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Life under PF is worse than hell-Mweetwa


Mr Mweetwa speaking during the weekly UPND news conference
Mr Mweetwa speaking during the weekly UPND news conference

UPND Choma Central Member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa says President Edgar Lungu’s appeal for help in the fight against corruption is an admission that his government has failed to end the vice in Zambia.

Mr. Mweetwa told journalists at the weekend UPND briefing on today that the fight against corruption can only be won if the government and President Lungu in particular show commitment.

Mr. Mweetwa observed that since President Lungu entered office, corruption has steadily been going up without any form of intervention.

“As UPND, we commend President Lungu for conceding that he has lamentably failed in fighting corruption hence the call for help. The free advise we can give the president and the entire PF is that, let them lead by the example.”

He suggested that the recent statement by President Lungu using an idiom of “Ubomba Mwibala alya Mwibala” has not only become a slogan for public service officers but is also fueling corruption in the public service.

He further said that President Lungu does not mean well in the fight against corruption adding that the Friday address to Parliament reveals the high level of hypocrisy in his government.

“If the President was serious with the fight against corruption, he would have started with his Ministers whom he at one time accused of being corrupt.

He regretted that despite him confessing that there was rampant corruption among his ministers, only outspoken Roan MP Chishimba Kambwili has had the wrath of the Anti Corruption Commission and the Police.

“It is such kind of selective application of Justice which was fueling corruption in Zambia.Am wondering why the Anti Corruption Commission only began to investigate kambwili when he left office and started to speak against Lungu’s corrupt vices”,he said.

The lawmaker who is also African parliamentarians against corruption Network Zambian chapter chairperson further explained that there were alot more ministers in PF government that need to be investigated today but were surviving at the mercy of Lungu by being his praise singers.

“I can tell you members of the press that the levels of corruption under the PF administration which came into power on the premise of fight against corruption makes Rupiah Banda look like a saint in the eyes of the public.The corruption under RB could be more tolerable than under this PF.It has reached pandemic levels and only a total change in leadership can liberate the country.We are a disaster not only locally but even on the international scene,”he added.

He said Zambia is what it is today because of the mediocre leadership the people have continued to entrust its affairs with.

“If the people were serious with the kind of leaders they put in office, the country would be at a different level.Even the amount of punishment God shall met out to sinners will be much bearable than what the PF are subjecting this country and it’s people to.It’s scarely and as the UPND,we can feel the pain and it hurts,”the lawmaker said.


  1. Debt ,debt and more debt , endless foreign travel and cholera epidemic . Lungu & PF what have done to Zambia?

    • Corruption comes in many forms. It isn’t just receiving bribes. MPs be they PF or UPND are the worst culprits. Sad reality is Mweetwa himself is corrupt where have the constituency funds that were allocated to Choma gone? Him and his fellow ‘opposition MPs’ are just a wastage of public funds- The Gratuity, Luxury SUVs, Allowances etc etc each MP in a term will receive at least USD1million (Fact!). Too much is spent on Mps and what value do we as Zambians get from these so called Law makers that do not even listen to the cries of the people but pass Laws that only suit themselves. May God judge these evil and selfish politicians!

    • Cheap and mindless kitchen sink propanda useless. Just because Mukuni has initiated you at gravesites, you believe that is an exowrience of hell? No wonder Mweetwa has continued failing his legal practice license. He is retarded noise gong than an objective human being.

    • I think hell is better off organized than these PF. Lucifer will be furious that he can’t put the likes of Hitler, Idi Amin, Miloni Brothers and the like to work. No one will steal in hell, without being dipped in fire of sulfur. No one will put up a huge bill board of self’s ugly face that “we welcome Lusambos to hell”, and Lucifer let him free.
      Kaiser can’t behave like that in hell, and Gaddaffi watching him, he will kick his asssh back to the cemetery.
      Cornelius, HELL is Organised and disciplined.
      What we have in PF is same as chibuku tavern management, the only thing controlled is FIGHTING, the rest is chaotic.

