CCZ welcomes planed alcohol bill


The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has welcomed plans by government to introduce an alcohol Bill as a control measure against increased levels of alcohol consumption in the country.

Kasama CCZ Vice Chairperson Reverend Friday Nsofu said the idea is welcome adding that, control of alcohol intake has been long overdue especially among the youth.

ZANIS reports that Rev. Nsofu said this in reaction to the statement by Religious Affairs Minister Godfridah Sumaili that government will soon introduce an alcohol Bill to Parliament as a control measure against the increased levels of alcohol consumption in the country.

He charged that once enacted, the bill will help in the regulation alcohol abuse which he said is corroding the moral fabric of the nation.

Rev. Nsofu charged that the church is concerned with the number of youths who have become unproductive both in homes and outside due to alcohol abuse.

He was however, quick to mention the need to engage the young people in viable activities as well as regulate the sale of alcohol which starts as early as 07 hours in the morning.

Rev. Nsofu noted with sadness that the lives of vibrant people are being wasted due to alcohol abuse and if not well handled, the future of the country will suffer.

He has since called for concerted efforts from stakeholders to help the youth with lucrative skills both in rural and urban areas as the country is faced with high unemployment levels.


  1. if you controlled the illegal sale of alcohol in markets then we would not have this problem. All legal vendors only sell alcohol from 10 am and only to adults !!!!!!!!!!

  2. I see an opportunity in this! Watch this space! Mine will be the biggest shabeen. And, of course, I know who to chekelako:-). This time next year, I will be rich!

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