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All those cited for corruption should be brought to book-US Ambassador


United States Ambassador To Zambia Daniel Foote
United States Ambassador To Zambia Daniel Foote

United States Ambassador to Zambia, Daniel Foote has said that law enforcement agencies should bring to book all those cited for corruption.

Reacting to President Edgar Lungu’s address during the official opening of the 3rd session of the 12th national assembly where he indicated that fighting corruption is top on his Administration’s agenda; Mr Foote says President Lungu has clearly shown his commitment towards the fight against corruption.

He says the law enforcers must investigate and persecute those that are engaging in corrupt activities regardless of their positions in government and their party affiliation.

And the US envoy has noted the expansion of the media to rural areas through digital television.

Mr. Foote hopes that this will be followed by the enactment of the access to information bill.


  1. You mean bring to book the whole pf government? Good luck with that. You think when the president himself is implicated, there will be any serious implications? Wake up useless ambassador. Be like the British

    • Ambassador dont you think your President Trump should be brought to book too….double standards you only see corruption in Africa whilst you the most corrupt individuals…you loot and take more than you give

    • I miss Mugabe….Africa now full of western puppet leaders….the west now calling all the shots….Gaddafi gone and the last tough African leader Mugabe gone.. its celebration time for the west and now the east(china)has joined the party
      They only see corruption in Africa

    • Mr Ambassador let me tell you Sir what is actually happening on the ground. What is happening is theft under the protection of current laws. One such example is the purchase of luxury SUVs, brand new and at very expensive prices. For a poor developing nation as ours it doesn’t make sense for a poor country to buy luxury SUVs only for a thousand or so senior govt officers who will after less than 5 years get to purchase those same vehicles at a fraction of the original price. These are some of the ways govt officers across all ministries have been stealing. A total figure of 200million dollars was spent on both purchasing, maintaining, fueling and paying for drivers etc last year alone. Why this is not an issue to my fellow Zambians is the same reason this nation will never develop…

    • You guys do you know how corrupt these western countries are but they make it look like Africa is full of corruption….Talk of a pot calling a kettle black…..Ambassador should ask his Attorney General to bring Trump to book and answer charges of corruption and election rigging

    • Ctn… Why this is not an issue to my fellow Zambians is the same reason the nation will never develop in the true meaning of the word develop. Our same senior govt officers that cried at the Paris climate summit about developed nations such as the US not doing more to reduce carbon emissions are the same non performers who eagerly make orders for the latest fuel gazzling luxury SUVs only to feed on their already over grown egos. It’s a very frustrating scenario.

    • Just cut aid US please. Maybe when we feel the pinch in our bellies we will not be so docile, but we will rise against this group of thugs

    • #1.7  2020vision

      But your PF needs and uses those same SUVs relentlessly with impunity to campain in all elections, they win you celebrate now you are complaining ????

    • you are more worried about the comment from the Ambassador and not the level of corruption going on in your pf led government. There is where the major disease lies, you the voter who votes using the promise of that corrupt contract. Hence you cannot hold the government to account, but look for diplomatic ways of massaging the corruption at play.

  2. The question is who would bring them to book? Because corruption is there in ACC, judiciary, judges, lawyers, police and DEC.

    All I want is all white Zambian people should come back to Zambia. The country does well with different colors. Zambia suffers because all members of parliament are black .

    We have many Indians, Chinese and I want them to be part of Zambian politics. Become members of parliament u and Chinese people please.

    • @4
      Inferiority complex no wonder we dont develop…so in your mind the whites are better than your black assss…its about time you started reasoning like a normal human being…stop putting whites ahead of you

  3. NEC foreign missions work with the government of the day.your leader should also explain the source of the money in offshore accounts other than behaving like he is clean.someone eyeing plot one should not have money in offshore accounts,that’s a loophole in tax evasion.government needs tax on that money to develop the country.

    • Sata instructed DPP Mutembo Nchito to probe and prosecute HH. He was found clean. Having money in an offshore accounts is not an illegal activity, neither does is it an indication that one is money laundering. Believe me there are many innocent Zambians with offshore accounts.
      What should concern you is embezzlement of public funds by a few crooks in public office. Am sure you know that HH has never occupied public office for you to doubt his honest. If you do have proof that he keeping laundered money in offshore accounts, you know where the ZP are (even) headquartered. Go there and help your country…otherwise bitterness against a fellow citizen will hurt you.

