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Initial rehabilitation works on the Dam Wall at Lake Kariba has started

General News Initial rehabilitation works on the Dam Wall at Lake Kariba ...

The dam wall at the Kariba North Bank Power station
Initial rehabilitation works have started on the dam wall at Lake Kariba the world’s biggest man-made lake has started.

Minister of Energy Matthew Nkhuwa says the contractor who will fix the dam wall after it developed cracks has started grading an access road to the site of work.

Mr Nkhuwa says government remains confident a good job will be done.

Lake Kariba provides hydro-electricity to Zimbabwe and Zambia.

And Mr Nkhuwa says government is pleased that Copperbelt Energy Corporation-CEC and Konkola Copper Mines-KCM have resolved their issues.

He however hopes KCM will honour its obligations to CEC for a smooth relationship after the power supplier-imposed electricity restriction on the mining giant.

Mr Nkhuwa was speaking to ZNBC news after officiating at a training workshop on renewable energy in Lusaka.

Meanwhile, Italian envoy Filippo Scammacca says his government will support the Zambian government’s efforts to diversify its energy sector.

Mr Scammacca says renewable energy is an emerging important area of development for both developed and developing countries.


    • This is scary. I hope it won’t be the Astra story of Kitwe. Ubwafya the project funds will as usual magically disappear

    • That dam will collapse, up to now nothing has been done?
      PF started:
      – Church of All Nations, money is stolen.
      – State House construction up to now. Where is that $10 million?
      – Dual carriage was at $3million per km. Only 1 km done so far.
      – Mongu Stadium, what happened to commissioning by Kamwili PF MP .
      – October 24th is here, where is Zambian Airways.
      On and on and on

  1. This is the second time we are being told this. Late last year or early this year there was this same announcement. So we dont know what is what. And we hope money is not being chewed under the same story pa zambia

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