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President Lungu back from the New York, reiterates Government position to return donor funds


President Lungu being welcomed by Vice-President Inonge Wina at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on arrival from New York on Saturday,September 29,2018
President Lungu being welcomed by Vice-President Inonge Wina at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on arrival from New York on Saturday,September 29,2018

President Edgar Lungu has returned from New York, USA, where he had gone to attend the 73rd United Nations General Assembly.

The Head of State was met at at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport by Vice President Inonge Wina and other Senior Government officials.

Speaking on arrival, the President Lungu described the 2019 National budget,presented yesterday by Minister of Finance Margarate Mwanakatwe as a catalyst to national development.

The President also challenged critics to come up with an alternative budget if they wish.

On the Social Cash Transfer scandal, President Lungu confirmed remarks by his press aide Amos Chanda that Government was ready to return the social cash transfer demanded by some donors.

The president explained that donors requested for the money and that Government has no option but to pay back.


  1. EL the crown, Return the money which you said in the first place it was not stolen, what a joke, EL should resign and go to prison.

    • Welcome Mr. President! They Ha-still worshiping the clown, the 5 times loser, Privatization Thief and Money Laundering guru and an inside trading loser! Don’t worry Mr. resident, the nation love you and you are doing a great job developing this nation! Those supporting the traitor are from a TRIBAL GROUPING and they Ha-going nowhere. If he were in the U.S. he would have been in jail.

    • This is getting rather confusing now.

      Where did the money in that Zanaco account come from? Why was it in that account for so long when it was intended to help the poor?

      So you blamed Zampost yet all along it is you that has been sitting on that money?

      You stink a lot Mr Lungu.

    • @ Sharon seems hatred against HH is consuming you! Anyway try making your bizarre point clearer so that we follow your debating.

    • Fumanchu, you are requesting too much from the poor Sharon. Sharon and the likes of this person have not capacity beyond regurgitating what was feed to them by their masters

    • Amos told you that other big donors are still pouring in money, therefore, he will use that money to repay back those who are asking the government to repay.
      They are not refuting that money was not stolen. Again, its typical of this government to borrow to repay, and the same strategy is being used here. Repay back by using funds donated by other donors.
      But no accountability for the missing money. This whole issue will die out without any consequences. The poor minister was dismissed because there was too much pressure on GRZ and they panicked, just to show they were doing something about it

  2. This lazy bum is back to Zambia to visit…it no wonder he has deported that Kenyan activist as he is scared he will wake up the docile masses!!

    • Lazy bum little boy tribal hooligan bully son of a tribalist polygamist father who never taught him toilet manners pooping in public needing a diaper HAGAIN! Fortunately, Animo Farm is unelectable! Your tribalism is being exposed daily!

  3. Inonge does not look happy as she usually does, maybe she has bad news for her boss? On the other hand, President Lungu looks tired but more noticeable is that he has aged so rapidly. Maybe he should resign.

    • Chairmanie and Mutinta don’t look happy too. Maybe Hakainde Mentally-Retarded should let GBM become President of the Tribal H-organisation.

  4. It’s not only about, returning the money. WHERE has it been hidden, WHO hid the money, WHAT was the motive of hidding and WHY was it not disbursed to the intent poor Zambians. It seems Mr President your not interested in prevent the reoccurrence of corruption but cultivating the vice.

    • I am thinking of asking Pofes. Hansoni, Profes. HaNdulo and that UNZA little boy lecturer in the History Dept to have their students compete for an essay. “Hakainde Hichilema – The Privatisation Inside Trading Guru, Money Laundering and Off-Show Tax Haven – The Truth Behind UPND Pomposity.” I intend to put $100 for the winner and $50 for the runner up.

  5. The returning of money is a scandal in itself, donor funds have conditions which deliberately help to curb corruption or misappropriation based on my 12 years experience working with an International Organization. Why request for funds and hoard it when the poor needs it? If they can temper with donor funds what more with national resources?

  6. Really laughable. Your excellence don’t make decisions when you are drunk, the poor woman you fired will win sympathy even from UPND. Was she fired because she was woman? Mubamaba has similar allegations even waste but loo the guy is still on the job.

  7. Look at that KKIA scene always wastefully repeated over and over again.Donor funds and Zambian taxpayers funds shouldn’t be wasted on this useless assemblage of top GRZ brass.

  8. Zambians,we are not as dull as some contributions that I have seen. The topic is President returns from United Nations, but some natives are writing ills against HH who is not mentioned in the article SHAME!!

    • Lungu had stolen it! Now that donors had cornered him, with MI5 and MI6 intelligence wings on this, he has decided to bring it back!! Without donors, that money was gone into his accounts.
      But even then, he has stolen too much and the irreparable damage to the economy is already done….just look at the FOREX rate of US$1 to ZMW19.23

  9. The guy is dull, no plan to stop corruption, that’s why he is saying lets pay back. He only know how to steal money. We really have no leadership in the country.I see off tune Sharon is commenting as usual!