    • 42 wheelbarrows at $42 millions dollars, undelivered ambulances @$288 000 each, $1.2 Billon for a 340 km road when in in Zimbabwe they will construct a 900km road for less, Cholera in lusaka for lack of clean safe water and proper sanitation, massive unemployment, hopelessness everywhere you go…this is what Edgar Lungu and PF has done to Zambia and these are facts

    • But since when was life under UPND…and why is it that its the opposition complaining. Just find a better way of getting into office and stop complaining about PF. And also please let someone else complain and not a few voices from the southern province. You can’t see anything good in PF because you all well bent on forming govt. Zambia will never be under UPND rule and this is the fact

    • Obviously Mweetwa has not been to hell!!
      First of all HH must reveal how he made his billions.
      Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

    • Mweetwa is right … I have alluded to this severally; people’s perception is more powerful than actual reality and PF can shout all they want but with some bad apples around, all of them are perceived as corrupt; the President included!!!

      We just finally found the right candidate for Vice President for ECL for 2021 for the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise. Mweetwa, Mweetwa, Mweetwa, Mweetwa; Mweetwa is the man!!!! The stars are finally aligned …

      The man has fire in his belly just like Anderson Mazoka (MHSRIP) did; he’s articulate just like Kirby Musokotwane (MHSRIP) was and even if he does reach the patriotism of Mainza Chona (MHSRIP) yet, he seems to be getting there.

      We don’t know about his finesses the likes of Baldwin Mwaanga Nkumbula (MHSRIP) yet but that we can…

    • Continued…

      We don’t know about his finesses the likes of Baldwin Mwaanga Nkumbula (MHSRIP) yet but that we can teach him. All of the above were brilliant smart Tongas I would have been extremely proud to call my “President!!” However, fate never allowed them to be … Mweetwa’s time is now!!!

      Choma is halfway and when I lived in Livingstone (1989 to 1993) working as Advances Officer at Meridian BIAO Bank, every time I reached Choma, I knew I had less of a drive to get home.

      Boy, I miss Livingstone!!! Such a world class city, even in today’s world. Zambia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world; I can say so because I have been to every continent on earth except Australia. ECL needs to reach his Choma and 2021 would be booked should ConCourt say yes.

      It’s time to…

    • Continued…

      It’s time to clean house, ECL needs to retire Kaiser and his gang immediately in national interest … these people are a liability not only to him but all the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise.

      ECL needs to immediately appoint Mweetwa as the new Minister Without Portfolio in charge of cleaning house and creating policies to curb and rid government of all corruption vices and any perceptions thereof.

      Mweetwa needs not fear Hakalusa, he needs to be bold and stand as a strong patriot, he needs to be ready to be called all sorts of names but Mweetwa needs to understand that his time is now and let his star rise as he starts to live his dream not under anyone’s shadow but on his terms.

      His nation needs him to serve and he needs to focus on what is good for the…

    • Continued…

      His nation needs him to serve and he needs to focus on what is good for the country not what is good for his party only … rise above partisanship. Mainza Chona did exactly that in December of 1972 at the Choma Declaration and now it’s Mweetwa’s turn to start his own self-actualization process for the good of mother Zambia.

      When national duty calls in national interest, every patriot takes up the mantle. History has a funny way of repeating itself and usually in the same places such as Choma; first with the Choma Declaration and now 46 years later with a Choma MP!!!

      Mweetwa shouldn’t make the same mistake Hakalusa Hagain made when Levy Mwanawasa (MHSRIP) asked him to serve as his Vice President and he refused. HH would have been President because he would have…

    • Continued…

      HH would have been President because he would have immediately taken over after Levy’s (MHSRIP) demise. But HH is selfish, all about himself, he’s not a patriot! HH doesn’t even take care of his own immediate family, how is he going to take care Zambia as his extended family?

      Mweetwa should look forward and do what is right for his country first and himself next. When State House calls, keep it a secret and attend the meeting, you don’t need permission from anyone to attend that meeting. The greatest attribute of every great man is secrecy, remember that!!!

      The Constitution of the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise requires every citizen to be patriotic above all else. On a scale of 1 to 10 HH has denigrated and bad mouthed Zambia while in foreign countries on…

    • Continued…

      On a scale of 1 to 10 HH has denigrated and bad mouthed Zambia while in foreign countries on every chance he had and I grade him as a 1 and that’s me being generous, otherwise he would have gotten negative ten (-10).

      He has never stood and sang of Zambia, proud and free … not once!! Not patriotic at all and therefore you don’t need permission from him to serve the people of Choma, you are an elected representative; he’s not and now we are asking you to serve not only the smart people of Choma who elected you but now the entire country.

