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Zambia police refutes claims about 7 fatalities in Kabangwe accident


The Zambia Police Service has refuted reports in today’s Times of Zambia that seven people died in a road traffic accident which happened at Kabangwe on the Great North Road yesterday.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo said contrary to the reports, no person died on the spot in the accident.

Mrs. Katongo explained that only one person died in the early hours of today from the University Teaching Hospitals where the injured were rushed for treatment.

“The report which we received yesterday was that of a serious Road Traffic Accident which occurred at about 14:20 hours near Kabangwe Police Post along Great North Road involving Watson Zulu of Chazanga Compound who was driving a Toyota Hiace registration number BAC 4136 from north to south and an also an unknown driver who was driving a Toyota Hiace registration number BAG 4659 from south to north who ran away after the accident”, She said.

She said the accident occurred due to excessive speed by the driver of the Toyota Hiace bus registration number BAG 4659 who in the process lost control of the motor vehicle and went to hit into the on-coming bus being driven by Watson Zulu who also lost control of the vehicle and fell on the left side of the road.

Mrs. Katongo said 15 passengers sustained serious injuries and were rushed to UTH and Chingwere Clinic respectively.

She said one of those that were rushed to UTH died in the early hours of today and not seven as reported by the Times of Zambia while the other victims are still treatment.


  1. The driver ran away into the bush becouse he become insane and mentally disturbed due to the impact of the crash, maybe he is dead in the bush. The police should search for his remains around that area

  2. Accidents along this road will not finish. I wrote to RDA through their website to advise them to put some small humps “Ripple humps as the road slopes down by Zanimuone and the other side from north after the round about before the police Kabangwe police post to deter motorists from over speeding, up to now that mail has not been looked at.Some people in certain offices don’t want to take advice, the believe they know every thing.

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