  10. Cadres are very funny creatures. If you read the bad things they write about our great President ECL, you would think they are very educated.
    ECL is a great President until proven otherwise. Those who say he stole are just cheating. Where is the evidence?
    Same applies to HH, the man is an intellectual who has never stolen from anyone. He could have been arrested like Austin,Kapoko,etc.
    The guy is sharp, he is a great economists respected by many intellectuals. ECL and HH are great men. They are educated from the same school and have degrees. One is a seasoned Lawyer and the other seasoned economist.
    Chaps without any form of education are busy calling them funny names. Anyway, what can we expect from the uneducated?

  11. What part of the budget is the money coming from to pay back? By the way westill need the results of the investigation published to account for whoever misused or stole the mney and their punishment.

  12. Your Excellence.. Government should not pay but rather follow those entrusted with the disbursement. If some have built mansion and luxury items expropriate them and sell them.

  13. Some people on this blog are very dull. You have been informed the total money $2.7 thousand dollars grant from UK sent Zanaco has never been withdrawn and used by the Ministry of community development. In fact the UK abassador should be ashamed to demand for the money before asking how the money has been used.
    The total money to be accounted for is $4.3 thousand dollars hence the Audit to know how the money has been used.
    The Minister has been fired because she was not in control of her Ministry. The President learnt that things are not perfect with social cash transfer and demand for the in June 2018 before things were out of control but the Minister only submited the report on 14th September 2018 hence her being fired. She is a good person but not a good manager and supervisor.

  14. Mr President, Becareful with your decision you are making in this country.This Country was Created by God himself.How can the Government returns the donors fund Which was Supposed to be helping the poor?

  15. Chilyata the jelous and hate you have for the president will one day choke your ads am telling. You honestly think ECL is so will like HH to put money in his account? What type of pipo are that you can’t find sleep due to our excelling humble leader? Mwanya you will die of jelousy…your foolish leader is unsallable

  16. Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    He doesn’t get it, does he? His focus and emphasis on returning the money just shows how incompetent this man is. Returning the money that was abused is immaterial and a secondary issue in this scandal. He should be spending his energies on prosecuting those who misappropriated the money and putting in structures that would prevent such an abuse from recurring. His message sounds more like he is trying to blame the donors and owners of the money. Ih I forgot he’s the one who stole the money… how pathetic can this guy be.

    And look at those military generals reduced to mere cadres hero worshipping this corrupt dictator god… shameful!

  17. Unlike those upnd cadres like Tri.bal Gay Jay and Spaka who condemn the frequent travels of the President, I take a different view. I think that Zambia runs better when he is away than when he is around giving directives to his incompetent and disgraceful ministers. The political and even economic atmosphere is so much calmer and positive, I have noticed,

  18. Sharon wat a woman shame on u don’t u have anything to do, grow up lady why not post something constructive to build peace and harmony always talking about someone who doesn’t even mind about u grow up and find something to keep u busy.

  19. IN vietnam someone with a name SHARON means SHALLOW MINDED PERSON, everything about such a person is shallow including the Item between

  20. Arrogance does not work!!!! When people ask for accountability you dont say we shall pay back – no. It just shows poor leadership skills. Let others say it for you as a a boss. Spokesperson is there whats her job.
    Have we got enough money for the intended recipients of the money. Why did we request for such money? This country cannot afford such kind of arrogance. Bola panshi!!!!
    Now we have the money for the poor and fail to fund our own budgets and still borrow and borrow and borrow. We also overcharge our own country just to scoop the difference known as gwagu!!!!

  21. Zambia is not run by one person. Some people are so consumed in painting a dark picture on the country just because of one person. Some should learn to use their brains and not let emotions take over. Keep your eye on the ball. There are forces trying to destabilise your country and all you do is feed the fire.

  22. So many are getting eggs in the face over this. British Govt is embarrassed by the ballyhoo caused by their man in Lusaka based on rumours of their 3m pound contribution (25% contribution only) which has made them look like how the French run their ex-colonies from Paris. Such noise when their paltry contribution could have been used in the last 25% of the year which is yet to come? It’s still at big & strong ZANACO

    Government financial processes are quite complex bloggers. Offer yourselves to public service for a short while and learn for yourselves.

  23. LT, surely how can you allow someone like Sharon to continue with what is purely hate speech against one individual and one Zambian tribe? This is abuse of the media.

  24. This is now a full circus. Just how can you run a country like this? This man is really clueless, just how did we end up like this?

  25. kusamwa……..Mr chinaman dont be arrogant……. you will need your human rights be respected when the next government prosecute you…. China will never come to your aid…..
    Silence is golden

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