Friday, March 1, 2024

Chongwe Residents Complaining about Sale of their Land



  1. Thank you for bringing this out in the open. Without your video, the government would have given away 3.3m hectares. This is the way to go to show this government that we are willing to fight for our country. Those people in the Lake Bangweulu area must also do something similar to show how they are being displaced. Let us all bring out what is quietly happening in our communities and expose ECL’s corruption.

  2. Shame……what a pity. Cry my beloved country. South Africa and Zimbabwe are retaking their land back, that is when our pathetic and souls losers whom you call leaders are giving away land to foreigners.

    Like I have always stated, God has a way of dealing with plunderers. Where is are the plunderers…FTJ, Bennie Mwiinga, Sata……. …. Lesa wa maaka and he does hear the cries of his people. Amen

  3. It seems LT you are sleeping and you are 24 hrs behind …isn’t this the video clip Dora just clarified and you bringing on now. FYI you posted that story this morning.

  4. Thank you for exposing these thieves leave that land alone to the Soli people they are such a small tribe and that’s the only land they have left.
    Lusaka is full of buildings.
    What is the PF doing to our country…

  5. PF government at work and people are suffering. Reverse., Yo you voted for these losers like ECL and his corrupt leadership

  6. It’s good to see all the pipo that voted for PF talk ill against their PF so interesting and they’re enjoying the atmosphere

  7. 3.4 million hectares to Kafue Lodges Ltd? This is corruption of the highest order. And a clear sign of who the transnational corporations are and the ‘former’ colonial interests they represent.

    People have been disparaging Zimbabwe for returning the land stolen under colonialism and UDI/apartheid. Zimbabwe was placed under economic sanctions to make their landreform program fail. Economic sanctions destroyed their national currency in the year 2002.

    In Tanzania, the Masai are thrown out of the Ngorongoro, to make way for Prince Andrew and an Emirati hunting company. That’s who.

  8. Quite interesting but under who’s chieftainship is Chongwe. Maybe people who have some farms in Chongwe can answer how easy it is to get title in Chongwe. For a fact were the traditional leadership is concerned we always want to jump them and blame the political leadership yet no land in Chongwe can be sold without the Chief being involved. So If chiefs are let Scot free then we have a real challenge. Have we ever wondered that we do not have many industries in Chongwe save a few Chicken processing plants that have been operational since the early nineties. Please cast the stone wider. If this is to be worthy news let the Chief be interrogated as to why issue such vast piece of land. Also the people doing the expose seem to be “politically” inclined, they are not exposing for the sake…

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