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Look beyond tribe and politics – clergy


Clergymen following the proceedings during the National Day of Prayer in Kabwe theme “Facing the future as a Reconciled, United Prosperous Nation Under God’s Guidance” yesterday 18-10-2018.

A Clergy in Nakonde District of Muchinga Province has called on Zambians not to allow politics and tribe to divide them.

Speaking during the Homily on the National day of Prayer, Fasting, Repentance and Reconciliation yesterday held at Christian Bible Church International, Apostle Judge Chiluba said people should look beyond tribe and Politics and be united.

Apostle Chiluba said Zambia can only develop and move forward if people are united and reconciled.

And speaking at the same event Nakonde District commissioner Field Simwinga also echoed what was preached in the homily and appealed to the people to be united as one.

The DC said without unity development cannot be achieved and therefore, people should be united and look beyond politics, tribe and race for a common goal of prosperity without leaving anyone behind.

Mr Simwinga added that people should follow the One Zambia One Nation motto and must remind themselves of the peace unity and love we have enjoyed over the years.

He pointed out that Government is committed to promoting our national values and principles which are anchored on our Christian values and declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation.

The national day of prayer was celebrated under the theme “Facing the future as a reconciled, United and prosperous Nation under God’s guidance.


    • @Analyser
      True, they are hungry and jobless.How can you go on prayer and fasting if your heart is full of resentment, thievery, corrupt…

    • We Catholics pray everyday. This National Day of Prayer is political. However, individual Catholic members are free to attend on their own account. Just to let you know that from this gathering, Lungu and Amos will go back to continue stealing from where they left before coming to the gathering. I thank you!

    • When you lose you H-accept and go away, far away. “Reconciliation” is not the right word. No one harmed you by defeating you at the ballot. CHILDISH.

  1. @ Analyser you think you have a, life yourself out there. Coward just, come back and help mother Zambia. I took time off from my humble lucrative business to attend the National Prayer an was worth it because it’s not about ECL but myself my mother Zambia and my GOD.

    • Next time there is a national prayer, I will pitch up. By the way what was this national prayer for? Was it for the state-of-the-art luxury jet, for reconciliation or just for corruption to end in Zambia or for politicians to stop stealing?

  2. As regards this subject matter, there is a lot that we, as Zambians, can learn from our neighbors, the Tanzanians; and a lot that our president can learn from their charming and progressive president, Magufuli. They are blind to tribal politics.

    • HH has magnifying glasses (lenses) to tribal politics and his tribal gathering here so he and his crew can NEVER learn from anyone. He cannot be blind to TRIBALISM because it is in the BLOOD.

  3. This is an abomination, paying lip service to God while their actions are very contrary to God’s word. It’s better not to even show up at such events to mock God. The party who invited this creature at the fore front of using and benefiting from tribalism. They will be in insulting other tribes the next day. Zambian voter also needs to learn how this tribal voting has given us nothing but thieves and very incompetent leaders like we have now.

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