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President Edgar Lungu meets South African President Cyril Ramaphosa


South African President Cyril Ramaphosa. having a light moment with Zambian President Edgar Lungu
South African President Cyril Ramaphosa. having a light moment with Zambian President Edgar Lungu

President Edgar Lungu on Tuesday met his counterpart, President of the Republic of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa. The two leaders met during working lunch in South Africa.

President Lungu was accompanied by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon Joe Malanji, Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe and Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, Emmanuel Mwamba.

President Lungu congratulated Mr Ramaphosa for his election as ANC President during the 54th ANC Conference held at NASREC Johannesburg in December 2017.

President Lungu also congratulated President Ramamphosa in his eventual election by Parliament as President of the Republic of South Africa.

President Lungu also reaffirmed the close relations and mutual cooperation between Zambia and South Africa. He said the two enjoyed trade and investment relations.

And President Ramaphosa said Zambia and South Africa enjoyed historical,cultural and good economic relations. President Ramaphosa is the current Chairperson of SADC while President Lungu is Deputy Chair for SADC Organ on Politics and Defence

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa. having a light moment with Zambian President Edgar Lungu
South African President Cyril Ramaphosa. having a light moment with Zambian President Edgar Lungu


    • definitely missed the announcement that the president would be out of the country. The only announcement I remember is that of the President saying that this whole year, he would stay in the country and tour every province to inspect the projects. He further said that for all presidential engagements this year, he would send the vice president. This he said when he was in Northern part of Zambia. He event sent the vice president to Africa Union.

      Wait.. maybe I just missed the announcement on change of direction for this year.

    • Edgar went to inspect bridge in Sesheke, but went for lunch with Emmanuel Mwamba.
      And Instruments of Power are with wrong guy

    • Cyril Ramaphosa is laughing at Lungu and Lungu is foolishly also showing his teeth and cannot work out what is going on. LUNGU is a goner!

    • Cyril Ramaphosa is laughing at Lungu and Lungu is somehow also showing his teeth and cannot work out what is going on. LUNGU is a goner!

    • This is a moving jail bird… he has a lot of explaining on who he his. Trying to remove details on registration card will not help in uncovering you roots in Rwanda and being born in Kitwe and Ndola at the same time

    • But aba bacibeleshi aini? You do not match the man you are patronising, look at the dental formula, nao uwalekopa aliko bad. Kikikikiki.

    • Lets elect people to State House who have track record of a strong work ethic…we are going nowhere with these lazy drunkards.

    • The same drunkards you keep insulting are the majority voters. D you know why every party buys beers to entice voters.

    • As usual ba UPND dalu dalu dalu… you expect HH if he ever comes to power he will sitting ad state house drinkong chibwantu and not travelling to foster Zambia in the region…. ubututu

      DISCONTENT AND RESENTFULNESS IS THEIR LABEL. This behaviour of longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, achievement or luck can cause someone to kill. Just read Jay Jay, spaka and other nonentities’s comments . A pure case for agents of evil. UPNDEAD red color theme stand for blood shed. Careful who dine with.

    • Reading through the comments leaves one wondering if some of these bloggers even have any love for country.

      How are we going to move the nation forward with such comments???

      Heaven help us all …

    • With this kind of thinking we will never develop an oligarchy for the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise

    • Killer jealousy at play. UPNDEAD Idiosyncratic convulsions. Our president is sharing a good moment with recently inaugurated S.A. commander of the armed forces and President. Envy and Jealousy are a perfect recipe for Luciferianism and your little soul’s abysmal doom.

    • When I tell you on LT that this Edgar Lungu is utterly lazy you think its an insult..he went to Kariba on Saturday for “assesing” a mere bridge…ends up unaccounting for 3 days.
      These are wasted years indeed, the world doesnt operate like this even Directors of sucessful companies have to account for two hours what more a president on taxpayers money.
      Meanwhile Old Hen Inonge is in US…reading a speech.

    • According to – Flight 9J-ONE took of at unknown time on Saturday 10th March 2018 and landed in Johannesburg (HLA) at 2:32 PM in the afternoon….what do you think Lazy Lungu has been doing in RSA since then …his plane can not simply be there for nothing sunbathing on Joburg airport tarmac..was he drinking whiskey with Zuma?
      Let make our leaders accountable for crying out loud …we pay them every month..wake up from your docility and folly man!!

    • Hallucinations engulf devious UPNDEAD as we slowly chant peace and prosperity towards 2021. Long live ECL.

  1. I think this cameraman or woman is naughty. Why bringing out the Koswe like dental formula of our dear beloved humble president so vividly? Asha!!

  2. Unfortunately for my friend “Nostradamus”, the ushering-in of Ramaposa as ANC President and Republican President is a hard blow that has dented DA as the opposition party in South Africa, and consequently confused UPND which has leaned on DA to siphon funds from Anglo-American’s Brenthurst Foundation. The weakening of the DA in South Africa spells doom on the survival of treacherous opposition partied in Africa. Railla Odinga is the first casualty as South Africa and Zimbabwe re-brand to the aspirations of the indigenous people of Africa.