      Don’t miss the opportunity to, you could be the next President of the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise. Make no mistake, we run this country; let’s run it together with you … the presidency and the entire country will be…

    • Continued…

      Don’t miss the opportunity to, you could be the next President of the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise. Make no mistake, we run this country; let’s run it together with you … the presidency and the entire country will be honored to have your service. Twalumba basa!!!

      Let’s roll … Zambia Is Greater Than Any Single One Of Us ~ B R Mumba, Sr.

      Original Content ~ No Copyright Reserved.

    • Only a rotten brain may not see the decay under this PF government, and the decomposition and degeneration of our existence. PF are driving this country deep into a bottomless pit.

    • BR mumba

      “…..HH has denigrated and bad mouthed Zambia while in foreign countries on every chance he had …”

      Pf and lungu is not Zambia , Zambia is larger than that.
      Just like you are complaining about the poor leadership in zambia from where you are and someone says you are bad mouthing Zambia ??

    • One of the most serious sins is thinking you are better than others. This is what God detests everywhere in the Scriptures. As long as God loves Zambia He will be slow to permit any person or party to leadership until such person or party recognises that leaderships is service to the people & not competition or slandering others. God detests boasting & slander but exalts those who are humble & committed to uplifting His people. Politicians should focus on what they will do for Zambia & not investing in public slander when we know that its God that anoints every leader & therefore every leader deserves respect & assistance in fulfilling God’s mandate. God Bless Zambia

    • Abena Spaka fimo fimo … you apparently don’t know who I am. I stand and sing of Zambia … Proud and Free; anywhere in the world.

      And yet, I don’t even aspire to it’s presidency and/or any GRZ position. I am a self-made millionaire and my only concern is my love for my native homeland.

      Umutoto wandi bashika ku Mbereshi which we actually say kuu Mbelesi in my native Luunda fwe bena Kazembe (Kwa Mwata Kasembe) Liverpool, Luapula ntondo … tubulu munyela panika mwane.

      Ala nine ka longa kanonno bunda bwa mu kuuku!!!


  2. It pains a lot to see what is happening in this country today because President Edgar Lungu and his corrupt government officials do not care about the harsh and hard times they have inflicted on the Zambians. The current degree of corruption in Zambia is very alarming and it’ s very sad to note that it has even extended into companies where the same government officials including the president himself have got a stake. These companies especially some Mining Investors treat Zambian general payroll workers, contractors and suppliers as mopping cloths. They don’ t pay them accordingly and on time because they know they have got backing from State House. The question is ”Whose is going to liberate our ordinary Zambian workers and Zambians in general?”.

    • @Cacilamo fimo fimo … turn your anger into action. You have every right to feel the way you do. Let’s get Mweetwa as a neutral person outside this party and government (PIG as we used to call it under UNIP) to be appointed Minister Without Portfolio whose sole purpose is to clean house.

      ECL needs to fire all perceived corrupt individuals such as Kaiser and gang with immediately effect … we the people run this country we only allow them to run it as proxies on our behalf.

      And right now we are demanding them to appoint Mweetwa to spearhead this normal part of the Zambian Enterprise and if they don’t heed, we are firing then in the next election.

      But the elections are 3 years away, so we demand corrective measures to be implemented now. Mweetwa for Minister Without Portfolio…

    • If we are already living in the HELL thanks to the supporting !mbeciles like yourself, we are assured Paradise without PLUNDERERS FEDERATION under chairmanship of YOUR “ANOINTED”, “HUMBLE”, “VISIONARY”, “VISE”, CONVICTED HYPOCRITE EMBEZZLER and ENDEMICALLY CORRUPT LEADER

    • Imbecile? What’s that? I don’t see hell because I don’t depend on politics like Mweetwa and probably like you. My life has been the same. KK’s, FTJs, Levys etc reigns. So I don’t see hell. Besides I don’t give a damn who’s president of this country because I will never go to him for food. Fikoselefye na iwe ukosefye .

  3. Then go to hell with your supporters. Atleast that is a better place for you and your supporters. But your supporters may not join you in hell because they dont know what you are talking about.
    Yes there is plenty of corruption in this government but if you go to church and living in this christian nation then you have lost it. However going to hell is voluntary and no one can stop you from going there. Safe journey.

  4. Very poor PF leadership, country gone down badly,reality is that MMD days were much better than current PF times. Reality. One must be mad beyond redemption to defend current status

    • Abena Mulenga … No, no, no …. no!!!! You got that backwards, not only did the MMD take us 30 years backwards economically, they authored and introduced corruption under FTJ.

