Some grade 12 pupils and a class teacher have appeared in the Kapiri Mposhi magistrate court on charges of examination leakages.

Before Kapiri Mposhi magistrate Mwila Malupande were Talent Chifunda 20 and others and Haggai Kayuni, a school teacher, from Kamulobwe School.

The 12 pupils are charged with the offence of unauthorized possession of examination papers or information contrary to Section 19 (1) of the Examination Council of Zambia Act Chapter 137 of the Laws of Zambia.

Meanwhile, Kayuni is appearing in court for the offence of disclosure of examination questions contrary to Section 18 (1) of the Examination Council of Zambia Act Chapter 137 of the Laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence were that on November 12th 2018 the pupils had in their possession grade 12 science paper two relating to the content of 2018 science final examination without authority.

Kayuni on unknown dates but between October and November 2018 in Kapiri Mposhi did disclose examination question papers or information related to 2018 examinations some pupils.

Kayuni is accused to have disseminated the 2018 Grade 12 science examination paper through social media to pupils.

The 12 pupils and the teacher pleaded not guilty when the case came up for plea today.

Magistrate Malupande has since set 29th January 2019 as date for commencement of trial.

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  1. The authorities also need to find out the source of the leaked paper and how this teacher had possession of the same when the papers are always under guard with two locks and keys from two different people.


  2. The accused teacher and pupils should be severely punished to deter others from doing the same. These are the people knowingly sabotaging our country’s education system. They should be regarded as traitors. In fact all forms of corruption should be considered acts of sabotage and deserve the worst kind of punishment.



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