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Zambian woman expresses disappointment at women in PF leadership and Police



    • Kkikikikuku! Ati political mirage.
      Mayo twapapata kepikileni abana na beshikulu utwakusasula.
      Isn’t it obvious now? It is becoming increasingly obvious that the UPNDEADS and double h could have orchestrated this stage. LT is loving it. Kikikikiki ati Zambian woman, it is supposed to read UPNDEAD woman. If someone says I will sue you for defamation then you would see the real woman out of this woman.Kikikiki ati you’re fired. Completely ignorant on the issue.

    • The lady is telling the truth. Nkandu Luo is a full she has failed; she should be fired. The students are also stupid. Being compromised with tuma 1,500. Hunger pa Zambia.

  1. Its upandown who are responsible and rejoicing at the death of Shimuzhila. PF does not instigate riots but upandown does and they rejoice so much whenever there is a disaster thinking that it will subtract something from PF popularity and add to hicilema.The way they play their politics ba upnd, very childish. That is why Sata used to call them under five politicians.

    • If you don’t have something to say just keep quite. UPND did not send the police to kill that young lady. you sound to be uncivilized carder who does not understand the rule of law. You even open your dirt mouth over the death of someone?

  2. The woman in the video is NOT a mother but a disgruntled woman whose husband has run away for reasons you can tell. What advise is she giving to the kids? Is she infact saying that children who are supposed to be synthesizing knowledge are the ones that instead are destroying public and private property? We all have been to Universities, but the last thing we did was destroy what we never worked for or built. True, a life was lost because of such advise. Most students come from very humble and poor families but when they are given the chance they squander it.
    I expect this woman to sober up, think before she utters stup1d word and give counsel to these so called students. Rioting and property destruction was a Student’s strategy of 70’s and 80’s. Today, all civilized students world…

  3. No responsibility for what’s gone wrong with this uneducated PF party always pointing the finger at some one else for their failures.

  4. UPND please heed our free free advise. We all know who the coulprit in this matter is. Its the biggest loser, HH. His NUMEROUS loses have left him with nothing but hate, jealous and envy. If you know what losing is especially when you overate youself then you can go in HH’s tompwe and understand his desperation. UPND in as far as governing this country is concerned, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN and the simple reason is your chairman, HH is detested, disliked and lowly ranked by the entire borders of Zambia. Until you come to terms with this reality, forget being in government, at least not in the next 20 years.

    • Ba pf, your souls have been sold to the devil really!. Why are you always blaming HH? Ama Mines sold by MMD gov.,ati HH.Failure to pay farmers,ati HH! Is HH more powerful than the entire intelligence (Police and Army)? When are you going to introspect yourselves and admit some of your wrongs?
      If he is disliked you claim, why did you steal his votes?
      The answer to UNZA problem is that the students were not paid their money? Why? Corruption is the heartbeat of pf.


    We have someone who chewed widow s money

    On the others hand we have someone who was engaged and paid in full for selling company assets

    He ended up setting up price and selling to him self

    Is there any morality in ecl and hh

    These are ubomba mwibala chaps

    Pf died and its rotting everyday.

  6. This woman was just sponsored by the murderer HH to put blame on elected government. She was paid by murderer HH. That student was marked for death by murderer HH just as in the case of the other woman along Kafue road.How many ladies is HH going to sacrifice for selfish wish to get to State House? He has blood on his vampire hands and he must be stopped before more lives are lost.#MudererHH#

  7. Shame on you. The question is why did the student begin riots at night and why using violence. The whole issue smears politically motivated move by someone outside the university Campus.
    In the developed World government loans are directly obtained from Banks and government institutions only come in as grantors. Let the government come out of this problem so that politicians do not use it for political mileage. Its unfortunate to present it as though the people mentioned are to blame. Shame! Shame !Shame ! Go back to Kasama /Kaputa Mutale Nalumangoand look after yourself.

  8. I can’t feel the passion.
    For real?
    It’s not only for the women. It is for all of us.
    There is something clogging the real emotions. Mama sue those killers.
    Ku court bamanga nkhani yama accusations. Kaya benebake.

  9. Thse pf when we talk they think we have been bought by hh. Are you saying unza student are so stupid. Ask Cornelius Mweetwa

    The university of Zambia is the first to smell the rotten kakas.

    Pf died with sata. Lungu is just here to burry it. Its unfortunate we have not really have opposition otherwise by now you would have clearly seen a new govt coming in 2021


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