  4. Hehehe! Just play the police and arrest everyone of them bwana. Its the entire cabinet and You think its possible and that easy – NO. Jameson is just stagging a play and you just have to sit back and watch, enjoy and laugh. Have some popcorns with you. Enjoy the drama.

  5. This facility shouldn’t even exist. We dont need it. What criteria do you use to identify the vulnerable.

    The junior officers and gov’t official s simply make fake accounts or put their relatives

  6. If they don’t, you might as well freeze donor funding to these misguided misfits masquerading as leaders. We are tired of being taken for granted. Corruption has reached endemic levels of humongous proportions. The only way out is to ban these corrupt elements from travelling to the EU and US and freeze their assets that they have bought using stolen funds. Trump needs to use his powers and curb this rot in our country as Mutaware has brought untold suffering to the masses. Tax payers is US and EU would like to see their hard earned money help the intended beneficiaries and not these political parasites.

  7. This Thug you are asking to bring his equally Corrupt ministers, & officials to book for embezzling was barred from practicing Law, co’z he’d embezzled some Widows money.
    Putting this Goon in charge of the Nations treasury, is as folly as asking a P@ed0 to look after kindergarden children, It will end in tears!

  8. Jonathan should hand him self over to law enforcement, his the number one suspect. the man has never even defended him self when people say he is corrupt

  9. ubomba mwiibala alya mwiibala. this is what happens when you involve a lot of women in leadership position
    tabaishiba ukwiba they still a lot at once, just like a bemba proverb says ” ubupupu bwamwanakashi uwisha ichalo’ or “the corruption of a woman brings down the Nation” this proves that female spices are more wicked e.g a witch, female mosquito, lioness, Emerine, Dora etc. now imagine if 50% were in parliament or in government leadership…

  10. this is how effective and useless that the current administration that it should take a foreign envoy to ask them to do what is rightfully their duty that should be performed without being prompted. The drunken man at state house is too drunken and corrupt to know!!

  11. I blame SATA for this calamity that has hit mother Zambia, he was not a good president and he imposed this LUngu man on Zambians who cant think on their own. the coming of PF was the beginning of the disaster for Zambia.

  12. Tell me the difference among the following : 1.section chair person ,2 .ward chair person , 3 .constituency chair person ,4 .District chair person , 5.provincial chair person …6 National chair person , and 7. The president ,& finally a Village head person here in Zambia and not in Tanzania ……

  13. I think u are very correct ,the elite are more knolegeable than….????? Impanga bane taitalala nga musunga … Fili uko tuleya … Maayo Ba E .Kabanshi teimwe mweka isembe lyacena iyoo , kukosafye fisanga abaume… bu Chang’s wa chelwa eubu ..

  14. The difference among them all is that : the president controls issues national wise while a head person has authority at village level.. But no one of them is above the Law of the Land .

  15. Edgar Lungu is the best thing that happened to Zambia. He is humble, able, God-fearing and a Great Leader. He has brought so much development to Zambia and on behalf of the Zambian people, we love you. Like China, we ask that parliament changes the constitution and makes you life President. China has done it and is developing why can’t we? The UK has the Queen for life, Russia also has Putin for life and they are just fine.

  16. Hysteria from the Britsh and Nordics is unhelpful. Due diligence as promoted by the Ambassador is.

    Good governance happens when there are no witch hunts but good systems to detect wrongs which the British colonisers of Zambia and America undermine by leaking their partial findings in the so-called Confidential for the good and glory of that demi-god in opposition.

  17. YES, there is corruption in the Western world, but the difference is that the PROJECTS that are detailed are completed on time and done right. That’s the reason people in the Western world don’t cry fowl . you see the projects completed on time. when you do things the right way even if you steal nobody cares. In AFRICA, the money disappears in thin air and the assigned projects goes unfinished with no accountability. That’s the problem.

  18. Cut all forms Aid, Zambia needs to reorganise its self and become self reliant. We call the Western imperialists yet we are quite happy to receive their money. What are we?

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