Zambia Sugar Launches affordable packs

St Columbus Presbyterian Church women group donating assorted goods ranging from Soap, Sugar, Charcoal among others to Child Care Adoption Society of Zambia Chilenje Transit Home

Zambia Sugar has launched the new smaller and more affordable brown sugar packs that will now be available in 195 and 330 grams respectively.

Speaking at the launch held at Protea Hotel in Ndola yesterday, Copperbelt Minister Japhen Mwakalombe commended Zambia Sugar for the initiative.

The Minister said that people will now be able to buy sugar in smaller qualities thereby saving money as they will be buying the commodity at lower prices of about three (3) and five kwacha (5) respectively.

Mr Mwakalombe said government remains committed to sustaining a conducive business and investment environment in an effort to contribute to the realization of the vision 2030 of transforming Zambia into a prosperous middle income country.

ZANIS reports that Mr Mwakalombe said this in a speech read on his behalf by Copperbelt Deputy Permanent Secretary Joyce Nsamba.

Mr Mwakalombe observed that Zambia Sugar is one of the entities that can assist government achieve this vital goal as it is focused on contributing to national development.

He further, thanked Zambia Sugar for having chosen Copperbelt as a pilot region for the new product and urged other companies to emulate the good works and exhibit commitment to developing the country.

And Zambia Sugar Managing Director Rabecca Katowa said the launch of this affordable pack range is with immediate effect.

Mrs Katowa added that it is in direct response to the economic needs of consumers who are showing an increasing desire for smaller and lower cost pack sizes.

She noted that unavailability of affordable packs to consumers made people resort to tie packs which is unhygienic.

Mrs Katowa added that the company understands the role sugar plays in human beings and that it will play its part to ensure that the commodity is readily available and affordable to consumers at all times.


  1. stupid minister. the dunderhead does not realise that this is as a result of widening poverty. soon there will be 10g and one teaspoon tie packs.

    • You are right, Pamela packs are proof that poverty levels have hit the roof, i remember after elections going to one of our komboniz, i saw these this youngster carrying a Pamela pack of cooking oil, and was busy saying HH, twamu dununa, i was like really! Because the one who looks dununad is you young man.

    • Stoolpid HAKAINDE leader of a tribal h-organisation and his entourage. HH HaUNELECTABLE and HaUNWANTABLE and HaUNVOTABLE – UNDER FIVE.

  2. ZS is just pathetic. They are just exploiting the market because of their monopoly. If you go to Sesheke, two kg costs the equivalent of about thirteen to fifteen kwacha and this is white and refined not the molasses coated sugar ZS sells us. We need another Dangote in this sector.

  3. Any product produced locally must should be affordable to all Zambians and in good quantities. Large companies like Zambia Sugar should not exploit the locals because we all know Zambia’s sugar does very well on the international market and thats where ZS should aim to export and realise their profits.
    Just like local beef, why shouldn’t Zambians afford because someone in opposition claims that he owns more cows than the Zambia’s population.

  4. Wait this same minister will be buying the same to ma packs once we are done with her. Inflation is unmanageable because of clueless people that we have in power.

  5. It is not affordable, if we are talking about a family that needs 4 packets of 2kg’s per month, I do not see any difference because they will be forced to go and buy those small packs frequently which defeats the whole purpose. Towns in the neighboring countries do not buy Zambian Sugar because 1: it is very expensive and 2: you need more than 2 tablespoons of sugar in one cup to sweeten your tea or coffee.

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