      What you see today is a critical mass of the failures of the MMD which believe it or not the PF are now victims of having inherited a mess from that Movement of Mad Dogs (MMD) which enriched Hakalusa and GBM, if I may add.

      Here is a list of MMD failures:

      1. Failed Privatization (Presided over by Hakainde – Grand Thornton and Chipimo’s Atlas) that’s how both became rich.

      2. Devastation of Copperbelt into a sham of a province despite having been the country’s breadbasket from inception.

      3. Introduction of high interest rates with highest inflation in double digits for the first time in history.


    • Continued…

      4. Longest time for retirees to ever get compensation; some died without receiving their dues.

      5. Introduction of street kids; at one time Lusaka alone had a record 200,000 orphans and street kids according to UNICEF.

      6. Highest HIV/AIDS rates in sub-Saharan region second only to Botswana due to lack of morality.

      7. In fact the his rise in street kids and orphans was attributed to loss of employment for 60% of Zambia’s workforce through vouched privatization and AIDS.

      8. There was rampant asset stripping and FTJ and gang encouraged that. For instance, Chimbwili got started in business by stripping railway tracks from former Zambia Railways and selling the metal to scrap metal dealers from RSA.

      9. FTJ himself was the most corrupt president we ever had with…

    • Continued…

      9. FTJ himself was the most corrupt president we ever had with a conviction from the London Magistrate Court upheld by their Supreme Court having personally stolen $46Million of our money. He was not the Thief In Chief as caricatured by the Post Newspaper at the time but also the Womanizer In Chief!!!

      10. Largest brain drain since independence, I think it’s the British Council in conjunction OXFAM that said over 3 Million highly skilled doctors, accountants, engineers, teacher, nurses, etc. left the country during 1992 and 2002.

      If you think about brain drain alone, the entire country of Norway is 5 million; imagine such a country losing more than half of it’s population of the most technical workforce!!

      I can go on and on … please don’t get me started with the…

    • Continued…

      I can go on and on … please don’t get me started with the MMD. I am so glad they no longer are in charge of this country and I pray we never have to go back there. Not in a million years, so help us God.

      The PF here are trying to right those wrongs but they are their own worst enemies by not proactively taking a stand.

      They have to prove they mean well by proactively ridding themselves of culprits like Kaiser and gang who are more of a detriment than a blessing to them.

    • @ B R Mumba, so because MMD introduced it, the PF went with it and took it to another level. The exception with the PF is you have CADRES in position of authority who know nothing about decision making processes, execution and implementation.

      Now all of sudden Zambians will not only have a high tax burden going forwards but a high cost of living vs slow growth! So we can thank your party for that #Cheers

  5. Good observation Mweetwa although a bit biased. You represent UPND so it is really hard to stick to the subject.

    • Mweetwa is African parliamentarians against corruption Network Zambian chapter chairperson….he knows what is allocated to ACC and what we are getting in return.

  6. PF is a gang of thieves bent on causing untold misery, mayhem, brutality, grand corruption, and they don’t care about anybody but themselves. Its a pity that a beautiful country like ours endowed with so much resources could be wallowing in poverty due to mediocre leadership without vision. Lungu is a cantankerous leader whose only mission is to enrich himself and his minions. African leaders don’t seem to learn from history, look at Zuma, all the cases he pushed under the carpet have been resurrected and he will face the full wrath of the law, next is Lungu.

  7. If this is so bad than hell then we are luck, Mweetwa should tell the nation how bad hell is, you are not showing good and fair leadership from my assessment having listtened to what Lungu said in parliament ,some thing for free all birds in the bush produce sound but some just make noise and there those that when they produce sound people pay attention ,you not one of them sir,Zambia belongs to all of us if you know that there is so much corruption than hell what have done, are waiting for 2021,I’m disappointed with you.

  8. This is what opposition can do to once intelligent young men like Mweetwa. Biased hallucinations without facts..! Go to hell if you think it’s better than Zambia. I can foreseen Zambia up for grabs when this bunch of hungry and bitter business men, upnd, by chance forms government..!

