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UPND is irrelevant to Zambia’s political and democratic dispensation-Chanda

Headlines UPND is irrelevant to Zambia’s political and democratic dispensation-Chanda

Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has condemned opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema for agitating for violence as self-defense.

PF Media Director Sunday Chanda said in a press statement issued to ZANIS charged that “UPND is led by desperate thugs who wish to qualify violence for self-defence”.

Mr Chanda said the UPND is a violent party as demonstrated by its long history of violence exhibited through the Mapatizya Formula and panga for panga approaches.

He said Mr. Hichilema and the UPND leadership have failed to condemn violence and foul language because it’s inherent in them.

Mr. Chanda said Mr. Hichilema and the UPND have become irrelevant to Zambia’s political and democratic dispensation and urged Zambians to ignore the opposition party.

He said Mr. Hichilema who has lost presidential elections five times in a row has become desperate and his loose mouth can inflame the country.

He cited many nations around the world that had been engulfed by violence as a result of hate speech.

Mr. Chanda urged Mr. Hichilema to emulate President Edgar Lungu who has called for non – violence and restraint.


    • Sunday Chanda is irrelevant to life.
      I feel sorry for his family, how could have a family member uwatumpa so???
      Imagine if Sunday’s funeral was next week, how horrible could that be? Measure your life with funeral expectancy.

    • What an i.d..i..ot, he thinks Zambians are stu..pi.d ??? We all know both UPND and PF are violent parties, so for him just to point finger at UPND only doesn’t add to this man credibility.

      He is referring to Lungu who condemned violence. Zambians are tired of condemning, we need to see action being taken against violence in PF, just condemning will not solve the issue. ECL has the whole machinery, as the President, he is responsible for eradicating violence starting within PF.
      So, Chanda stop, stop being a hypocrite and be a man and help take real action to stop violence within PF.

    • Everyone should ignore UPND except Sunday Chanda and his minions on this platform. If they are irrelevant why spend time holding a press conference about them?

      “He said Mr. Hichilema who has lost presidential elections five times in a row has become desperate and his loose mouth can inflame the country”

      Put him away. I here you saying this with emotions. The answer is put bad eggs away, the Rule of Law demands. Zambia is bigger that double h or kampyongo or CK. We had KK, FTJ, LPM, RB, MCS and right now its ECL making it to the top. We had Mungomba, Mazoka, Sata, Banda and double h himself emmerging second best before. Second best is second best.The others have been level headed in there loss. Why are your tolerating law breakers? Nail him.

    • I can’t stand this D****head ugly fool..Him and the loser Antonio..
      Will see what will happen to these fools when PFs..journey ends.

    • Sunday Chanda is the worst ***** in Zambia. The boy has all good qualities of bad behaviour and in addition he is talented with good manners of foolishness ignore the bastard that is how he feeds his family by always uttering nonsense.

  1. Sunday Chanda we all know this. Even under 5 children at nursery school know how irrelevant this useless cult UPND is.
    Only Kaponya (HH), pretends not to know this.

    • Since Chainda started talking about upAndOWN being violent, he has hit the nail on the head this time.Many people have forgotten about the mapatizya formulae way back during mmd government! PF was not there !!Chsnda must not be insulted for telling the nation the truth!The moronic party has been violent all along.Kakoma and his moronic are shamely defending violence. Keep it up Chainda,but my vote in mayoral election is for shatel as I am not a member of apf! I left when MCS left it due to the way the succession was conducted, fraudulently!!

  2. Chanda, you are talking of Mapatizya formula? No wonder you are so irrelevant and useless. How many innocent Zambians have been killed for wearing a red t-shirt? Which cadres are dressed in the army and police uniforms, who are even armed by the state? HH said the right thing IF YOU ARE ATTACKED, THEN DEFEND YOURSELF! DO YOU WANT HIM TO SAY IF YOU ARE ATTACKED, ALLOW THE PF CADRES TO KILL YOU THEN LATER RISE UP FROM THE DEAD AND REPORT TO THE POLICE?
    Mr.chanda, read this and know this.pf will never rule forever. One day all the atrocities and human rights abuses will be dealt with appropriately. UMULANDU TAUBOLA

