Monday, July 22, 2024

Afunica releases highly anticipated music video for “My Past”


Following the success of his 2017 song “My Past“, Bravo Records headliner, Afunika, keeps the momentum going with the release of it’s official music video. 

Video directed by  Hajir O’thman for Metroscope Films.


  1. Yeah amazing music… this guy can truly sing. What amazes me is the kind of raw, countryside Bemba lingo/vocabulary and grammar the likes of Afunika use in their music. It’s like they are singing directly from Chinsali or Mporokoso.

    But some of the lyrics in the song, is he saying like if I look in the toilet your shyt looks and smells like my shyt because we have been feeding the same food? 🙁

    • The lyrics may be raw but the sound is too computerized in these songs. If you grew up listening to real Zambian music with original vocals and multiple instruments, you can hardly appreciate this.

    • I Agree with Nine Chale only in that he is using the same old tired melody that millions have sung over. But computer can still be used creatively to play Zambian songs unless you are saying we Africans dont know how to use computers.

  2. This song is Good. It also brings out memories of our journey. is our sexual Mileage huge high or low???

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