Nevers Mumba’s sentence is harsh- HH

FILE: UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and MMD leader Nevers Mumba talks to journalists after Hichilema's court appearance
FILE: UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and MMD leader Nevers Mumba talks to journalists after Hichilema’s court appearance

United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema has described as harsh the three months prison sentence handed to MMD faction leader Nevers Mumba by Lusaka Magistrate David Simusamba.

Dr Mumba was yesterday sentenced to three months simple imprisonment for giving false information to a public officer.

But Mr. Hichilema feels the sentence was too harsh considering the fact that Magistrate Simusamba had an option to fine Dr Mumba.

He says Dr. Mumba should not have been imprisoned considering that he once served as republican vice president.


  1. No the sentence is appropriate & okay.
    He Nevers was in bed with P.F, so as he made his bed, LET HIM LIE IN IT!

  2. That’s how the cookie crumbles!!! That’s what we African leaders do to each other, all driven by greed and hatred. Shame!!! and then you got a child molester “Ni Touch and Go” saying it’s a good thing. Chita!!!

  3. Ati because he was once republican president so he can’t be imprisoned? But you’ve have been advocating for the imprisonment of Edgar who is an elected republican president not appointed as Nevers. Come HH you can do better or still more just keep quiet.

    • Really? Just because he Republican vice President disqualifies him to be jailed? Huh, HH are you serious on this? Now I believe when ba Mwine ba Sata said HH is under 5! Ndanje my friend I think UPND needs a different leader, HH is clueless, he is full of sh!t. How will people trust you when you say you are going to fight corruption? Lmao. UPND died with Andy, MHSRIP

    • @Ntaula Khakis
      To the point brother. HH is a lunatic and his heart is dark and heavy against anyone ahead of him. People especially the PF community must not take He’s hatred towards President Lungu lightly because the man is hell bent to do anything he can to discredit President Lungu. Look, it’s not rocket science, the man is bitter because ECL has beaten him twice in a very short space of time despite one being a new comer. Worse still ECL is working whilst HH is hating and 2021 will even be too much for HH to bear. So please let’s bury HH by working hard for the people NOW!

  4. So, a former VP should be free to tell lies to a public officer, walk into the national broadcaster, and probably make pronouncements with the potential to cause chaos? The Magistrate may have considered deterrent – these actions have the potential to cause chaos in the country, just like not respecting a Presidential Motorcade. I am actually very sad for Nevers.

  5. The sentence is definitely very excessive, the offense is a misdemeanor and not a felony. A fine or suspended sentence would therefore have been okay. People who use force to assault others are fined instead of been given custodial sentences. It’s important that the courts don’t pass sentences that turn public opinions against the Government.

  6. Nevers Mumba was telling porkies, he never lied. You can only be sent to jail when you lie under oath. Lungu lied under oath that he will protect the Constitution of Zambia, he is busy flouting the said constitution by telling his party cadres to steal from government coffers. How many people have been sent to jail for entering public places by pretending to have appointments? This case means that all ministers including the president should be in jail for lying to the people of Zambia. Lying rats!!!

  7. A simple fine should have sufficed now it seems he’s being jailed just bcuz he’s Dr Nevers Mumba who has to be taught a lesson.

  8. Former South African President, Jacob Zuma, and Former French President, Nicholas Sarkoyz are likely to spend time in President.

    Why not prevail on parliament to enact 2 sets of laws, one set for the poor and the other for the rich?

  9. I know in the eyes of HH ,there is no fair,good, or anything similar to these in the law ,only when it works for his liking, like the state entering a nolle in his case.
    I fear that if he he became he take over the judiciary by determining the sentence for those of his likings.

  10. So these guys are saying they are two laws, one for the rich and the other for the poor. If it was a poor man sentenced to three months simple imprisonment,not any one would have said anything. Just because it’s this nevers guy, him does not deserve to be jailed after breaking the law. Let’s be serious fellow countrymen, no one is above the law in the same way you want Edgar to be jailed after his presidency for alleged corruption.

  11. I had a dream. The impeachment of Edgars impeachment is successful and Inonge takes over but refuses to stand in 2021 and Kambwili is elected PF candidate. Then I saw HH campaigning and telling people that how rotten Kambwili is, how he abused his office to accumulate wealth.

