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Stop inciting cadres to disregard the law, Kanganja tell Political Parties in Chilanga

Headlines Stop inciting cadres to disregard the law, Kanganja tell Political Parties...

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja
Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has advised political party leaders participating in the Chilanga parliamentary election to stop inciting their cadres to disregard the law.

Mr. Kanganja said that there can only be peaceful elections if all players commit to having a violence free election which can be attained if they focus on issue based campaigns free of hate speech and character assassination.

The Police Chief said that he has since deployed enough police officers camped in strategic areas in Chilanga to police the by-election.

He however, stated that the officers have not been deployed in Chilanga to intimidate anyone, but see to it that every person is protected regardless of their political stance.

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja was in Chilanga constituency to check on the deployment of officers and the security situation. He was accompanied by Commissioner in charge of Administration, Ms Lombe Kamukoshi , and Lusaka Division second in Command Mr Geoffrey Kunda.

Chilanga constituency has been demarcated into Zones for easy policing.

Meanwhile Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo has dispelled reports circulating on social media suggesting that Police in Chilanga are telling UPND members to protect themselves as they cannot receive protection from police as they are protecting their jobs.

Ms. Katongo said that such statements are malicious and aimed at causing havoc.

She tells media the Zambia Police Service will at all times protect citizens regardless of their status in society.

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja
Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja


  1. Cage the trouble makers especially those who like wearing things that represent blood. You know them. Don’t you? I’m told even the one standing on their ticket smells blood of that innocent guard. For them blood is food. Indeed they belong to the devil kingdom.

    • The MAN’s credibility and integrity has been compromised, So he’s now trying to rescue what’s left of it, if any. He ruined himself by receiving instructions from the Dick looking KZ.

    • Mr Spaka why don’t you give your real names to show us how courageous you’re. Of course you’re like Kambwili who insults and dares people but falls sick when some action is threatened against him.

    • He was accompanied by Commissioner in charge of Administration, Ms Lombe Kamukoshi, and Lusaka Division second in Command Mr Geoffrey Kunda.Meanwhile Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo.
      Who is tribal here?

    • haaaa I thought Kanganja was from Traffic division, kanshi ni para?? That’s why the PForce has become vicious. Ba Para baloma badddd…

  2. Come down strongly on all cadres, regardless of party affiliation. That is the solution. It is not about the dog handlers, it is about the dog. If the handler does not hold the leash you get the dog… simple.

  3. Useless PF cader this IG.

    We know how you operate….what have you done to the known pf thugs who attacked a UPND funeral procession….what were your officers doing watching NDC being attacked at central police station ? Or GBM being attacked in northern P. ?

    IG we know lungu has corrupted you , however just know you will answer for your complicity to these violations and crimes.

    • Come 2021 it will be the selfsame thing complaining about ECZ, Police, Printing etc instead of amending governance laws like what Odinga was doing in the run up to Kenyan elections.

    • What does one expect when Chinganja’s Boss, the so called Home affairs Minister is the Brute CHIMPYONGO, who was promoted by the drunken Mutaware, after exhibiting brutal stormtrooper traits, resulting in Cadres stoning helicopters flying opposition leaders to Shiwangandu.
      Shiwangandu is now a NO GO AREA unless one is P.F, & the useless P.F IG is ndwii, the Belly P.I.G.

  4. Sir, we only get a reaction from you when an opposing party issues a statement on retaliation. Right now sir, we the Zambian people have lost crecidence in the police service. We one time looked at police as our protecters but for all of us that have divergent views see the ZP as a political enemy. Put back the pride of being a custodian of the law in the police service as it is no longer a service but a force. All due respect sir but this is the truth.

