Friday, February 23, 2024

President Edgar Lungu tours Simulumbe Research Station



President Edgar Lungu being taken on a tour of some housing units


President Edgar Lungu looks at cashew nuts plants


President Edgar Lungu with Agriculture Minister Michael Katambo admire cashew nut butter


President Edgar Lungu being shown how to start a cashew nut tree sprayer


President Edgar Lungu being assisted to put on a cashew nut tree sprayer


President Edgar Lungu spraying a cashew nut tree


  1. stop romanticising a dictator and glamourising his rule. Until he stop jailing people and stop stealing from public coffers………

    Dont pretend you are poor, or use the poor ‘s tag that you are like them….. you are just a thief….. a thief you are and protected by tiff tiff…… very tribal you are for sake of support you ill gotten wealth…..
    what a man , hypocrite for real………..
    GOD save your soul…………….are a moslem or a christian ?

    • A ” dictator” with the majority in parliament and counting my word. Did you know that your real dictator is HH who was imposed on UPND by virtual of his father having been the leader of UPND? may be you are one of those that are not well informed. Do you know that your leader HH has lost all the last by elections? May be you are still in denial together with your leader? Typical of you chaps from UPND. Silvia Masebo is UPND so why is HH talking about PF? usual denial syndrome, wake up you (UPND) guys.

  2. This what Lazy Lungu likes doing touring his State House advisers send him away as he is useless to them only his signature is important!!

  3. Lazy bum hooligan and bully son of a lazy bum tribal polygamous father sits on the computer all day spilling insolence based on his tribal upbringing and tribal grouping views and heritage. Thankfully, satanists cannot and will never rule Zambia.

    • Zambia is known the world over for the faithfulness and peacefulness of its people. I really believe there is nothing Zambians cannot do if they put their mind to it.

  4. This government has changed the face of most provinces and Western Province is one of them. I am praying that something that has been in the blood is removed by the Lord in Jesus’ name!

  5. PF has indeed done wonders in developing the country. Ba PF ndabatemwa ,bandetela development ndabatemwa! !! Keep the good works. God bless

  6. With this kind of environment, then you want to borrow from IMF billions.

    We are very lucky people.

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