    • wise wise imagination and dream. I have never thought of this in such detail. did your dream end there? wanted some more!

  12. In December 2007, former President of Peru, Alberto Fujimori, who ruled Peru between 1990 and 2000, was convicted and sentenced to six years in prison.

    What is so special about Nevers Mumba who only served briefly as Vice President under LPM? After all, he has only been given light imprisonment. How can light imprisonment be harsh?

    • Fujimori’s case is veru different from Nevers Mumba’s. Read the laws and apply them accordingly. No wonder things will only get worse in Zambia because whatever Edgar Lungu is doing is all good in their eyes. Wow what a country????

  13. Mulyokela and hh no difference , what country can hh lure with his simple mind , respect the raw and you will be better

  14. Nevers is even blessed or fortunate! This guy called for destruction of Zambia by a revolt. Mark what you say! Anything you say can and will be used in the court of law against you! Hazaluza Hagain must be next! These guys want to destroy the nation by making it ungovernable.

  15. “The Magistrate had an option to fine Mumba!” So you agree he is guilty? You time is coming keep on daring GRZ!

  16. The bible talks of harsher punishment for leader of the spiritual flock. Mr Nevers Sekwila Mumba chose to lie. The courts have convicted him for lying. When it suits them the opposition cries foul for breaking the very law they are meant to uphold if they ascended to power. Mr. Mumba is a former Republican vice president and a former minister of gospel, but he chose to lie above all. The question is what morals would Mr. .promote if he were to ascend to power again? Those still hopping to go to state house are in and out of prison hospital to visit their law breaking colleagues but when their possible employers (Electorate) are in prison, hospital or police cells these vultures are not interested. Very short sited

  17. “He[HH] says Dr. Mumba should not have been imprisoned considering that he once served as republican vice president.” HH, I hate to disagree with you but you are very wrong. You seem to suggest that there should be selective application of the just law on the trasgressors.
    Ones position in a democracy that respects the rule of law does not insulate him/her from following a just law. Dr. Mumba is not above or below the law. We may debate or disagree with the sentence but the basic premise of the law should and must stand: Those who fall afoul of it–whatever their station in life–must yield to the collective will, values, norms and culture of the society of which they are part as implied in law. This means paying for self-caused transgressions of a just law.

  18. The sentence is very harsh for a first offender and iam very sure noone in Zambia has ever been sentenced for this crime before.
    However I don’t agree with the argument that Dr. Mumba should not have been imprisoned considering that he once served as republican vice president.
    Just argue on the lack of merit for this case

  19. Those who know better deserve harsh sentences. A child of a Lawyer, Judge, Policeman gets no leniency in the movies I have watched.

    What more a former Vice-President and God’s Ambbasodor?

  20. Oh interesting! So because he was once a vice president he should not be jailed? And which one is harsher jailing a poor Zambian for free years for stealing three cobs of maize? Three months for a status of Mumba, yachepa so that others were going to learn something.

  21. He is jailed because he should preach the gospel of Christ to the prisoners and judge Simusamba is Judus Escaliot betraying christ to the cross.

  22. This is a political judgement handed over to Mumba because Lusambo and Kapapa are walking the streets of Lusaka because they are being shielded from facing the law by plot one . The police need to be in the dock for being unprofessional and an instrument of abuse by this clueless PF government .

  23. If Sata was alive Mumba could serving sentence for stealing from the Zambian embassy in Canada. We thank God this has not happened.

  24. Ulya Palya Ngu Devil upnd is evil killing, destroying, burning, anything they get on there way just like a woman in the mid thirties 30s desperate for marriage doing anything to get married.
    This chap knows he has grown old how old will he be in 2021 and if lungu wins 2021 how old will he be. Hence the panicking handle him this chap carefully he can go mad or destroy the nation

  25. Chimbwi baseka uwachelwa.Ubupupu ni pa kuboko.Let him serve the light sentence. He deserves it.Head of law makers he should know better.

  26. *From this conviction Nevers cannot stand for Public Office. He is a convict.* His political career is over. Next……

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