File:Minister of Gender Elizabeth Phiri and NATSAVE Chief Executive Officer Mukwandi Chibesakunda admiring the merchandise during the Lionesses of Africa breakfast

Gender Minister Elizabeth Phiri has commended the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) for promoting gender equality by employing more women teachers in the recent recruitment.

Mrs. Phiri says her Ministry is happy that more women have been considered for the teaching jobs noting that the move will correct the imbalance which exists between men and women when it comes to job recruitment.

She says it is important for government departments, ministries and private companies to engage more women when giving jobs.

Mrs. Phiri says President Edgar Lungu has led the way in putting more women in decision making positions hence, the need for everyone to emulate the move.

She was speaking to journalists in Lusaka shortly after she launched the National Advocacy and Communication Strategy on Ending Child Marriage in Zambia.

The Teaching Service Commission has recruited 1-thousand 2-hundred and 65 female teachers against 7-hundred and 44 male teachers.

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  1. That’s not a good thing Ms Phiri. Already the teaching profession is heavily populated by women meaning boys don’t see enough role models.


  2. That’s not Good and it shouldn’t Continue and Prevail cause We Men are the Heads, You females even though you’re not working you can get married to a Man and been looked after by Him but not with us Men the Struggle is Real. Now if a Man is not working how is going to support the Family.


  3. You call this a minister: HOW? Are they not all citizens of Zambia, than the police force and army should only recruit Men.


  4. Not women again. Female teachers are fond of beating children at school. High levels of non attendance again. Male folks are more flexible. Could be due to frustrations from husbands with the on coming of the slay queens. My observation anyway. The rest is up to you. Me its male teacher mweh!


  5. This women this, women that should come to an end. What about a male child? What plans do we have for him? We seem to favour a female child over a male child to much. This should cease. The unfortunate part is that its mostly in the under developed countries. In the developed world, nothing of that nature happens. Let their be a fair ground for both sexes. This is toucher to our male folks.




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