    • Mwansa @7; you don’t seem to understand South Africa’s political system. This is not your Zambia kind of doing things. In SA political parties are full of thinkers not just cadres and therefore, they can withdraw their own Party President when he is not performing well enough and appoint another one to finish the term. Elections are still coming.

    • Daissy you already are dazed, we are talking about ANC partnership with PF against DA partnership with UPND. ANC still commands a huge following in SA and with Cyril at the helm ANC is assured of a landslide victory in the coming elections.

  3. Uyu mudala what is he doing in SA? Thought he said he had gone elsewhere? He pulled a quick one on us. Sneaky like a CourseWay

    • He is hiding from commonwealth chola boy..that’s I stated yesterday that Amos issuing statements about dialogue as he knew his boss was drunk somewhere oblivious of what day it is…

    • Its called laziness thats what happens when you have surrounded yourself in the office with drinking mates as advisers you declare 5 day holidays plus add 3 more for hangover.

  4. This lazy bum has no shame he left on Saturday for the border leaving Davis as acting President…only to end up in RSA honestly what has this wotkshy man been doing?

    • According to – Flight 9J-ONE took of at unknown time on Saturday 10th March 2018 and landed in Johannesburg (HLA) at 2:32 PM in the afternoon.

  5. Kalaba was not joking when he said on MUTV that Zambia has no time to waste for politicans needs leaders…it is clear from this meeting that Lazy Lungu and his team were hanging around somewhere killing time whilst soliciting RSA govt for this photo opportunity without shame.

    • Kalaba is a lost and duped miscalculating nigga gone UPNDEADED not knowing whether he is going or coming. Covetous UPNDEAD pimps.

    • Shame really! Upon assuming Presidency, Cyril decided to visit countries in the SADC region as a gesture of goodwill. Of all the countries he had to visit, Zambia was not one of them. So now our leader decided to rush there and remind him he forgot us. That is why Cyril is laughing!

  6. Africa is a continent with too many (artificial) borders. It only takes an hour to fly from Lusaka to Harare, another hour from Gaberone to Johannesberg, so why can’t African leaders interact? It doesn’t matter when and where but they have to be free to meet and talk, exchange ideas or discuss any of other matters of mutual concern without anyone making a big deal out of it.

    European leaders meet almost every week for the same purpose. As I’m writing, the French president is meeting the German Chancellor in Berlin – and Paris is more than 2 hours away from Berlin, but will you ever hear the Europeans complaining thar their leaders travel too much? They’re not that trivial. They debate issues of more substance.

    • So why do you think Davis Mwila was Acting President from Saturday…this is the very reason ZWD thrives as there is too much unaccountability. Dont be surprised if they say he routed for medical check-ups or went to see Zuma to check on deals.

    • Ba Chale you have made my day. Reading through these blogs you can actually see their semi god’s thinking. We must work up. it is good to criticise but with good intentions not just because your favourite candidate is not in state house. They expect a head of state to go and clean the soweto market and dirty streets of Lusaka- sad. There is a neighbour who has just been elected president, what stops Lungu, a head of state visiting his ccolleague?.

    • Two blind men nine chale and so called 1.
      The itinerary of the president is supposed to be a matter of public knowledge he is not just supposed to pop up in South Africa and leave us guessing how he got there.This is further proof of PF leadership failure. When did you ever see any past president just pop up anywhere anyhow.This is a good example of the new lows PF is now identified with.The president is a national asset he should not be like Pilato,suddenly he is in S.A.?HOW?

    • @Jay Jay, Zonzo I hear your arguments, but fact is: whatever the president does, there will always be complaints from one side or the other. If he never travelled at all, some people would accuse him of locking himself up in State House and lack of exposure on the national and international scene.

      I think there’s more value in getting out of State House, meeting and talking with the people and other leaders than being totaly secluded and submerged in neverending paperwork.

    • Nine Chale,

      Jay Jay and Zonzo are not in your league. Don’t dignify them by even bothering to respond to their infantile rantings.

  7. Edgar Wrungu the explorer – when is the South African edition of this children’s show coming out?

    Zambian taxpayers were not even told they’d be bearing the costs of this production.

  8. So mr Jay Jay is a good pretender eishh. In actual fact he is a upndeez typical nuisa.nce.
    You cannot be a normal human being just wowowowo kekele kekele kwati ni nkoko shilelya utushishi.
    Useless and shameful upndeez!

    • upnd cadre @16; All you know is insults. No reasoned out points of view. No progressive ideas to share with the youth and the future of the nation. How old are you?

  9. “Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda has said that President Edgar Lungu is looking forward to holding talks with political parties and other stakeholders. Mr. Chanda said that President Lungu is in full support of the talks that are being spearheaded by the Commonwealth.”

    The above was published yesterday on LT…the question you should ask yourself is where was Amos and his boss when this was issued as it does not state anything. We do not need this… its laziness and lack of seriousness; there is too much unaccounted time from Saturday to Wednesday.

    • Kalaba was right as well when he said Lazy Lungu and crooks are all about self enrichment …what was the Challenger doing in Kinshasa..

