ba jay jay,because you are paid to blog day in day out and you think thats hard work,try to reason sometimes,you are a pathetic cadre and anyone paying you stands to loose,grow a brain!

    • MWISHO – let me humbly inform you that nobody no one can afford to pay me to blog, it would be a waste of my skilled talent…have not heard of multi-tasking I can post a comment whilst am on the move on my smartphone.
      You enjoy your 4 day holiday binge drinking shakey shakey chibuku whilst the rest of the world works hard to pay off their national debts and assist low income developing nations like Zambia.

  2. It’s worth it, that pontoon almost took my life. It drifted down the Zambezi, for 4 hours we where stuck in the middle be river, and when we got a banana boat to try and ferry us to the Zambian side it nearly capsized . A bridge their is job well done especially for quick movement of goods and services

    • We all know this $260m bridge is necessary and bilateral agreements to construct a joint bridge was done way back in 2007 between then Botswana President Festus Mogae and Levy Mwanawasa (MHSRIP) in Lusaka.

  3. Mushota, you have outed your fake self!! For a self -proclaimed “PHd” holder not to understand why Botswana has better economy than the corrupt Zambia simply shows how dull you are… go back to school please…

    Botswana is fiscally managed by adults who are intelligent, democratic & most importantly, non corrupt who are not thieves.

    On the other hand, Zambia is managed by thieves who have no agenda of developing the country,but only interested in looting…

    • Nothing Fake about my PhD.

      Thank you for your informative answer however.

      Calm down too.



    • Yes, this is something hard to understand. Intelligent Zambians, somehow under a gigantic spell, and possibly possessed by all the demons, deliberately and in cold blood elect a thief, a hardened GONGA as president. Do you really have to wonder why Zambia is the most badly managed country on earth today?

    • Botswana democratic! … it has been ruled by one party since independence. Other smaller parties are intimidated. Uses only one language as official language. Other minor languages have been politically swallowed. Of course Ian cannot tolerate corruption. Even petty thieves are flogged in public. Inganda ushikalamo baikumbwa Umutenge.

  4. No doubt the project is important but a tour to commission the bridge would have been more relevant than one to merely assess the progress.

    An assessment report in the IN-Trays of all three president’s desks would have sufficed.

  5. It sounds like the start of a bad joke: How many African Presidents does it take to assess a bridge… over a holiday weekend… in Kasane?

  6. Mushota,
    Botswana are superior economically because their brains are in their heads and not you Katangese Kabokes whose brains are between your shoulders. No wonder you’re prone to ERECTIONS all the time because it would appear all there is in yourt skull is amatole!

  7. Anyone who as done geography will tell you that this bridge connects on two countries, Zambia and Botswana. How Malawi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Tanzania, South Africa and Zimbabwe come into play vexes me deeply, ubukope mucalo bwafulisa saana.

    • Njangwamuloty – Sometimes better to keep quiet than remove the veil. It takes some thinking to know that a Malawian truck will be able to deliver goods to Namibia or Angola using this bridge.

  8. The colouration on Koswe Mumphoto’s lips look very suspect, where has he been kissing on late where he could have picked up kaswende ka kababa! I suspect Mumbi-Phiri knows!

  9. We appeal to you Mr President to resolve the standoff surrounding Zodwa’s coming to Zambia before you fly out.

    Please intervene. I know you will, being man of the people. Have a Happy Women’s Day Sir. Zodwa is a woman I I think she deserves fair treatment

  10. This bridge will have a railway line on it as well but costs $100million less than that overpriced Kalabo bridge (excl. Overruns)…the Chines built that our children will have to payback.

  11. No wonder Africa is still behind..people just criticising just trying to look for faults in everything they read or see. Somebody is busy reading LT word by word just looking for errors.Somebody taking a very close look at the pictures just to find something negative they can talk about.How do you find time to do all this. Do you guys have jobs? Whoever employs you is making a very big loss and thats all i can say.

  12. Zambians awe sure! The problm is that we are good at observing negatives and not merits. Its simple here, zambia is not currently linked to botswana but botswana is linked to Zim, Drc, Malawi etc so when kazungula bridge is done it will not only link zed to botswana but other countries. And the meeting of these presidents is not only abt kazungula but other issues…well done ECL

  13. the presidents are invited to assess the bridge….???
    how do they do that? i thought the engineers are better educated in this field!
    its just another get together trip to get allowances….
    send an engineer instead who will assess the quality of the bridge!

  14. @ Tyson, I agree with you, How does Zimbabwe come in when they refused the bridge to be built on the side that cuts into the Zimbabwean land that led to delay of the execution of the project. They haven’t contributed a single cent towards the construction of that bridge.

    • Babylon System – Good point, Zambians are very forgetful …they only remember their last meal and look forward to their next drink!!

  15. How long is this bridge? It will connect Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Tanzania, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

  16. The mention of His Excellemcy President Lungu is like stirring the nest of red ants which ebd up stinging themselves to death.

  17. Very dull people…remember you can be linked to something directly or they could be someone in between…very simple…oooohh its the usual naysayers.Why am i even wasting my time explaining. We all know good news for Zambia is very very bad news for a certain tribal grouping. I wont mention which tribe.You are reading this and you already know which tribe am talking about

  18. Its not about the bridge. Its about the ‘necessity’ for Lungu to fly there to ‘assess’. We have heard this excuse so many times before. He never sits in one place – ‘commissioning’ or ‘assessing’ this or that is the order of the day (or job description?) There are so many ‘visits’ locally or internationally that do not necessitate Lungu to take. The resources used by him are huge. What do all the other people in various positions do?

  19. Harold educate these cadres, Lungu has no smart people around him who care for his true success. You can’t have a president making 30 trips in such a short amount of time. Now with technology you can call, video conference and so many other ways unless it is something very serious for you to travel. The impact of these travels is going to be felt on the economy. The country right now is cash strapped having reached it’s borrowing capacity, we can’t afford to have a president who cannot suppress his urges to travel.

  20. Brainless Lungu lied about not travelling, this buffon will die in the plane one day. This corrupt buffon is useless.

  21. Kanofye mwaputulako amapindo ba Boss bakulapupukafye. Marikam barara. If you have been on Ethiopian Airlines, you know what that means. Next Destination? Month? Date? Any information Mr Chanda?

  22. Very disappointing tribe indeed.
    Vonse ni opposition.
    We don’t even need to educate anyone here.
    Three Presidents are meeting to assess progress on this MULTI NATION project that will improve trade within SADC by linking many countries.
    The Kazungula border meeting is actually supposed to be attended by 4 Presidents plus Namibia.
    Management of that area will pose serious challenges once the bridge is operational.
    Thank God the 3 wise men are meeting to iron out issues.

  23. “I wish it was the loser going there as President!” Yaba! This is painful! Nightmare that never ends! What a people!

  24. Please check your technical data the bridge is not 923m its 360m long since ECL is visiting during holiday time i am told his daily allowance will be multiplied by 5 because of the 5 days holiday, more money in peoples pockets PF at work

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