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Mondoloka appointed Zambia Airports CEO

General News Mondoloka appointed Zambia Airports CEO

Mr. Fumu Mondoloka
Mr. Fumu Mondoloka

The Board of the Zambia Airports Corporation has announced the appointment of Mr. Fumu Mondoloka as Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the Corporation.

In a brief statement, the Corporation said Mr Mondoloka, a Mechanical Engineer by profession brings with him over three decades experience in the Oil, Mining & Gas industry where he developed and executed growth strategies for various institutions.

Mr. Mondoloka was educated at the University of Zambia where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1988.

He commenced a career in the Zambia Mining Industry and then moved on to the BP Oil Group where he spent some 24 years with highlights which include rising to position of Managing Director of BP Zambia in 2010 that saw him lead the in-country process of the BP Group’s divestment of its interests in BP Zambia PLC, he subsequently continued to head the company post Puma Energy vesting.

He has obtained a Certificate in Management Studies from Napier University, 1999.

In 2015, he commenced his current career as an Independent Management Consultant and has over the last year or so been involved in the prospect of a €700m infrastructure project in the energy sector that is advancing to independent feasibility stage.

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    • Fumu Mondoloka is an achiever whom i know since ZCCM Ltd, Nchanga Open Pits and mining days. The guy is a performer..! Forget about paper qualifications such as MBA, Masters etc which serves no purpose. He is a Prof. Dr. Eng type who are good on paper but cant deliver.

    • Very experienced and well educated man. The tribal H-organisation are throwing stones H-already. “ONLY A TONGA CAN BE PRESIDENT OF UPND,” Larry Mweetwa.

  1. The man was fired from Puma after some financial mismanagement and today he is getting such a top job? Did those who appointed him do background checks or not? He cant be trusted, him and people in Accounts mismanaged finances at Puma leading to his dismissal together with his Accounts team!!! Shameful

  2. The man is going to manage airports not designing aeroplanes. Why would you need an extensive CV for that? Only in Zambia! Soon you will be demanding PHDs to sweep the streets.

    • Airport is the entry point for Zambia .Its is complex by its nature.To get the higher managerial positions at a major airport, you will most likely need some sort of airport personnel certification to make yourself competitive. Most airport managers at major international airports in the would probably have either the Certified Member or Accredited Airport Executive certification. In addition, having a graduate degree like an Masters in Business Administration or Public Administration might be useful as well.

    • That’s. dummkoPF for you, they got an aviation expert clive chirwa and made run trains, now a fuel attendant will manage a national airline. Maybe the strongest point on his cv is that he was the best dancer at pf rallies.

    • @Vyakus, the management of Zambia airspace falls under the Zambia civil Aviation authority not the manager of airports. Just because you hold a degree does not guarantee you to be an effictive manager. Common sense prevails. A degree acts only as a guide to using your wisdom wisely.

    • Brilliant comment. You grow yellow hair trying to study everything instead of getting your first degree, get good business ideas and get going. You don’t see this craze in the first world.

    • He will be managing a group and with that group there are about 5 airports that have been renovated at a total cost of a billion dollars to taxpayer so yes we need a seasoned manager from business background preferable from running airports to turn the group into profit not a mechanical engineer from oil and gas…its as simple as that we are tired of these gatekeepers handpicked by Kaizer and Munir.

  3. Such position/jobs should not be subjected to appointments but advetised to find a really suitable and qualified individual. I’m sure we have better qualified with credible calibre people to fulfill that position than Mr Fumu Mondoloka. Besides we have been given very little information about him, hope some bloggers will shed more light on him. In the meantime congrates to him.

  4. Weak cv…..This will lead to disaster.
    Airports are complex biosheres , universities around the world run whole degree courses on airport management and operations. This is completely different from running a mine or shop.

  5. Takes a thief to catch a thief and hence its only an engineer who will understand and appreciate an engineer. From our engineering fraternity we wish to congratulate mr Mondoloka on his appointment. By The way we engineers are supposed to be ruling the countries like in China which has had engineers as presidents and the success is there for all to see. Tired of seeing these theorists as our leaders who attended schools with no syllabuses.

    • You talking from an engineers point of view just like doctors would say they are best suited to run a large hospital when they are not taught business administration or systems in medicine….running a group of airports needs a seasoned individual with extensive background of running airports with minimum 8 million passengers per year international airport from abroad as Zambia doesnt have anyone with those qualifications.

    • There is no correlation between a string, bucketful of paper quallies and good leadership. The chap does not need a sentence of qualifications to be a good leader. If he is a visionary and incorruptible then he is my man with his B.Eng degree. The problem with Africans is that you think truckful loads of qualifications are necessary.

  6. Guys lets get real, Fumu is adequately educated for this job. If he chooses to be corrupt then that’s his problem but for now Fumu take it on my brother.

  7. Just google profiles of CEOs running one International airport with 9 million passengers per year in Africa or Europe you will see how laughable this appointment is….

  8. Why are you people behaving as if running airports is a new phenomenon in Zambia?Surely this inferiority complex and hiding behind qualifications is killing this country. What bloody science is there in running an airport? It may be out of your depth but that does not necessarily mean it’s out of his. No wander we can’t even run simple things such as bus terminals or markets with such attitudes.

    • Thats because to you running an airport and intercity bus station there is no difference…even selling coffee to drink in a cafe to you is as simple as buying milk and sugar!!

    • @ Jay Jay actually the answer to your question is YES. There is no difference! The concept of management is the same regardless of industry. And YES…selling coffee in a cafe is all about getting the ingredients to the consumer and how you do it is another matter but the principle remains the same. I would be interested to know what cafe you work in so I can pay you a visit and prove my concept to you.

    • You have a simplistic view of things…you think that shelves in Walmart are placed in that way because they look better …my friend there is a science backed up with 30 year computer data of human behavioral pattern.

  9. every time you think about tribe kindly tell me any engineer who has designed any equipment being used in Zambia including roads all of them pass the information to juniors with the common language please deal. whether bemba, tonga, Nyanja. ila, lenje chokwe, lunda , ushi, tubulu. Kaonde no engineer has ever designed and built something we can point at so stop attacking the young man

  10. Its a pity that so many negative comments are made and with conviction for that matter, the comments are based on what is published and not from a skills audit on Mr. Mondoloka. It is gossip mongering, have all facts and all information then at least there might be grounds to criticize.

    Experience beats any paper, the man is an upstanding gentlemen very professional and knowledgeable afford a chance o Zambia

    Congrats should be in order and wishing him a success for this important role.

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