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Government commissions the CEC’s one mega watt solar plant at Copperbelt University


THE government has commissioned the Copperbelt Energy Corporation’s one mega watt solar plant at Copperbelt University constructed at a cost of US$1.53 million.

The Copperbelt Energy Corporation, in collaboration with the German government, setup the first ever solar plant at the Copperbelt University.

During the launch, energy minister Matthew Nkhuwa said the solar plant would power up thousands of households in the country.

He said the one mega watt solar plant would help reduce the energy deficiency being experienced in the country.

Nkhuwa said the renewable solar plant would also be a training ground for students at CBU and neighbouring countries, thereby offering skills and employment to the public.

He said the solar plant would make CBU a renewable energy hub and a school of excellence.

Nkhuwa said Zambia would export valuable skills to the region in the not so distant future.

He said the government was keen to see the generation of electricity at cost-effective and affordable rates.


  1. Just hope that the cutting down of trees for malasha would end. Let’s now start the re planting of trees for the next generation to appreciate

    • jay jay comments on anything and the sad thing is , he thinks he is thought of well very well here. My goodness me. Why comment on any article ?

    • some parts of Copperbelt have no running water, yet this is the area that feeds the entire country. SMH

    • Its sad when you log in just to comment on what other bloggers have commented and not contribute anything. I mean some dingbats just come to see if so and so has commented today …really laughable..then try to shoot them down. I wouldn’t give a toss mate I have no battle with you!!

    • surely hope the student will not target the installation during demonstrations. tendency to destroy anything. Even the police can target it during demonstration as was of wanting to destroy anything to express anger.

    • @ Miyanda
      @ jay jay’s comments are only for nuisance value to spoil your day especially when he insults our President and has the temerity to ask when he insulted the President.

    • PATRIOT – You clearly point out where I have insulted Lazy Lungu instead of crying like a silly toddler who has dropped his baby dummy out of the pram??

  2. If this selfsame plant was constructed by Zesco and the Chines it would have cost the taxpayer $10million…by PF valuations!!

  3. Although it’s a step in the right direction, it’s nothing compared to the amount of power they get from Zesco. And it’s always distressing whenever they declare huge dividends against Zesco’s financial woes. They need to do more. Anyway congregations

  4. During the launch, energy minister Matthew Nkhuwa said the solar plant would power up thousands of households in the country. How true is this in practice and in the sense of the sentence itself. Does it mean the solar panel will no longer work the was it was intended or what? I thought “will” and not “would” should be used. I stand to be corrected.

  5. No one will be arrested during the jumbo from now on when trying to steal the solar panels. cbu security is tight. sorry mojo

  6. No! It is HaJealousy Hagain! The dept of Haloogan and HaBullying is HaJealousy too! Let us develop this thing and keep on pointing at where you are working while he keeps on pointing at HaPoor strategy also known as Childish or Under Five – Card.

  7. This would have been a Government Pilot Project to commission and a private company anyway I hope it is a lesson to our government that they can also do the same in other parts of the country. If they can do it in all the ten provinces, then we will never cry for power cut anymore in our beloved Zambia.

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