Government has commended the Northern Coffee Corporation limited of Kasama for maintaining a thriving out-grower scheme for farmers in the area.

Kasama District Commissioner, Kelly Kashiwa said private sector investment is important in the growth of agriculture.

Mr. Kashiwa stated that government is committed to working with the private sector to grow the agriculture industry as the sector is critical to the county’s economic growth.

The DC said this in a speech read for him by Kasama District Administrative Officer Beauty Namukoko during this years’ Farmers Day which was held at Kateshi Estate.

Mr. Kashiwa also commended the company for sponsoring the celebrations held under the theme ‘Putting farmers at the heart of all we do’’.

And Northern Coffee Corporation limited, General Manager,Paul Bebbington said the company was supporting the local farmers because it has realised that smallholder farmers are the back bone of the agriculture sector.

Mr. Bebbington called for synergies between various stakeholders if the country’s agriculture is to grow and benefit the nation.

He said one of the biggest challenges farmers are currently facing is lack of modern irrigation facilities hence called on players in agriculture to invest in irrigation farming in order to improve the sector.

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    The Kasama Coffee is good. Zambians should drink more of it rather than kachasu and beer. Maybe could get smarter than Ethiopians!!!



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