  9. But you are upndeez,
    1. so you cannot make a fair judgement of the government.
    2. As upndeez you are on record to criticise all and everything such that we are unable to distinguish sense from nonsense, and truth from lies.
    3. If it is true that there is corruption in government it is most likely that you Mweetwa envy those government, that is why you have correctly put it yourself ati “as the UPND,we can feel the pain and it hurts,” the lawmaker said.
    4. You Mweetwa when you were in UNZA student union you pretended to be politically neutral and represent the interests of students when actually you were representing upndeez, that is corruption in itself or at least the seeds of it waiting for chance to plant as “corruption, upnd brand”.
    5. I am impressed for the first time that…

  10. …..
    5. I am impressed for the first time that nowhere in your statement have you claimed that upndeez is not corrupt itself, or indicated that if you come to power you will fight corruption, so I will not point out the corrupt leaders in your party. You know how corrupt you are yourselves.
    6. You have refused to join the fight against corruption, therefore you must be comfortable with it. Fighting corruption is not an ACC matter, it is a citizen issue. Upndeez can play a role by truthfully repeat TRUTHFULLY exposing it especially with your privileged position. Dont tell us biased lies and fake stories and stolen doctored documents designed to win you votes we are serious talking about fighting corruption here, tying it to politics majes you upndeez corrupt too but lies are same as…

  11. Lies are exactly the same as corruptionand upndeez are specialist liars including its head where rotting starts from as they say.

    Finally I repeat what I have always stated: If Zambia needs a better government Upndeez in its current firm and leadership do not qualify as an option. It is clear that that option is not yet born in our country.

    • @ arse l!cking 1mbecile above
      Can you clarify on the “UPND” pre-election promises
      1. More money in your pockets
      2. 2,000,000 jobs in 90 days
      3. To repeal POA in 90 days
      4. People driven Constitution in 90 days
      97. Molungushi Textile recruitment,
      98. 42 red painted whellbarows at USD 1 million each,
      99. Non existing ambulances at USD 288,000 each,
      100. USD 1.7 Million as “expense” for sunset cruise, limo and night club?

      Only a 5tupid wanker like you can support criminal association like Plunderers Federation

  12. From Dr. Malcolm Davis senior senior analyst in defence strategy and capabilityat the australian strategic policy institute, said, the belt and road initiative can basically force other countries to align with china. It gets countries particularly poorer countries hooked on ebtsthey can’t pay back when they can’t pay it back they basically grab ports, facilities and territory. Its a debt trap strategy.
    Where is our funding coming from, who has majority of znbc, who is interested in acquiring ideni, who has proposed taling land in Lusaka. Can any pipo help me out

  13. The beauty with Democracy is that when a government fails, you have the power to remove it and try a different one. I can’t say UPND can not run government because i have not tried them yet. I will vote for a leader with hope and if he or she fails, i try a different one until i get the right one. UPND IS NEXT!!!!

    • @Mangala … we can’t wait!!! Next elections are 3 years away and a baby born today will be 3 years old and immediately after elections will no longer be called Under 5!!!

      We need Mweetwa now as the next Minister Without Portfolio so he can start cleaning this country of this score of corruption. We need all perceived elements of corruption like Kaiser to be retired immediately in national interest.

      And after Mweetwa proves himself, we get him on the ticket for the next election as running mate to ECL should the ConCourt clear him or whoever gets on the ballot next.

      We can’t wait 3 more years without action …


    • Look at these corrupt rats , Zambia is being auctioned of by lungu and pf and all you can bring in is tribal crossfire ??

      You children will be in debt for generations to come, , wake up.

  15. What empirical proof does Mweetwa have that hell is better than PF? Has he been to hell and experienced life there for him to make a reasonable comparison of his life in hell with his life under PF’s rule? It is this kind of emotional outpourings from the UPND that puts me off.

  16. Lungu and PF are an extremely corrupt bunch……they are selling Zambia just to cling to power….take the RATSA deal deal where Austrian experts have been partnered ……lungu and the corrupt PF have brought in the lebanses of lamise as partners to this deal because lamise gives them campain funds and bribes lungu.

    A consortium of Zambian universities , bussiness leaders and engineers should have been the the 3rd party to this arrangement for the love of our country but because of corruption, lungu brings in the lebanses who own downtown at Kafue roundabout……..

  17. Even those bicycles and books with lungus face you see are most likely bankrolled by the Lebanese of lamise.

    They are bribing lungu and pf to the disadvantage of Zambians…….pf and lungu are selling Zambia right under your noses.

    Can they, PF , tell the nation what traffic management expertise lamise brings to the RATSA deal that a consortium of Zambian experts can not bring ????

