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The Civil Society Constitution Agenda opposes the summoning of HH


Chikondi Trust Foundation Founder Bishop John Mambo
Chikondi Trust Foundation Founder Bishop John Mambo

The Civil Society Constitution Agenda is concerned with the spirit of intolerance and selective tolerance in the enjoyment of political rights in the political sphere currently prevailing in the country.

Organisation Chairperson Bishop John Maambo says the trumpets of warnings being sounded by the Minister of Home Affairs, Stephen Kampyongo against opposition members who have interest to show solidarity to their leader being summoned at Ndola Police station tomorrow for interrogation is an affront to the thriving of healthy multiparty democracy in the country.

Bishop Maambo said this is so because barely a week after, Mr. Kampyongo remained mute at demonstration staged and organised by ruling party sympathisers against the Opposition leader, the police and himself are now threatening counter solidarity march for the opposition leader.

“Where is freedom of expression for all citizens in Zambia if only a few sympathetic to the party in power are expressly allowed to demonstrate by the Police and the Minister? Where is the separation of roles if the minister can be in the forefront of violating the right of citizens to express themselves? To whom will the aggrieved go to complain against the violation of their right to expression if the Minister who is last line of defence of freedoms is already taking a stance?”, Bishop Maambo questioned.

Bishop Maambo said his Organisation does therefore not support the summoning and the consequent pending interrogation of the UPND leader over the ZAFFICO sale because this action by police and government has potential to undermine the relative peace, unity and harmony currently prevailing in the country.

“If the UPND leader lied in his statements about ZAFFICO sale as claimed by the government, the right thing the government should do is to seek legal action against him rather than using the police to intimidate, harass and violate citizens’ rights and freedoms to expression and solidarity. The police have a responsibility to protect all citizens, regardless of political affiliation”, Bishop Maambo lamented.

He has since condemned the police actions to revive old political wounds which have potential to undermine the pending national dialogue and reconciliation.

Bishop Maambo has encouraged those who would want to offer solidarity to the UPND leader to do so without fear or favour as doing so peacefully is their democratic right and freedom as enshrined in the Zambian constitution.


  1. The spirit and motive of mobilizing cadres to escort enmass the summoned person to police interviews is a recipe for anarchy. It creates unnecessary risk to the the life of the interviewee in event of some emergency crowd control measures being applied. Give Hichilema room to go with his lawyers and share details of ZAFFICO sale true or false. If he lied, he will publicly apologize without semantics through the police and media. The presence of cadres at police interviews is as worthless as always.

    • John Mambo is from Mozambique. He will abandon Zambia should this country be recklessly set on fire. Ask Tekele William Banda now Hichilema’s Special advisor. He had enforced the deportation of Mambo to his native land of Mozambiaue in 1991. No country can thrive in the absence law and order. Liberalism does not mean you abdicate institutional duties. I respect citizen right to ranting, but not buying in to anarchy Mambo wants.

    • Senior Citizen you have exposed yourself. I used to think you where wise, but now you’re like General Kanene.

  2. HH is Leader of the Opposition Party in Zambia and a Govt in waiting. Supporters of HH and UPND should give their Leader Solidarity in huge numbers. Its their Constitutional Right to do so. U arrest HH u have arrested his Supporters. This time it wont happen. It will be over our Dead Bodies. HH forward chabe!

    • Nonsense – Continue dreaming, you and your HH overrate yourselves out of your failure to understand your standing with the Zambian electorate. Instead of saying that we want the same to apply to ruling Party members who are summoned to Court, you choose to advocate useless cadre politics – very s.illy.

  3. This ngo is just like gears composed of one person with personal views

    Just last month he told judges that he is a lays person and should be forgiven because he doesn’t understand the law

  4. there are many foreigners in government hold big positions who are not mindful about what could happen if the security of this country is at risk. because they know they can run to their countries of origins. there is nothing wrong in giving soliderity to someone unless when there is a hidden agenda behind. such matter like this one could have not gone to this far.

  5. The people in PF want a strong candidate to stand in 2021 and in this case ECL is the ideal candidate and the UPND want their strongman HH to stand.Voters should be given a chance to chose the best between HH and ECL come 2021.



  6. Mr John Mambo…the legal process has a starting point. This HH is a talented liar. He is not above the law as his disciples think.

  7. Alarming the nation is a seriously case he should be taken to court to prove his allegation. Ba Mambo so you are telling us that if today HH commits an offence he should not be arrested pantu ni HH why? Who is he ? he is just an ordinary citizen like me who should face the courts if breaks the law. The problem with UPND and HH is that they over rate themselves.

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