All 42 Fire Tenders are comprehensively insured

The 42 Fire Trucks
The 42 Fire Trucks costing $1million a piece
The 42 Fire Trucks
The 42 Fire Trucks costing $1million a piece

Government says all the 42 fire tenders that were bought at US$42 Million US dollars are comprehensively insured.

Minister of Local government Vincent Mwale said each fire tender was insured at K10 million which translates into US$1 million per fire truck.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Mwale explained that of the 42 fire tenders only three were involved in road traffic accident since they were procured.

He said of the three that were involved in accidents one, for Chililabombwe, was completely damaged and the insurance processes are under way at Zambia State Insurance Corporation (ZISC).

“All the fire tenders are insured at US$42 million meaning that each was insured at K 10 million This is government’s position and only three were involved in an accident,” Mr. Mwale stressed.

He said this in parliament today during the oral answer session when he was responding to the question from Chipili Area Member of Parliament Jewis Chabi who wanted to know whether the 42 fire tenders procured by the government are comprehensively insured.


    • So, a truck worth a million US dollars gets in an accident and is totally wrecked… and then an insurance claim is quickly filed for it, for one million US dollars to be payed out. And what is the money collected from the insurance company going to be used for…buy another one million dollar fire truck? Or most of it will end up in a few individuals’ large crooked pockets ? Something don’t smell right here.

    • So in short more wastage. We all know that these trucks are not worth more than $300k. So first you buy them at 3 times the cost and now to try and justify yourselves you insure them at exorbitant prices? Common guys. Our people need better.

    • Amazing how the concept of insurance is misunderstood in Zambia. Each fire tender is insured at the value of $1million does not mean you pay $1million to insure it. Cristiano Ronaldo insured his legs for £90 million, does not mean he paid that amount to insure his legs, it’s the value against loss resulting from accidents or injury. You pay a premium which is usually charged periodically for the risk. In this case, ZISC would pay the government $1million per truck if written off, how is that a waste?

  1. He is a liar. A check done at Local Govt found that they were insured for USD250,000 each unless after people complained, they went back to insure them for USD one million. Mwale, don’t start manufacturing lies. Just say the truth and you will be set free as your conscious will be very clear and you will sleep well.

    • The Kachepa of UNIP era is back. People now consider the truth to be boring. They would rather are fed on lies. Ati “leta data mwaiche”. Lol!!!

    • It’s not possible to over insure, in any case Zsic is govt anything can happen. Otherwise the government is showing that you can buy a car @$3000 and insure @12000$ and put it on fire and make a profit. Just like the government $250000 and claim $1,000,000=00 in your own house stealing?

  2. How and who crashed the Fire truck. Why are these things never explained totally in Zambia. MPs should press for answers to such. $1 million fire engine insured for an extra million. That sounds fishy. Not any kind of but cat fish too.

    • Explained to a tribal dung brain which can’t distinguish right from wrong and wrong from right? CHILDREN have a low IQ, it will never make sense no matter how good you explain! Because they think TRIBE first.

  3. Hon. Mwale, be factual when responding to important questions in Parliament to avoid misleading the masses.The 42 Fire Tenders issue will haunt you if you fail to be factual. When was the Chililabombwe Fire Tender got involved in the road traffic accident for the ZSIC to take so long instituting insurance process? However, the Solwezi Fire Tender was also completely damaged. Kindly tell us the causes of the accidents.

  4. So the total money spent was 84 million dollars! What a waste! How many government vehicles are comprehensively insured? And what is the total cost of insuring government vehicles?

  5. Bought at $1m per fire truck and insured @$1m per firetruck. Are we insured against waste and abuse cuz this makes absolutely no sense ? You can’t buy a $30,000 car and have it again insured for $30,000.

    • Actually, you could, depending on your insurance company. Insurance value and premium are two different things. If the insured value is $30,000 in year 1, your insurance premium could hypothetically speaking be $500 per year and then the insured value depreciates after year 2 nothing wrong with that. Just means you don’t lose out.

  6. The problem with lying is that you need to continue lying,and by the time these PF no longer have power you will see Mwale saying the speech was just written for him.Now this is typical of PF,the solution for these thieves is to get rid of the bigger thieves.Mwale was not there when this scandal started but he will be questioned,asked to answer as to where $42 million went,he is not very sharp all he has are looks,by the time they will be through with him he will have been punished for foolishness.

  7. Oh no. I feel Dora will be caught with her pants down again if it is proved that this fire tenders are not insured for the stated sum.

    • mukolwe, Sharon is a mental case. She needs a straight jacket. She sees the word “tribal,” all day, all night, everywhere she looks. Complete nut job.

  8. “Mwale said each fire tender was insured at K10 million which translates into US$1 million per fire truck.”

    Really laughable..someone missed on Maths classes at school..

  9. Thieves!!!! It really pisses me off!! How much can one steal!! Stealing from the poor! African leadership is rotten. No matter how much money you put into a country if the people are rotten it’s not going anywhere far!

  10. This is a poorly written or edited report. The whole fire tenders have been insured for $10.5M which translates into $250,000 for each. How do you insure an asset at a quarter of its value? It doesn’t make sense. It’s one of the most embarrassing procurements under Edgar Lungu. I can Kampyongo and cohorts in prison in future. You can’t explain lies

  11. Firetrucks bought for $1m apiece and insured at $1mn apiece ….this is called pure thievery of Zambian taxpayers money.

    • English is a foreign language, we could all be excused for not understanding it properly. If you buy a firetruck for $1million, how much would it cost you to replace it with like for like? if your answer is $1million, then muchi zungu you say it’s insured(value) at cost price and the amount you will pay for the insurance or muchi zungu againi ati “The premium would be $800 a year per truck” not $1 million. Wamvela?

  12. Ba Mwale we are suffering here at cop-waste 10months no promised to help in May 2018 but till now you are doing nothing.boss be proactive not reactive like what is happening at zampost where social cash transfer funds were chewed in peace.the presido just wakes up and blu-reactive.3m kwacha you are failing to help cop-waste with can create decent jobs and save jobs.shame to see your citizens suffer like this.

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