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Undebatable need for Government to reduce pump fuel prices

Headlines Undebatable need for Government to reduce pump fuel prices

It goes without saying that when the price of crude oil on the international market goes up,the fuel pump price in Zambia is escalated at the speed of lightening and our leaders spread themselves in all media institutions and all available platforms across the country to justify the hike. However, the situation is never the same when the cost of crude oil at the international market is reduced. Our government does not reciprocate when crude oil costs go down.

Our government does not reciprocate when crude oil costs go down.

It is quite sad that when Zambians have for a very long time been subjected to hardships as a result of the trickledown effects due to high fuel pump price in the country.

Since the hike (especially the recent one) in the fuel pump price was attributed to the high cost of crude oil on the international market, it is just not only fair and responsible but also a mark of good and servant leadership for the government to be empathetic for its citizens and allow them benefit from the reduced prices. It is common knowledge that due to high cost of fuel pump price, the cost of doing business (such as the cost of production, transportation, among others) and leads to reduced profits and losses at some point. This has over a period of time led to companies/institutions downsizing their workforces by lay out workers a situation that has led to joblessness and huge unemployment levels. The most affected by this are the Young People who are the heart of the national and the engine of development. Further even the Young People that may want to engage in self-employment cannot do it due to the cost of doing business which comes as a result of high cost of fuel in the country.

Why is it that the government always burdens its citizens to pay the huge costs of crude oil at the international market through high fuel pump price locally? With the reduction of crude oil on the international market and our government not reciprocating by reducing the fuel pump price, it means that government is saving lots of money. Where then are these funds and how are they being used.

OYV therefore demands that government reduces the cost of fuel in the country without delay as this will allow many players on the economic scene and also resuscitate many businesses that could have folded up. This in the long run will entail government being real and practical about good governance, empowerment of Young People and women as espoused in the Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP)

Guess Nyirenda (Mr.) – Executive Director


  1. The speed at which these misfits increase the price of fuel is at supersonic speed, effective midnight they would always say. Even if the crude was bought four months ago, they will simply announce an increase and we suffer as a result. Now that the price has dropped by more than 20%, and since market forces are at play, demand and supply, no kwacha issues here, can we also see a reduction effective midnight forthwith? Lies have short legs, now they have been caught pants down, you will hear justification as to why they can not reduce the pump price. We demand a price reduction now.

    • Electric cars? is there electric cars in Zambia, I am not sure demanding reduction of fuel prices is the only recourse here




    • Very incongruent gramma but the point is well taken. Is ERZ still in charge of fuel marketing in Zambia.

      Fuel prices are elastic the world over and the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise are not an island here.

      Serious governments around the world put in place anti-gauging laws because of things like this because at the end of the day people don’t blame the marketing companies but the incumbent government officials for inaction.

      Very important points to note, GRZ needs to be sensitive to the plights of the citizenry.


      Ati supersonic speed.
      Yaba. ERB kindly do something.
      BR Mumba nabalanda. Citizens are waiting.

  2. The AA estimate a reduction of R 1.50 effective next week 05/12/2018, at least we do get a reduction this side, that manga manga govt of yours awe shuwa, we will suffer when we come for the December holidays with high fuel prices.

  3. Problem pa Zed is your leaders are enjoying too many free things including Free Fuel! They will only be quick to do things if they are made to experience what you the ordinary person feels/experiences! Let’s do away with free fuel for everybody. Let them learn to buy also! Stop Worshiping your leaders you Zambians! That’s the reason they don’t respect you!

  4. What does this organisation Operation Young Vote (OYV) exists for? These Civil Society organisations always parrot anything which opposes govt. Simply because the issue was first raised by Kambwili now they are trading it all over. When govt reduced fuel last year they were quite. Let government govern and make decisions which are sustainable for the country please. You are no longer Young Vote. mature now and join politics instead of harboring in the so called ‘young vote’ to attract funding. Let a young person take over as Executive Director!

  5. PF government we are waiting for you to reduce fuel prices. Don’t disappoint us, we are still with you.Fuel prices are like exchange rates, they fluctuate

  6. This is a one-sided analysis by Mr. Nyirenda. Fuel prices are not only dictated by the rise and fall of crude oil prices alone but by international transportation costs as well as mineral oil taxes of each country.

    Zambia, being a landlocked country will naturally be at a disadvantage when receiving finished products from overseas. Even countries like France, with a coastline are also feeling the pinch as people take to the streets in protest. Here in Germany, fuel prices are similarly high because it first arrives at the Hamburg port in the north and then later distributed by ships through out the country. The Rhine river, however, is too dry to allow optimum shipping traffic, resulting in fuel shortages and high prices for consumers.

    • Imwe na imwe all those things are already taken into account with the high fuel prices , now there has been a reduction in the cost of oil per barrel don’t try to tell us it’s only Zambia that does not buy at this reduced oil price…….you are talking to us like ka vincent mwale when he tried to tell us that 42/42 Can see around corners and squeez in norrow komboni roads hence the price……

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