  3. And useress, they are too. They can bark as loud as they can they will never go to State House – NEVER!

  4. Sharon remain where u are most likely as an illegal immigrant.
    We will decide us home who will be in SH

  5. “ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND” says Sejani.(1) HH is a hard core tribalist (2) UPND is tribal grouping (3) TONGAS are triblists(4) TONGAS have grouped together to push for A TONGA president (5) GBM is being used to achieve this (6) ALL Zambians know that TONGAS and LOZIS are tribalists (7) HH is a danger to Zambia’s peace and security

  6. I am waiting for a convention either before 2021 or after so that the Vice President of UPND will become the President of UPND! (HaJJ has developed guile and ulcers at the hearing of this!) It is in the blood – the hate – tribal thing!

  7. Sunday Chanda is thee mostt irelevant human being to be granted a mike and a platform to air his dribble. Sunday defend and attack are two seperate words and have seperate meanings. All this nonsense to you people picking up ifimbala to live is causing silly nonsense. HH says defend yourself not attack. Why are you so afraid when you become a commander of violence and are afraid that people will now defend themselves.

  8. Indeed, HH has had no relevance to Zambian politics. This has always been known only those in denial can say otherwise.
    I for one, I have not seen anything inspiring from this man HH except cry baby. If this man (HH) had not been put in prison for having gone to far, Zambia would have slid into utter anarchy. Losing elections does not mean that the whole country must rise against the majority head of state. If presidential elections where to held today HH would get less than half of what he got in 2016. And the reason is that people have seen who he is. The amount of money that was pumped into the last election campaign was not enough to garantee HH a job at state house. All in all HH has hard a role as an opposition leader in Zambia and it ends there. Someone else must take over the…

  9. … the UPND party otherwise the stigima of tribal party will not go away with the current excecutive in power. For now I do not see any one propagating tribal to ganner majority support. They definetely (UPND) will have a following but not enough to conquer our grat nation. So UPND under HH is going no were slowly. If the recent results of by- elections are anything to go by, then the above point is sealed and delivered. HH will remain to be the wrong candidate for a long time to come. The major reasons are three fold among others, 1. The manner in which HH ascended to power was totally wrong; 2. HH does not have the support of the majority of the electorate to lead the Republic of Zambia; 3. HH does not have the right attitude and strategy to lead our great nation.

  10. Sunday Chandra ngu kabwa bo. Why spend all your time and energy on something or someone that is irrelevant? HH gives these bastards sleepless nights and headaches. If he is irrelevant as you say, why not ignore him and concentrate on relevant people like musoma, Edwin Sakala, siren tembo and the like? PF’s days are few this they know. With HH around, they are gone. That ka 1% they won during the 2016 general elections by rigging is completely finished. The youths up to now have no jobs despite being promised several and number graduating has more than doubled. Street vendors have also added to the number of the unemployed. To date the so called FRA has not started by produce from farmers. All the projects being done are over priced so they can rip. Corruption is the order of the day…

  11. Chanda, do you know meaning of “democratic dispensation”?
    It means RULE OF LAW According to the Constitutional provisions and well established principles of Common Law.
    Thuggery, ballot cheating, corruption, theft, murder, arson, lawlessness, plundering of National wealth, criminal association, money laundering, illegal borrowing, constant disregard of Articles 11 to 18 of the Supreme Law of the Nation are trade marks of the Plunderers Federation under Endemically Corrupt Leader!!!
    Violence of your party will bring this Nation to its knees. As a free and law obeying member of the society of the CHRISTIAN NATION I do have RIGHT to defend myself against VIOLENT CRIMINAL ACTS perpetuated by ANYBODY, you and your cohorts included.

  12. HH what a great man !When ever he opens his mouth ,The Pf gets frightened and sends Sunday to repeat the same lamentations over and over. UPND has the most balanced party in case of representatives at the national level. Look at this : the President _ southern, Veep Northern, Chairman Luapula, Secretary North Western unlike Pf about 98% of the national central committee come from Bemba speaking provinces and Eastern province
    HH is not serial loser , he won the 2016 Presidential poll.
    The upnd will not defend itself if there will be violence from the Pf

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