Government silence on police brutality and intimidation a shame- MEE

SOME Police officers doing a demo of riot drills during Police Commemorations in Choma
SOME Police officers doing a demo of riot drills during Police Commemorations in Choma
SOME Police officers doing a demo of riot drills during Police Commemorations in Choma
SOME Police officers doing a demo of riot drills during Police Commemorations in Choma

We, The Movement For Economic Emancipation Youth, stand with The University of Zambia (UNZA) students and condemn, in the strongest terms, police brutality and intimidation.

We also demand that justice be served for the late Verspers Shimuzhila and Evelyn Chongo who sustained a spinal injury after she jumped from the second-floor room she shared with Verspers to escape from the fire which is believed to have started after anti-riot police threw a teargas canister into their room.

We, therefore, demand that the riot police, who were at the scene on that day, be investigated and prosecuted. Police are supposed to protect and not kill us. We have lost a young and energetic life that could have contributed greatly to the wellbeing of our country. A life that could have been the pride of her family, a life that could have carried itself with so much confidence that it could have contributed and shared in building a nation full of hope.

This needless tragedy, that has left a couple childless, could have been avoided had police refrained from using excessive force. It is well-known that UNZA students regularly resort to rioting to air their grievances and police should, by now, know how to deal with riotous students.

It’s a shame that government has chosen to ignore complaints of police brutality and intimidation and have instead sided with officers whose use of excessive force when dealing with students continues to happen far too often to justify.
MEE youth shall always advocate for impartial treatment of all youth, whether in institutions of higher learning, on the streets, in markets and in any other place where they are found.

The youth are the future leaders, the torch bearers and custodians of peace, and must be given a chance to speak and be heard. A listening government is one that listens to good advice and acts upon it. A listening government does not give a deaf ear to cries of the people.

A young person should never have to die while trying to acquire education as this defeats the whole purpose of going to school.

Lastly, MEE youth would like to urge Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja to come up with an action plan of how to disperse rioting students without causing death, disability or any other harm.
Listen to the youth! Stop police brutality! Stop police intimidation!

Mary Mulenga – Head Of Department
For and On Behalf Of The Department For Youth Development


  1. This is another briefcase NGO, why making Late noise..? A week is gone since the occurrence.This time around,RELEVANT NGOS IN PARTNERSHIP WITH GRZ are working to together to find out DETAILS OF THE RIOT , instead you are posting unprecedented piece of dossier.

    • Did you even read the article, Mr. P? How do you talk about “government’s silence” after one day? These youths letter makes sense because, after 1 week, GRZ has only talked about possible causes of the riot and nothing about policy brutality. Somebody should have already been suspended pending investigations. Muleishiba utuntu!

    • Why men are getting attracted to join brutal jobs in Zambia? Some thugs from statehouse even fight in stadium in of cameras. Zambia like DRC. Soon their will be mass rapes.

    • Mr. P, you absolutely right!! A government must not be weak in terms of maintaining peace and orderliness. This is not easy as some people see it. The opposition should not support indiscipline or go as you please mentality.War are started by small confusions.The confusion low UNZA students caused only affect the innocent suffering people.The people who not connected to BC or project allowance etc.THese low IQ must remember that they more they at the compus,the more they will pay when paying back the loans they getting now.You are being paid for being educated by the tax payers.Please com e to your senses and appreciate what that street vendor is doing for you in order to be obtain your degree.Zambia must think twice!Look at the America they respect their Trump despite his actions…

    • Animo Farm doesn’t know what Police brutality means! UPND has brain damage! The followers of this cult think in reverse every time all the time! No wonder their leader is an UNDER FIVE also called CHILDISH. They can’t make sense!

    • Mr P you are an enemy of young people’s progress. What’s your point? Why is no one condemning the primitive actions of the police in public? Let the police change their dirty ways of policing.
      We are a different youth and we shall speak to push for change and people like you are going to hate until you hate no more. We are taking up our rightful place.

  2. WITH ALL THESE SCANDAL’S BEING EXPOSED ON A DAILY BASIS, the only way these P.F Kawalala’s can hold on to Power is via brutality & vote buying, hence university students NOT being paid on time, & getting brutalised & even Murdered in cold Blood like late Vespers, while the P.f Criminals shift blame, & abdicate all responsibility.

    • Typical of low IQed analyst and the politicians they support.UNZA has been turned a primary schoolwhere reasoning is very very low supported by lecturers!!

    • The biggest scandal that was exposed is that UPND President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA, according to Paradise Papers is one of the people listed to have taken Zambian money to an offshore account known as a Tax Haven in PANAMA. Also, the scandal is that the UPND Tribal Leader stole the money when he was doing privatisation. He enriched himself by INSIDE TRADING where he acquired a lot of kickbacks or companies profiteering from the racket. When you show a visitor a kitchen and a living room and he steals from you, NEVER show him your bedroom! You would cry HAGAIN!

  3. In Africa, the most significant indicator of a regime on its way out is its indifference to people’s concerns and intolerance to criticism. At the moment the PF fits perfectly in that description. Elias Kamanga and Chimbwali have been intimated for trying to do what’s right. State House is siding with the offender. Now I understand how Munir Zulu managed to supply wheelbarrows at $1M each. Further, we also need to interrogate the behavior of students whenever they have a grievance

  4. How does UPND come into this article? Police brutality and intimidation is rifle but you refuse to accept it. what kind of people are you?
    Whether investigations are on or not, we shall keep advocating for youth’s protection and safety. Zambia is in a state of ruin today because of people like you who have embraced mediocrity for far too long. Wake up!

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