  18. Life under PF is worse than hell-Mweetwa

    Of course Mr Mweetwa life can be hell for you seeing that you have no professional career, entering politics straight from universitycan hardly be called career building. You see your problem Mr Mweetwa is that you have no career and for you entering politics was a shortcut to wealth and power. But the ministerial position that you expected from upndeez has not materialised for well known reasons, and hence your bitterness. Given a ministerial position a poor guy like you would really make hay big time, corruption in short.
    Your father must be disappointed with his investment in your education. But I hope that at least you have ka family farm and some cows left on it after many were sold to pay for your “studies” at UNZA!!

  19. Please Mr Mweetwa avoid characterising personal failures as national disasters. I have a successful professional career and I was in your shoot at Unza but worked harder than you, while there I concentrated on my studies than politicslike you did. And I am not aligned to any political leader, in case some Spaka linso tries to mislead you.
    Your “hell” is the choice you made yourself.

  20. And has it ever occurred to Mr Mweetwa and his upndeez that among the corrupt, more corrupt and most corrupt hovernment officials upndeez members form a good proportion of them? Corruption is a national problem cutting across all parties PF, upndeez, etc. So the President is right to appeal to you tohelp fight the scourge. Start with your own members and perhaps yourself and your fellow leaders.
    So dont pontificate to us bwana MP!!

  21. Today, it is Robert Mugabe who is crying foul. Tomorrow it will be Edgar Lungu. Then, and only then, will PF know what hell is like.

    • All of will have to go at sometime. Even if you put Hakainde there he won’t be there forever. It’s a pity people take politics too seriously. The only thing that will never abandon you is yourself.

    • @ 25.1 Ndanje Khakis

      Must we not then deem it idiocy to steal, knowing fully well you are going to be caught?

  22. Well may PF take heed the warning and learn this lesson from the mango tree: As soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near!

  23. UPND should make a thoroughly investigation on PF maneuvers to make reforms in NAPSA.They want to create a pension scheme in which they want to siphon peoples’ money.They have seen that the only liquid institution is NAPSA,now they are bringing in issues of reforms.NAPSA should be run independent of politicians.Peoples’ money should not be subjected to reforms.Why should NAPSA take over liabilities of other pension schemes that have failed to put their houses in order.Most of the money that NAPSA generates is going towards funding of roads and construction of toll gate sites.If the public is not careful NAPSA will remain a shell of itself. UPND should oppose the reforms that NAPSA management has embarked on.This is peoples’ money!!!

    • With their MPs walking out of Parliament, it won’t be that. It’s us the people who must protest or even riot. You do whatever you want but tempering with people’s pensions is ” worse than hell “.

  24. I can see how much fun our dancing president is having. Well, PF this is your day to dance, steal and squander. How savvy you have become, denuding even our forests of valuable trees. That is greed, extreme greed. Please maximize on it, because your day of reckoning is just around the corner.

  25. They tell us to “call a spade, a spade.” But this is not a spade. It is a shovel, not a spoon, that PF are using to eat away the wealth of the country. Overnight, they have become so rich, and overnight we have become so poor. Do they think they will be able to escape the eye of scrutiny?

  26. PF – would you tell us that you are proud of your legacy? Don’t you see that you are blood suckers, far worse than bedbugs which only do it in the night, under cover of darkness; and you, in contrast, doing so with impunity, sucking life out of us in broad light! Don’t suppose we are not seeing what you are doing, and neither that we will suddenly forget, soon after you have vacated office. We won’t. We shall call you to account for every tiny drop of our blood you have sucked.

  27. Just as I thought – my comment “Awaiting moderation.” It’s the usual gesture, a welcome greeting. Thank you very much. But it is not my comment you should be concerned about. It’s not my comment you should subject to moderation. It’s your very own legacy, your very own actions that deserve such moderation.

  28. Corn, I hope you had the Cahunas to tell him that when you shook his hand in parliament last Friday. Coz all I saw was a big smile, ear to ear, i thought you head would split in half. BaKwiyo imwe…

  29. But where was he when people were dying in ques to buy essentials like mealie meal, sugar, soap , cooking oil , and others? Where was he when it could take people ages to find transport to their destinations such as Kwa Haye, Chipata etc?. Where was he when people ate tobomutwe for breakfast? Hell is better for masons, let him go !

