KweseFree TV General Manager Tivo Shikapwashya

Another high ranking member of the Zambia Association of Musicians has resigned his position.

Yahya Kaba who is also known as KB was until yesterday the ZAM National Treasurer.

“I wish to notify all stakeholder that I will no longer be the Treasure for the Zambia Association of Musicians. I would like to thank all ZAM members for having accorded me the opportunity of serving as the association’s Treasurer,” he wrote in his resignation note.

“I look forward to contributing to the growth of the association as an ordinary member and wish the NEC God’s guidance as they execute their duties.”

His resignation follows that of Brian Bwembya aka BFlow who left his role as Spokesperson last week.

There has been no word from Association President Tivo Shikapwashya over the spate of resignations.

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  1. there are just too many upnd under 5s in this executive, or just too many dunduzi as a result you start dancing to the cowthern small god’s tune. no one is supposed to say anything in contrast to the cowthern’s small gods wishes. just check out the name tivo shikapwanya


  2. Too bad, I was planning to renew my membership.Now with this developments I will have to wait until the issues causing members of the executive to resign are ironed out. Good luck ZAM, we need to be represented by an Organization that is visible, transparent and United in purpose.


  3. The election of the current committee was questionable. We are just waiting to see the financial report


  4. Let general kanene and mark 2 take over from those two intelligence guys.let those empty heads take over.moses lwando he is another dull muscian who can be tested on lead ship together with w.chibamba (Dandy crazy).



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