    • Look at how pathetic you sound…Always finger pointing like toddlers ..why can’t you take responsibility eh? I miss our leaders of yesteryear who would not shy away from holding inter-party meetings just to curb violence…today all we have is greedy morally bankrupt egotistic adolescent fooooooools on both sides.
      They simply running to parliament to make up the numbers like goats…they are likened to bold men fighting over a comb as they don’t do anything in Parliament

  5. Kanganja is as useless as that tactical vest he is wearing for show as he has nothing to put in apart from a pen…so long as top leadership like the Head of State can not explicitly condemned violence he is fighting a futile battle.


  6. The problem that we have observed as ordinary citizens is that while the police may try to be professional, cadres especially from the ruling party seem not to respect them and knowing that the police have second thoughts on reprimanding they, they normally keep going ahead to increase their law breaking resulting in the kind of confusion we find ourselves in, it is actually true that some cadres even recommend the transfer of officers to remote locations and it has happened before so your men in uniform have a point when they raise such fears, only true professionalism will bring about total control of the situation, you shall see JARABOES ( JAIL BOYS ) being imported from Copperbelt, what will then stop UPND bringing BALANG’OMBES from southern with vi sweepu. ensure vigilance by the…

  7. #6 Jay Jay, I don’t have much confidence either in IG Kanganja, but for different reasons from you.
    I disagree with your suggestion that the top leadership like the Head of State have not explicitly condemned violence. You know very well that the Head of State is on record condemning violence on many many countless occasions, the other day the SG of PF repeated the same message. In stark contrast just the other day your Gary openly endorsed violence. And I have never ever heard your tribal leader h.h speak against violence, instead he wishes that he could possess chemical weapons to sort out Lungu.
    kekekeke…Ba Jay Jay, I have told you that tribalism is hard to hide or disguise no matter how hard you try so just be free so that we Zambians can take you on…kekekekeke

    • upnd cadre – I have no time to debate about tribalism or partisan politics and wallow in the mud with you like pigs …you should know by now that i wont fall for the bait.

  8. I was thinking of the courage exhibited by h.h and his party in Chilanga to throw morality out the window and choose Chamene Musonda, and why they do not show the same courage in stating openly that their battle is simply to instal a known tribe in State House. I dont agree with him but I admire the lion courage of one Ackson Sejani for stating openly and to a national audience the objective of his party. The rest of upnd have chicken courage, including “professors” and our very own prolific bloggers on LT, no names mentioned!!!

    • “…I was thinking of the courage exhibited by h.h and his party in Chilanga to throw morality out the window and choose Chamene Musonda, and why they do not show the same courage in stating openly that their battle is simply to instal a known tribe in State House….”

      Thats like saying one admires the courage of PF in installing a convicted fraudster as head of state , and why not openly say they are open to looting public coffers…

  9. Shifting the blame is not for a law enforcer. IG must stick to his job and do his job and talk later after action.

  10. Every one remembers davis mwila telling his pf thugs to take over public spaces and steal council plots …..did we hear even a sqwick from lungu ? Nothing.

    You see as leader of a country morals and integrity are of utmost important in leading by example , however are sadly glaringly absent from lungu who leads a pack of thugs and theives …..i mean the so called president does not even attempt to deny allegations that he is a corrupt theif….

  11. Ba Spaka lilo??? No comment…upuba chabe…..kekekeke
    Ba Jay Jay, ??????? Lelo mwaponta? we can see under your wolf’s skin!! You have established a track record remember? I can just pick what I want to quote, same for h.h, all the statements to quote from!!!

    • Like I always say with you dingbats that there is only black and white in your eye vision anything that appears greyish or purple is black.

  12. Spaka lilo, what an apology of a person!!!

    “There is no law in Zambia that prescribes morality to stand as an MP-Chipenzi”. What do you think, same?

  13. Kanganja and his police force are a shame to this country. He gets orders from pf cadres and wants to wood wink us with coated statements. One day he will cry for that job which he has thrown out of the window. Ask RB

  14. His (IG) comments are only directed at opposition parties. Please PF cadres kindly disregard anything that comes from the IG’ s mouth as we all know it is not meant for us. For us it’s business as usual.

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