  10. “Politics makes strange bedfellows”

    “The term suspension of disbelief or willing suspension of disbelief has been defined as a willingness to suspend one’s critical faculties and believe something surreal; sacrifice of realism and logic for the sake of enjoyment.”

  11. But Koswe Mumphoto must do something about his dental formula, its very shameful that the teeth are pretty much like a facial advanced party. No wonder Cyril was bending backwards to avoid the merciless pangas.

  12. I am surprised at the comments about someone’s teeth or dental formula. I thought ours is an inclusive society without discrimination based on colour, creed, tribe etc. Do we take it that under upndeez lame people, short people, or anyone who does not look like h.h for example shall not be part of our society? What are upndeez going to do with such people? Do a Hitler on them and exterminate them like Jews? I was taught that what matters in a human being is not beauty but what is in the heart. Which is why people voted President Lungu into the highest office and NOT your handsome h.h?

  13. Nangu mukane twalimishiba ba upndeez, you live a life of opposites, saying one thing and doing the very opposite, or oppose everything including the christian bible. No names mentioned but I mean YOU there, so just shut up!

  14. Cyril is above numa zambian politicians. He is not a business by a comrade with traceable history of fighting for people’s cause. So don’t even waste time to compare cyril to some political chancers and losers we have here in Zambia. Zambia needs to start searching for a proper and well rounded leader for 2021. Not these numa broken records and boring, no message!

  15. These under 5s are a constant shame on the political scene.
    Ramaphosa has just been elected and is yet to perform.
    Don’t be quick to judge a guy who by all signs is executing the Zuma strategy.
    Ramaphosa has maintained the most corrupt pipo in his cabinet.Let us wait and see.
    I just recommend ECL for the initiative to sneak into SA while those Boers sponsoring HH were asleep.
    They would have lined up hungry chaps like Pilato to make noise along the streets of Pretoria.

    • Tribalism ba HaAmwisyo will not make you any better person than your neighbour. You are mocking God by rejecting his greatest commandment. Politics shouldn’t make you lose sight of what is eternal. The wrath of the Almighty is too ghastly to contemplate. Be sober.

  16. He went to South Africa to inspect the projects from stolen money and other underground deals with Emmanuel Mwamba. They are investing there in case Nkhani yalula pa ZED, then they’ ll have somewhere to run to. Aba bena niba destroyer, KCM is in fragment because of his selfish private ncekelako thuggery deals. What a president, ati Mr. Humble – my foot.

    • What has KCM got to do with anything, knucklehead??? Can you even prove any of those allegations you are posting?? KCM is in problems because of bad management, why aren’t FQM, Mopani complaining??? Be productive, don’t waste time spewing excrement from your behind, instead focus on truths and matters that will add value to the country, not falsehoods and rubbish.

  17. He cut the Botswana trip short coz he didnt like the reception by Khama, Imagine no Cadres at the airport!!!!
    hmmm, that must have hurt him

  18. I wonder why you pipo cant see the pattern. first Kabila comes to Zambia then ECL goes to DRC. Then ECL meets Mnagangwa and Khama then ECL travels to south africa. This is all about DRC. ECL is in the middle of mediation. RSA is chairman of SADC so ECL went to report Cyril about the mediation process and what may have been achieved

  19. why didn’t HH go to meet Ramaposa since he claims to be the legitimate president of Zambia?Haha is still petitioning the results of the 2016 general elections …. haliluza hagain hahahahahahahahaha.Come 2021 hakaluza hagain hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  20. looks like the traveling has resumed…endless and pointless
    looks like this man cant help himself,he just has to get on that plane. wasted years indeed

    • The age old saying goes: Great minds discuss IDEAS, Average minds discuss EVENTS, SHALLOW MINDS DISCUSS PEOPLE. I guess you know where you are……

    • @ 34.1 Zambian Citizen

      Other than the extra-curricular smile, what ideas are here present? What agenda has our president been pursuing?

    • Amazing!! Can’t even decipher a simple proverb?? I didn’t have the president on the spot, I had you on that spot. Guess your exposure to western civilisation has done nothing to enhance your intelligence…how sad. What is it that you do there exactly???

  21. HH friend is Maimane of DA. he can’t ome near Ramaphosa not even peter wamutharika. This is what makes HH bitter. if Hh is not care GBM will be president before him. I will not be supposed if upnd at art calling Their demi God HH as Ramaphosa or trump since Obama is no longer at white house. He now calls himself as pilato. The guy can’t think for himself but always wants to say what other have said. Pilato plays the drum and HH is dancing. Everywhere he goes now is koswe mumps to honestly is that what he will do when he became president. Cooking koswe

  22. SOSO stop talking about HH, the man is rich and smarter than Lungu. I don’t know why Zambians chose laziness and vision-lessness now they have a leader who is for the most part just wandering around and disappearing. HH is not bitter but concerned which most you Zambians are not, some towns like Chingola full of pot holes with no proper running water and the people don’t seem to care. The docility is reaching alarming rate, you should stop pretending, the whole world saw you battling Cholera, they even had to come to your rescue.

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