  30. You can silence the voices of your critics. You are, however, powerless to silence the voice of your own conscience. It is this, among all other voices, that speaks the loudest, and shouts from the hilltops. It is this, that condemns you, the same that accuses you. The eye that sees you is within you. Tell me, dear PF, how you will be able to hide from it?

  31. Thieves may hijack a system, but never in perpetuity. Sooner or later, they system they hijacked, hijacks them – the law catches-up with them. It’s then that the music stops. You may consider it a crime right now for us to point out at you. It will soon be a righteous act to do so. It will soon be the honorable thing to do.

  32. You will never meet a decent politician including Mweetwa, they are all corrupt to the core! Stop condemning PF to hell, you are hellbound too!

  33. Kekekekekeke…..only a tonga Mweetwa and fellow die hard tribalists in UPND see Zambia to be worse than hell!!!THESE TONGA CAN EVEN KILL US IF THAT WOULD ENABLE THEIR KAINDE TO WIN THE PRESIDENCY!!!
    so after shaking hands with ECL in Parliament on Friday,HH was very upset with these tonga MPs,hence blaming our president today.Mweetwa has to please HH by all means,hence saying this rubbish?HAS MWEETWA OR ANY TONGA IN UPND BEING TO HELL FOR THEM TO MAKE COMPARISONS?anyway,us majority Zambians are enjoying life under PF leadership driving on nice roads,seeing new schools,hospitals,airports,new houses for civil servants,seeing many civil servants managing to buy cars,houses,sending their children to nice schools,etc!!IF THIS LIFE IS WORSE THAN HELL,THEN MWEETWA AND HIS FELLOW SATANIST…

  34. Moreover,this is where UPND blind members miss it.ECL never admited of having failed to stop corruption.the fight against corruption is very complex one which needs all Zambians to fight it.the president cannot be everywhere.he is just a human being like you Mweetwa.not even your tonga god Kainde if he were president can have supernatural eyes to see all corrupt Zambians while in state house-No!!be real Mweetwa.your evil politics in upnd irritate many voters!!for Zambia to develop,all of us are needed to put our heads together!!ECL IS A TEAM PLAYER.THATS WHY HE SUCCEEDS IN MANY SECTORS UNLIKE YOUR I KNOW IT ALL KAINDE!!THEY SAY “NOBODY HAS A MONOPOLY OF WISDOM”.SO TO BE SUCCEESFUL,ANY LEADER SHOULD LEARN TO CONSULT I.E. WHAT ECL DOES!!

  35. @Koswe mupoto;ITS “KOSWE MUMPOTO”.dont write in Bemba which you dont know.use tonga!!!
    Look,I have kept on telling you that PF has never given me any ngwee.yes,I love PF and I know a lot of senior PF officials.truth be told,PF has done a lot since 2011.if MMD worked like PF during those wasted 20 yrs,today Zambia could have been a better place for all.the few years PF has ruled Zambian,their works are visible for every Zambian to see accept you from tongaland who do not see anything good unless if its done by HH.for you only Kainde is Zambia’s is that possible?only your tribal and sick minds know it better.LIKE OR HATE THEM,PF LEADERSHIP HAS DONE WONDERS IN DEVELOPING MOTHER ZAMBIA SINCE 2011!!for this reason,many voters will most likely vote for PF in 2021 especially in 6…

  36. To date,your Kainde has failed to explain how he got rich via privatization during FTJ Chiluba’s regime.ALL ZAMBIANS KNOW HOW CORRUPT FTJ CHILUBA WAS BUT HE WAS HH’S BEST FRIEND.HH&FTJ CHILUBA ARE KINGS OF CORRUPTION!!plus,when GBM was in Govnt just 3 or 4 yrs ago,he gave himself huge contracts at Zesco,FRA,etc.SO MWEETWA THINKS HH&GBM CAN FIGHT CORRUPTION BETTER THAN CURRENT PF LEADERSHIP?KEKEKEKEKEKEKE…
    ..MY FOOT!!upnd has to use another strategy to win votes than making noise about corruption BECAUSE BOTH HH&GBM ARE VERY CORRUPT TOO!!Even Kambwili cant be corrupt free than those in Govnt now!!

  37. Njimbu, has the president presented evidence as to how he has acquired his wealth. When you njimbu keep pointing at others you are actually giving them fuel to fire back at you. Your self belief, importance , is only relevant to you

  38. The current cabinet is cruel and careless……children are failing to have even sugared poridge….they just talk about roads………

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