Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Chingola moans ‘Brave’ Nchanga Rangers’ relegation


Chingola residents have bemoaned the demotion of Nchanga Rangers from the FAZ Super Division.

Two-time league champions Nchanga have gone down with two games to spare in the 2018 campaign.

“We are very saddened to see our only Super Division team go to Division One. Next year we won’t watch any big team here. Whenever big teams came to Chingola like Zesco United and Nkana business used to boom,” Clement Chileshe said.

The Chingola based outfits are placed 19th in the 20-team league with 26 points from 36 matches played.

“Our sponsors Konkola Copper Mines have neglected the team. It is now supporters who have been taking care of players at Nchanga. KCM should surrender the team to the community if it has failed to sponsor Rangers,” Beauty Musonda said.

“I can’t just remain mute on the demotion of Nchanga. Administrators at Nchanga have equally failed us. Our players have become beggars,” another resident said.

Nchanga have spent the last four seasons fighting relegation due to well documented financial challenges.

Nchanga owe current and several past players arrears in unpaid allowances.

“Our team has been neglected. If this team was in the hands of the army, by now someone at KCM should have been put in the guardroom to explain our demotion,” another citizen commented.


  1. So sad ama Ranger Bravo zoona!! I am a Chingolan, despite not being a their supporter, but I sympathize with them. A great team to go into division 1..!!

  2. Generally kcm has failed the sporting fraternity on both copperbelt and Lusaka nampundwe as can be seen for konkola blades, nampundwe fc and now rangers

  3. I was a Chingola boy now over 60 years reminds me how it was climbing on the wall and being chased by scouts just to watch Patrick Nkgata Davie Sunday Damascus Senkwe etc it makes me sad especially that I am not in Zambia Gabbitas stadium ????

  4. Think Zambians are paying for selling the mines to Indians. Indians are known to be very mean the world-over. Surely cant Zambians run their own mines?

  5. my beloved brave nchanga is no more because of ba nsamya. l also remember watching the likes of Willie Phiri, Mophat Mutambo ( Andy and Nathan Sinkalas father), Jim Salim, Bruce Mwape and Kapai before abena bogger( Benjamin Bwalya) came to Nchazi. Go well we shall meet in 2020. brave for life

  6. KCM should be chased out of Zambia. They have killed all our Mighty football clubs and contributed to Zambia’s downward slide in Africa

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