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Dora Siliya thanks China for its continued support toward the development of Zambia’s television industry.


Chief Government Spokesperson, Hon. Dora Siliya, MP
Chief Government Spokesperson, Hon. Dora Siliya, MP

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Dora Siliya has thanked China for its continued support toward the development of the country’s television industry.

Ms Siliya says China has continued to play a significant role in the implementation of many projects in Zambia, including digital migration.

Speaking when StarTimes Group President Pang Xin Xin paid a courtesy call on her this morning, Ms Siliya said Zambia is grateful to China for the Village Television project which has targeted the most rural parts.

She said this is key to realising Government’s vision of providing universal access to television.

Ms Siliya also says Government will be happy if StarTimes considered Zambia for the film academy the company intends to establish in Africa.

And Ms Siliya also directed officials in the Ministry to quickly workout ways through which Zambia can benefit from the fifty thousand scholarships in the television broadcasting sector pledged by China at the last Forum on China- Africa Cooperation -FOCAC-
meeting held in Beijing.

And Mr Pang says despite the digital migration project nearing the end, the industry staff are not well trained in digital technology and there is need to train Zambians on site.

Mr Pang says there is need for Zambia to create a content production training centre and that the project can be submitted to the Chinese Government for support Under the resolutions from FOCAC.

Mr. Pang, who is also TopStar Board Chairman, said it is his company’s desire to contribute to the development of Zambia’s television and film industry.

TopStar is Zambia’s public signal distributor co-owned by StarTimes and ZNBC.

Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation – ZNBC- Board Chairperson Mulenga Kapwepwe  Being given a conducted tour
Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation – ZNBC- Board Chairperson Mulenga Kapwepwe Being given a conducted tour

And Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation – ZNBC- Board Chairperson Mulenga Kapwepwe says the impact of digital migration is being felt and appreciated by the public who are enjoying quality television.

Ms. Kapwepwe said this during the visit of StarTimes Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Pang Xin Xing and StarTimes delegation who also toured the newly refurbished studios.

She says the joint venture has enabled the country to successfully migrate from analogue to digital broadcasting.

Ms. Kapwepwe says ZNBC is now a shining example on the continent as several countries which include Lesotho and Kenya have visited the country to see how Zambia is implementing the digital migration programme.

And Mr. Pang praised the National broadcaster for providing quality content using limited equipment.

Mr. Pang says with the implementation of digital migration programme, ZNBC now has state-of-the-art broadcasting equipment.


  1. Hahaha. Dora has nothing better to do than thank China for help in television? What amazes me is how she jumped to pf when she unequivocally mocked it.

    • So, thanking China is her main job now? Wow. When are you going to do things on your own ? No wonder you’ve sold the country to the Chinese. And I don’t usually talk about women’s hair but that blond Caucasian looking hair is embarrassing. Where is the African pride?

  2. China is raping Black Africa. The weak minded and corrupted are selling out their country and people for a few dollars. Look at these sell outs, who bleach their skin, color their hair, or wear a hair hat of dead Asian hair on top their heads. These Black African sellouts are a disgrace and joke world wide. China and Chinese are laughing at, spitting on, abusing, and murdering Black Africans.

    Build Black businesses, with Black engineers, and support Black companies. Have some pride. Not sell out your country and people for a pat on the head, while you are laughed at.

  3. Saying thankyou doesnt go well ,,, for how long are you going to just say thankyou ,time should come when zambia should do it’s own works .
    Our government should have some courage to do some projects that matter , look at doctors they atleast succeed in removing tumours from the brain and separating twins from one heart
    How about our engineers what has gone wrong we cannot hear anything where are their voices .

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